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After the defeat of the real grogar, a new threat to equestrian life has emerged: Eldrich Horrors. Can Luster Dawn alongside her new friends, friends of Princess Twilight, and more, repel these invaders from the great beyond? Their struggles in addition to their daily lives are documented here. (Will update when I have ideas and time)

Current Tag Explinations:
Series Tags - MLP:FiM (this is obvious; this show is what the entire fic is based on).
Genre Tags - Adventure (again obvious); Alternate Universe (for safety reasons); Science Fiction (Eldrich Horrors are considered a Sci-Fi); Slice of Life (there will be some chapters that are 100% slice of life)
Current Main Characters - Luster Dawn (obviously), Sunset Shimmer (there will be a Sunset episode or two thrown into every season), Cozy Glow (there are chapters that feature her and clear up her reformation progress), Original Character (includes Slade, Astrotle Mondoli, and various OC Ponies made for the sake of story progress), and Other (includes Luster Dawn's friends mentioned in the prologue and characters from other media that are not original).
Warnings: Death (there will be a few character deaths that occur during the first two seasons and many Eldrich Horrors threatening death) and Violence (mostly action based violence, but there will be some fist fights every now and again).

Bonus Tags (because there's a tag limit; wait what?): Romance (Heavy Apple Diamond (Apple Bloom + Diamond Tiara) Shipping)

Refrences: MLP: Equestria Girls (the world itself will never be explored, but some references to the specials will be made)

For saftey reasons, this story is rated T for Teen as while the majority of the story will be E rated, there will be more mature themes going on such as characters dying (albeit peacefully), death threats from various entities, and fist fights going on. However, there will be nothing here that would warrant bumping this up to the mature rating; there will be implied sex later, but for the most part, the most mature thing you'll see in this story revolves around Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara's Relationship.

A/N: I recommend reading the prologue before viewing anything in this story; the prologue is not a big author's note and is meant to set up the rest of the story. Also, because there are two conflicting theories on who Luster Dawn's Parents are, I have decided that alternate reality will be one of the genres as even though I'm going with the most popular theory, I know it's not the only one and thus am playing it safe doing this. Also, there is technically a specific story this takes place after, but since it's incomplete, I decided to use it for inspiration and thus created my own ending for it in the prologue and have no desire to change my mind if the story is finished at some point. It's also worth noting that no full information on alicorns has been given in regards to how they really work so that also warrents an AU tag. You also won't need to read the story mentioned to enjoy this one. With all that said, do enjoy.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 6 )

You aren't taking after my story by any chance here are you? I have one where Luster eventually defeats Grogar and he uses the red gem for a time.

Sweetie Belle is having a sleepover? But shes an adult pony right? Though my sister has friends staying over all the time. Maybe refer to it as staying with a friend or something.

And now I direct your attention to MLP:FiM season 1 episode 8 where Applejack and Rarity are having a slumber party at Twilight’s house when a storm occurs. If Twilight can have a slumber party when she’s a preteen as of season 1 (at least I assume so), then Sweetie Belle can have a sleepover as an adult.

Admittedly yes, that appears to be the case. But I have only seen the version on Fanfiction up to a certain point. I had this idea around the point where creatures where being captured, and even then, I did my best to come up with my own unique names for Luster’s friends and did not look to see if any matched up with the ones you used so I apologize if any names I used where the same. I also apologize if my idea doesn’t 100% line up with yours; I took some creative liberties of my own and went from there. Like I said in the long description, technically this story is a sequel to the one you made but also isn’t really at the same time as the ideas I have for how things end will most likely not be the same as your ideas. And if they are...great minds think alike?

Oh, well glad to have inspired you. I'm very against Twilight outliving her friends as you probably know. Want to prevent that from happening in my universe. I used the names I heard were given on derpibooru or something. Hope you are liking my story, it will probably be updated in another day or two.

I haven’t gotten around to checking in on that story since I stopped at the chapter I did. And while I agree with your interpretation on Alicorns, there are those that don’t agree, which is why I made that bit clear as well. Again, my ideas for what occurs may differ from yours, but at the same time, this is just how I wanted to set up “Dawn of Friendship” and is only one of the major ideas I’ve kept in the back of my head. I also have two “what if” scenarios bouncing around in my head.

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