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The animals amongst the vast and almost entirely unexplored Tenochtitlan Basin all know the Laws that keep their world together. There're those that highly respect it, but there're those who don't hold it highly and are outcasted from the Jungle. But what of those that fall in the middle?

This is the dilemma concerning Sila. A "No Hoof". All the animals know that her kind is forbidden by jungle law, but a string of circumstances made this wild Pony the exception, even knowing full well that the monstrous predator Okpe was after her first, and has all the will to hunt her down and devour her. Now running with the Talacon Pack of Cadejo Hounds that respect the law of the Jungle more than any other creature in the basin, only time will tell whether she can remain in the Jungle or if she must leave it behind for her own kind.

This is STRONGLY inspired by the "Jungle Book" so expect a number of similarities between the two while reading. Just a headsup :3

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