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An alternate universe where the power of dreams unites worlds. In the past it brought a share of unpredictable outcomes and new possibilities for Equestria.

The power eventually led to the worlds being split apart and as time went on, it gradually faded from existence.

Until now.

Teen rating due to fantasy violence.
Crossover between the MLP: FIM universe ( will include references to the IDW comics and Equestria Girls) and several game series. There will be appearances of characters themselves and worlds or just powers/concepts. Also Includes Ocs  and a universe composed of various amounts of these themes.

Expect the Unexpected

Current Story contains
Characters/Beings from - Them's Fightin' Herds, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon, The World Ends With You.
Refs/Concepts: Final Fantasy ,Megaman Legends, Kingdom Hearts.

This’ll be an introduction to the setting for hopefully a collection of stories based on this AU.

Shoutout to writers CrownofDissonance, Steel Soul, Tundara and artist Brownie-Bytes for inspiring me to start this story.

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Okay, I haven't even touched the first chapter yet, but that pic... Perfectly Final Fantasy & MLP, wonderful! Please have fun writing!

Good news: Luna achieved ultimate power!

Bad news: Our Mane Six look like they're taking a voyage to the Shadow Realm!

But seriously this is interesting. I like some of those funny jokes that Spike told and when Pinkie turned from happiness to fear. That was funny.

A dream world where all worlds unite right? Well that sounds interesting. I wonder when the crossover elements will show. This will be interesting what you have planned for this.

Have you though of putting this fic in the Shameless Self Promotion Group or the I Just Want A Comment Group? You might get more traction from this.

I hope I can keep ya interested haha XD

Also I've never really used the forums so I could give it a shot. Could use some more feedback or readers honestly.

Well, this has potential, best wishes, I'll be tracking this.

Woah, that was certainly not what I expected.

Ok, interesting development, you are getting my attention.

An update, nice. So Twilight isn't the only one here... Interesting.

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