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Writing wrongs.

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when bees mate their balls explode

It seemed appropiate.

You know as despite what those kids may look like now I get the feeling the beeponys might become much more good looking when they reach adulthood. In other words I can’t help but see the potential for another story, and all in favor of sequel. Say Buzz.

me *sees title* "what the-"

Delighted that you posted this, it's the perfect wtf start to my monday

Thank you for reminding me of this song’s magical existence

Do a self insert next >:)

“Kids!” Beeanca shouted. “Settle down! Debbee! Phoebee! Obee-Wan Kenobee!”

Really you had to put that pun in there dear lord help me save my beesieged soul

Bee sex and bee puns

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