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Someday, I'll stop writing silly comedy stories. However, today isn't "someday".


Today is the 19th birthday of Eric Reed, Equestria's only human, and it is his first birthday in Equestria. Pinkie Pie planned a party for him to celebrate.

Also, the two ponies that are the closest to him, Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer, forgot all about his special day and panicked. With Spike's help and with hours before the party, will the two desperate mares find the "perfect" gift in time?

And how many times will Spike tell them they are overreacting?

This story takes place after the events of my A Giant Adventure to Equestria story. However, it is not required to read it first to enjoy this story, other than to learn how and why the human OC Eric Reed is in Equestria, and how his bonds with the other characters formed.

Last but far from least, special thanks to The Sleepless Behlolder for the great cover art and to TheBrokenBrony for proofreading this story.

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“I should also inform Sunset about the party, though I doubt she forgot Eric’s birthday too. She probably already planned her day out to be ready for any possible parties.”

I feel like this will come back to bite her.

Are these all on a linear timeline?

Oh boy, Twilight and Starlight are in a hurry to deliver some gifts for Eric on his birthday, will they succeed? And I wonder what game they are going to give him? Resident Evil? Call of Duty? Super Mario? Batman Arkham Origins? Wii sports? Wii play? Wii sports resort? (All depending on what type of game console that Eric has like a: PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii.)

Either than that, a phenomenal story ThePinkedWonder! I am eager to see more!

Holy moly, the journey for a videogame gift that Twilight, Starlight and Spike needs to go through has been very cataclysmic! The stores keep running out of games because many ponies are hogging it, and now Twilight and Starlight are both in a vexed mood now (But mostly Twilight). And where's Sunburst and Thorax when they need them?

Either than that, a wonderful chapter ThePinkedWonder! I am stoked to see more!

Given Equestria's technology level I highly doubt the girls would be able to give Eric any of the things you described unless the mirror world has them

Agreed, Equestria doesn't have that much advancement in technology compared to us humans. But, we'll see.


I can neither confirm or deny it will happen.


Linear timeline. Everything happens in order.


Sunburst and Thorax wouldn't be much help even if they were with them, and glad you're liking it so far!


And you are right.

Hi, forgot to say how wonderful your coverart is so, well done!

Twilight leaned her head to Starlight. “Say ‘sorry’, Starlight.”

“I’m sorry.” Starlight looked down, similar to a filly that was forced to apologize.

PS: If they had managed to buy the game, I would've totally expected that when they gift it to Eric, he accepts it while hidding a copy of that game somepony else gifted him earlier that day.

Oh gosh, now that was deranged. Lots of rushing and violence all to get a videogame for Eric. And to be honest, this chapter managed to make me laugh so, great work ThePinkedWonder! I hope to see more soon!

Also, I can't believe Twilight forgot to bring extra bits. My reaction was like: Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!:pinkiegasp:


That comic dub was what came me the idea for those lines. I was even wondering if anyone was going to bring up that comic dub or not.:rainbowlaugh:

And early on when I was planning this story, that was an idea I had for how it would end. if I went with it, you would have been right,


That would have been my reaction too if someone else wrote this story.

“Mr. Pac-Mare?”

Nice to see that bigender video game characters exist in this world.


Or at least this Equestria does. For a while, I forgot video games at all existed in Equestria until I re-watched the episode that had the CMC trying to find a girlfriend for Big Mac and saw Ponyville's little arcade section.

Hahahaha Pinkie's and Rainbow's gifts were amazing :rainbowlaugh:

And Sunset's arrival was the best way to end it. Poor mare/girl

This was really fun. Hope to see more stories coming from you!

Hahaha! A very lovely, hysterical and heart warming conclusion ThePinkedWonder. Even though Twilight and Starlight didn't get the most perfect gifts for Eric, but at least they have each other as a family. That's all that matters.

Either than that, a wonderful conclusion ThePinkedWonder! This is a phenomenal story!

This is pretty touching.


Glad you liked it, and poor Sunset indeed. She didn't do much in the story, but she sure made an entrance :rainbowlaugh:


I did have some thoughts of a sequel that showed what Sunset was going through after she got Twilight's message, but as if now, the odds of writing it are low.


Ye[, those three having each other as a family as all that matters.


I would say that that story has one of the more touchier endings for what's otherwise a comedy story.

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