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A pony fan who enjoys a good pony fic. I am a brony through and through. I don't know what else to say, so I'll just say... pickle-barrel-kumquat!


Applejack meets a pony she used to know. Conflict arises with her friends, Equestria, and herself. The farm pony must choose between the past and present in a struggle that could lead to Equestria's demise. But will it really be so bad if she's happy?

Author's Note: The picture is not mine. OK, so this is my first fanfic ever. This idea got into my head and wouldn't go away until I put it into my computer. I was thinking of just doing a one-shot, but now it doesn't look that way. Anyway, there is a 'other' pony tag as you can see. Well, I didn't want to tag the actual pony because I want it to be a surprise. But not so much of a surprise that it startles. I have no idea how often I will update, but if there is interest I will certainly try and do it as quick as I can.

Category Note: I did choose Dark, but don't be afraid. I plan on there being just a pinch of violence later on, but trust me, it'll be pretty low-key violence. I might add Adventure later on, if I'm able to do that at all, if I feel like the story needs an epic outing. We'll see, I'm the author. I can make the ponies do what I want!

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Interesting... I can't wait for more


Applejack meets a pony she used to know

Instant Gotye head-song. Cheers mate, now that arsehole's gonna be whining in my head for the next few weeks :trixieshiftright:

Also, cool story!

Very nice, I'm glad I followed the forum link you put up.
I've got to say - I'm hooked!

Brilliant so far, pretty much imaculate in terms of mistakes an' grammar.:scootangel:
Good char.'s too.

I want MOAR!

P.s. As promised: Followed, Fav'ed and liked

Thanks, I appreciate you finding the source for the picture. :twilightsmile:

Didn't see that one coming.

I went through the first chapter and did a bit of editing. I also rearranged the spacing between paragraphs and perspective changes to be more like Chapter 3's was. I hope it makes it easier to read now. Just so all you peeps know, if you find grammatical errors and let me know, I'd appreciate it a lot. Any kind of criticism is also welcome. I want to improve! :pinkiecrazy:

Emotes are fun.

Intriguing hope to get more soon

I will do my best to get it here soon!

Holy hay! It's about time I got this chapter done! Geeze, it took waaay longer than I would have liked. Sorry about that! :derpytongue2:

Now, I feel confused, but I will definitely clear my mind soon. Hope to see more soon, and think about the next ones. I must begin preparing for the headaches

Phew! It's done at last! It was fun, truly. I hope you all enjoyed the ride as much as I did. Gotta think of what I wanna do next. :derpytongue2:
Anyway, thanks everyone for checking out The Apple's Desire. :twilightsmile:

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