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A commission for Lucky Seven

Roseluck is beyond excited for the concert she'll be attending tonight, but unfortunately, a cancelled invitation from her best friend threatens to ruin her evening. How could she have fun if she had to go by herself? Luckily, a certain dragon enters the picture at the right time to turn things around.

Oh yeah, she might want to mention it's a metal concert...

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Coverart by mealnyschaffer

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Oh yeah, she might want to mention it's a metal concert...

Really? That seems to intense for one of the Flower Trio.

I've found in my personal life that metal fans can come from anywhere. I guess that's true for ultimately any genre of music, though.

I saw a 'narcotics' tag and was in immediatally.

It's just for a reference to weed at the concert venue. Nothing major.

Weed is a pathway toward new endeavors. You say it's nothing, but have you ever tried heroin?

Hell yeah, shoot up!

You're the absolute best, man <3

Explain to me what I can do to help you during this difficult time.

You'll find it eventually, but I I named the vocalist of the metal band Missy. Just sayin'.

Oh wow so rose one of the flower ponys who loves heavy metal bands switch that's pretty cool I mean I'm not a big fan but that's still something anyway her friend cancel on her on the last minute so she had to ask somebody and somehow she managed to get Spike to come with her and it looks like they had a pretty good time and she started to have some feeling for spike which its so cute this is a pretty good story nice job

Thanks so much for reading!!

If it's a Slipknot concert, then count me in!

I have always wanted to see Slipknot live! I've seen their shows on Youtube and they look amazing.

I was going to see them live in Copenhagen back in February, but I didn't have anyone to drive me to the concert, so I missed it. It received positive reviews as well! :raritycry:

Way to portray my waifu uwu

What a banger this fic was!

An excellent choice for a waifu! She was fun to write, even if I did go a little of script for the sake of the commission. Thank you so much for reading!

Thanks so much! I know it's kind of a weird story idea, so I appreciate you clicking on it and giving it a chance!

10536955 I'm slow with my writing stuffs, but I've had...one particular idea in mind for her. But the thing is that I've been working every night for almost three weeks now, and is very tired.

And you're welcome ^.^

OOF. I'm sorry to hear that. You're definitely a trooper. Well, if you ever are able to write again, hit me up and I'll read it and give it some love!

Metal is the best music! I've been to see Black Sabbath Guns n Roses and Ozzy within the last 4 years. Ozzy is my all-time fave!

Awesome story! Also, Metalhead Twily sounds adorable :) Who are your favorite metal bands?

I can certainly appreciate the more unusual ships! :twilightsmile:

RoseSpike is a pretty adorable ship! Ever consider writing about CocoSpike?

I have. My ex-girlfriend loved Coco so I always wanted to write them together as a representation of her and I. But... I'm not sure if I'll write them now since things between us didn't work out. It'd feel kind of awkward. But who knows?

This was adorable! I really like this rare pair. I haven't seen it since an Avox story I read a long time ago. The band names were once again, very top tier pony puns. I might have to borrow some.

This is some top-form banter and fluff with a plot, too. Very pog.

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