• Published 2nd Mar 2013
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The Eyes of the Creator - deathtap

The ponies of Equestria meet up with a very powerful being. Just who is this creature?

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Chapter 1 - Rumors

"Ah'm tellin' ya, sis, I really saw it! A tall blue ghost walkin' on his hind-legs! Just like how Spike and them Minotaurs do! I mean, it was kinda scary, but I don't think it seemed ta notice me, Sweetie or Scoots, b-b-b-but we didn't stick around to find out!" Apple Bloom shuddered.

Applejack shuddered as well. She hated creepy things, but real ghosts? No way the could exist. It was perhaps another creature living in the Everfree Forest. After all, there were a lot of mysterious creatures there. Still, what really infuriated her was the fact that Apple Bloom had gone into the forest explicitly disobeying her. Whatever had spooked or excited the little filly made her openly admit venturing there.

As Apple Bloom's guardian, she had to make sure that her little sister learned her lesson. Again.

"Ah'm really dis'pointed in ya, Apple Bloom. Didn't Ah tell ya never to go into the Everfree without an adult? You deliberately disobeyed me - again!" She held out a hoof when her little sister was about to protest. "Ah don't care if ya were in there to find yer Cutie Mark. You broke your promise to me and for that yer grounded, Missy. For one whole month. Now go to your room!"

"Aw..." Apple Bloom felt cheated. She had come to her sister to inform her of what she had seen and had hoped that she'd listen to her and be a little bit more supportive about what she had seen. She did expect some form of punishment, but not a full month of grounding! She kicked her hoof against the floor, "Shoot."

"Yer not to talk back ta me, young lady," Applejack barked making the little filly yelp. "Now, git! Yer lucky Ah didn't tan yer hide!"

It was now several hours later. Night had come to the quiet town of Ponyville and Applejack found herself in Twilight's library with the rest of the girls. Rainbow was hovering over the purple unicorn looking over her shoulder at something on the table, while Spike brought some hot refreshments expertly balanced on his tail as he handed each of them a mug of freshly made coco.

Applejack thanked the young dragon as she took her cup and turned her attention back to the piece of paper on the table.

"That's the twenty-fifth sighting," Twilight muttered. "If this thing is really a ghost, then it's got to be real! I mean look at all these reports! Lyra's seen it-"

"We know! She's been talkin' 'bout it non-stop since!" Applejack blew on the mug of coco trying to cool it off a little.

"Well, okay... but still, there are too many consistencies, and whatever this creature is, it's getting bolder. There are even some reports of this creature being seen in Canterlot! Well, that is if these reports are of the same creature, but that doesn't make sense. How can it get from here to Canterlot and back on the same day? That's impossible! We need to get to the bottom of this."

"Y-y-y-ya don't mean we are goin' ta the Everfree to look fer this... thing, do ya?" Applejack asked.

Twilight looked at her orange friend as if she had asked the more ridiculous question ever. "Of course we are, Applejack."

"A'course we are..." Applejack shook her head and shivered a little.

"Aren't you curious to see what 'it' is, or 'they' are?"

"Ah, uh, suddenly got a sore tummy... I think I oughta stay behind..." She winced and groaned, but her shifty eyes and tightened lip gave away her feeble attempt at the lie.

"Aw, come on, Applejack. I promise it'll be fine," Twilight reassure her friend.

"Oh... I-I'm also n-n-n-not feeling too good..." Fluttershy said, hiding behind Pinkie, who had finished off her coco and was licking her lips savoring the remnants, "I'd like to stay behind too... if you don't mind..."

Twilight felt annoyed. Two of her closest friends did not want to come with her because they were afraid. Afraid of what? It was just a ghost.

"How can you guys be scared? It's harmless! Well, in theory, that is."

Suddenly, loud and heavy knocking erupted from the front door causing Fluttershy and Applejack to squeak in surprise. The yellow pegasus dove under the nearest table and hid there with her hooves planted firmly over her eyes, while Applejack darted behind the nearest sofa.

Spike rolled his eyes at the two and nonchalantly opened the door. He cried out in surprise as the door forced its way open to reveal a tall red stallion, sweat beading down his forehead. He looked around until he spotted the mare her was looking for behind the sofa.

"Apple Bloom's gone!" Big Mac shouted as he pushed past the dragon. "She left a note sayin' she's goin' inta the Everfree to look for a blue ghost with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo!"

Applejack jumped out from her hiding spot, her fear of ghosts seemingly evaporating at the knowledge that her sister could be in extreme danger.

"Come on, girls!" she cried and rushed out the door.

"Sweetie Belle, how could you?" Rarity growled in a harsh whisper as she followed at the farmer's heels.

The other girls followed close behind with Rainbow Dash taking to the air along with Fluttershy. Big Mac brought up the rear galloping as hard as he could, but quickly falling behind. Strong he may be, fast he was not.

Spike watched them all go and sighed. Those Cutie Mark Crusaders certainly loved getting themselves into trouble. He rolled his eyes as they disappeared into the night and concluded that he had unceremoniously been chosen to stay behind.

As they approached the entrance to the forest, Twilight called to her friends.

"Applejack, Rarity, wait!"

When neither of them seemed to hear her, she concentrated forming a bubble in front of them. They crashed into it, a little dazed, but unharmed as the rest of them caught up.

"Twi? What'd ya do that fer?" Applejack asked.

"Wait!" Twilight panted. She took a moment to catch her breath. "We can't just run through the forest, we'll never find them. We need to make a plan."

"Whatdowedo? Whatdowedo?" Pinkie asked, clearly agitated as she hopped in place.

"Rainbow, you and Fluttershy watch over us from above. From the reports, this so-called 'ghost' glows, so you should be able to see something from above. Also, it seems to be mostly seen near the ravine..."

"You mean by the old abandoned castle?" Rarity asked.

"That's the place. If the girls are looking for it, then they must've known about the rumor. They'll be heading that way. Pinkie Pie and Rarity will take the path towards Zecora's place and swing around, while Applejack and I will look down the path that heads towards the river. We'll meet by the bridge, okay? Big Mac, can you take the trail via the swamp?"

The red stallion nodded.

The girls got into their pairs and entered the Everfree Forest. Twilight's plan was as good as any and it covered a lot of ground. The mares quickly took off while Big Mac headed on his own towards the swamp.

"This ain't safe, Scootaloo," Apple Bloom moaned as she gazed down the chasm.

The bridge was still out. No pony had been in this area since Nightmare Moon's return and subsequent defeat. There wasn't any need to come this deep into the Everfree and plenty of good reasons not to. Unless you were looking for something, like a dangerous, mysterious creature. Like a blue ghost, for example.

"I don't remember this tree," Sweetie Belle squeaked, "are you sure this is the right way?"

They were trying to head on back, their 'ghost discoverers' cutie mark was a complete failure.

Scootaloo scratched her head, "I don't know. I've never been this deep in here before. Why don't we-"

Just then a blue light filtered through the trees next to them. A tall creature lumbered towards the ravine with slow, deliberate steps. It was walking upright, had no fur or hair and -- most importantly -- it was glowing blue. One arm was folded across its chest with his hand was firmly placed on his chin.

"It's a boy ghost," Apple Bloom whispered to her friends.

The others were too busy trying to fight the feeling of panic to notice.

Suddenly it stopped and turned its head towards the Crusaders making all three of them lean back in horror. The Cutie Mark Crusaders huddled close together as the creature gazed at them with glowing eyes. There were no pupils, just a bluish-white glow, but they could tell it was looking right at them. A chill rushed down their spines.

Scootaloo looked up at its forehead and noticed a strange symbol there. A circle with a dot in the middle and another dot on the circle above that one. She knew that symbol. She had seen it before. Recently. But where? Where had she seen it?

The blue thing turned away and started again towards the ravine.

"Watch out!" Apple Bloom shouted out of reflex. "You'll fa-"

Her voice died in her throat as the creature took one step out onto the ravine and... continued to walk across it as if it had been solid ground. The three of them stared in astonishment as they watched it disappear behind the naturally thick fog. The light continued to glow for a bit longer and then it was gone.

The girls all turned to one another to confirm if what they had seen was real.

"D-d-d-d-d-d-did you guys see that?" a voice whispered from behind them.

All three mares screamed and turned to see Rainbow hovering above the ground above them with her mouth hanging open. Moments later Twilight and Applejack appeared, followed by Fluttershy, while Big Mac appeared from the other end of the copse.

"Uh-oh," was the only thing Apple Bloom could say when she spotted her sister and brother walking briskly towards her.


That was what the Cutie Mark Crusaders felt when the saw the expressions on their selective relatives baring down on them. Sheer and utter dread. Big Mac was relieved that his sister was safe, but was furious with Apple Bloom. Still, the anger on Applejack's face was especially fierce. Apple Bloom knew why, she had deliberately disobeyed her sister again by sneaking out of the house to once more go into the expressly forbidden Everfree Forest. Ever after she had been grounded for the exact same reason she was in now: she was in the Everfree Forest without an adult.

"Apple Bloom..." Applejack growled.

But before she could finish, Rarity burst through the foliage and swept Sweetie Belle up in a tight embrace, "Thank Celestia you're safe!" she shouted, "But you're also in a heap of trouble, young lady. What were you thinking coming here this deep into the Everfree Forest? In fact, what were you thinking coming here at all? Didn't Applejack, Twilight and I tell you how dangerous it is?"

"But, sis..." Sweetie began, expecting to be interrupted. She was surprised when Rarity didn't stop her from talking. Ever since the sisterhood social, Rarity had been making an extra effort to listen to her. It made her feel like a grown-up, but now she felt especially guilty because she knew it was wrong. "We wanted to find the ghost... and we found him..."

"Now, Sweetie, there's no reason to lie about..."

"She's not lying," Rainbow said quietly, "I saw it too. It's over there, in the castle where we beat Nightmare Moon."

The nine of them stared across the abyss wondering what to do next.

"Oh good, the Elements of Harmony are here," a gentle voice said from above them as Princess Celestia, along with Princess Luna set down on the ground in front of them. "We felt a powerful force coming from here."

"Never have we felt such obscene power. It is unnatural even by alicorn standards," Luna replied glaring across the chasm.

"We will need to investigate," Princess Celestia said slowly.

Applejack turned to her older brother, "Mac, can ya take the kids back home?"

Big Mac nodded, and shuffling the kids in his massive hooves, led them away.

The eight equines did a collective gulp as they prepared to cross the ravine and confront the so-called 'ghost'.