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Eons after the events on Earth, Jon Osterman finds himself exploring the cosmos. In doing so, he finds himself coming across one of his creations. After all, he did say that he was going to make life.

Set in a universe where MLP doesn't exist (the show).

This is a Watchmen x MLP Crossover.

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Finally a watchmen crossover! :pinkiehappy:

Is it just me or do you guys see this story as complete? :rainbowhuh:

2201860 There is another MLP/Watchmen crossover called Rorschach in Equestria.

why does it say its complete.


It is labeled as complete. Must have been a mistake on the author's part or something, because there is no way that is the ending.

2202023 I've completed the story, just rewriting the final few chapters...

Ah okey. Thought I had an error or something for a moment here :rainbowlaugh:
Then I'll fav this and wait for the other parts. For this, is good in my eyes. :twilightsmile:

EBG out

this is great! keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

This is good. You have my utmost attention, sir/ma'am.

Way cool.....maybe he'll bump into Rorshach and apologize.:moustache:

Probably the best novelization of the climax of Watchmen I've ever read.

I always wonder if Jon said those final words to torment Adrian - a petty revenge for all his sins, the sins he had forced on the others and the sins he would continue to force upon them. However, I don't think that Jon was human enough at that point to be capable of such emotions and desires. He lost his last scrap of humanity when he had to kill Walter Kovacs, Rorschach, to stop Adrian doing something horrible in an attempt to neutralise the threat he represented.

No... I think it was a warning. You see, he knew about Rorschach's diary and knew that history tends to push back against those who would control it, the one mistake Jon would never make. Once you start down the interventionist path, you can never stop. Once you tug against the puppet strings, you can never let them go slack again or everything will just fall flat. Adrian's punishment was to be a worse and bloodier villain for every day that passes of peace. He had created an artificial peace and he would need to constantly act to sustain it against the flow of history. In time, no matter how many lives he saves, the pile of innocent corpses that he has created will always be greater. In the end, he will look in a mirror and not recognise the blood-drenched monster looking back at him with an expression of primal horror on its face.

As for Jon...? He knew there was nothing left for him to do. There was no good he could do, so it was time to leave before his simple presence caused harm to the handful of mortals for whom he still had affection.

I don't think that Jon's a threat. I'm not sure if he's capable of such things and he seems to recognise that time has its own momentum and power. He wouldn't interfere because he knows such things don't work. He simply has dispensed with the illusion that he or any other creature has 'free will'. We're all cogs in that enormous watch of creation.

However, if he is predestined to cause some major event that will send history in its predestined direction? Perhaps even to decapitate nations or 'disappear' key individuals at a critical moment? Well, that same detachment would lend mercilessness and he wouldn't even bother to rationalise his actions. After all, it was what was destined to occur, nothing else.

Whoa, now this is really interesting, can't wait for the next chapter!


Read this>>2202073

You're welcome.

2203172 You make a good point there with all those things about the final words of Osterman to Veidt, for that you have my respect.
Also, I totally agree this is the best moment in the series.

2203172 Really? That's... wow. Thank you.

2204338 In this world Rorschach is dead but there was another fimfiction story where he ended up in Equestria. I just thought this was an opportunity for John to make things right with him.........sorry for preassuming a story but yours is very good.....more story please.:pinkiehappy::moustache:

2203172 How profound. But I learned to never expect less from a guy with a Charizard avatar, he is the most profound and intelligent pokemon after all.
Dunsparce need not reply.

I'm game...MOAR! :flutterrage:...But you may want to switch to incomplete silly :rainbowwild:

Im interested to see where all this leads, Dr. Manhatten is a power beyond everything Equestria has ever witnessed because he has complete control over matter and energy coupled with his mind existing on a completely different level then they. You could say he is a 5 or possibly more dimensional creature looking at normal life like we would read a comic or a book, he can see the past and the future but cannot change anything because it is already written and he is a character in this book and thus also bound by the lime of events he is seeing.

Im pretty sure that was at best a horrible simplification of the whole thing but i doubt anyone could describe it accurately because after all most writers are human and this limits our understanding of a character like Jon.

"castle of the royal pony sisters" if you're looking for a name for the castle. Season 1, ep 2.

Personal thoughts on Manhattan -

He was Osterman, and went through his life as Manhattan once, reacting as any normal human would, given the power he was given.

Evidence: He loved one woman, then dumped her for someone else, and did nothing to stop the Korean girl from slicing up the Commedian's face.

However, given his transcendant nature, he re-lived his life again, this time knowing what he would do, and was unable to stop it.

And then he lived it all again, and again, and again. Each time numbing his responses, although each time he still feels the responses as if they were real because they are.

But he's seen it all before, because he's looped in on himself.

This gives him the ability to react in a human fashon to "unexpected" things, but he expects himself to have these human reactions, making his "human" reaction to an event dulled by the endless repetition of it he's had to go through.

He's in groundhog day, but can't change what he does.

Just a thought.

2207452 I know I should, but I've finished writing it, so I didn't bother. I'll post the other chapters once I'm satisfied.

But that confuses readers... :fluttercry: 2212894

The suspense is killing me!
Apple Bloom was the only one to notice his gender ... :rainbowlaugh:
Can't wait to see what happens next.

Watchmen Crossover? Not even gonna read. Have an upvote.

2435662 Coming. Really. It's just that it's hard to write this particular chapter well.

I'm not sure whether or not to favorite this. I like it, but you've been promising to finish it for weeks. :fluttercry:

2437353 That's what I get for taking on 6 fics at the same time.

I love this, Take all the time you need! :pinkiehappy:

Nice chapter, cant wait to read the next one.

That's the longest buildup for "Hello" I have read.

Sooooooooooo awsome!

2527911 next chap will prob be a complete build up just for a simple response

this is so awesome can't wait to see the next chapter

At long last! I remeber tracking this way back a while ago. I thought it was a dead story but you surprised me. Kudos to you. Anyways, to reciprocate the feelings of the other ponies... MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude u nailed Dr. Manhattan"s personality perfectly. GReat chapter. I was so surprised to see an update.

5 months
it was worth the wait

Writing Jon is incredibly difficult because his perceptions exist simultaneously at all points in his time-line but he is nonetheless forced to act only in harmony with the objective 'present'.

Oddly enough, I got the impression that he was tired. He has been on his own, so completely out of physical existence and linear interaction that he was losing his sense of self. He's quite glad to again have someone... or somepony with whom he can share existence, even though he already knows exactly what will happen.

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