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I would love a sequel, if you felt inclined to do so. :raritystarry:

amazing story, personally i cringed and had a tough time reading the parts where they were harsh/crual to rarity but thats likely just do to me being raised to love and respect women regardless of how they act. still loved the story keep up the good work. best regards, darkbroney666

Excellent. I laughed real hard at the cuckquean roleplay, it got sillier the harsher it got. You know they have a good marriage when they can get like that in the bedroom and it's all in good fun.

One criticism though? It bothered me that you used "mare" in exchange for "female" when referring to non-equine species generally... but that's minor, this was really good!

It was a small miracle she didn’t drop or reduced to pieces the cup of tea in her claws

A tad awkward, this line; if you want to keep the general wording, then just drop the last "d" in "reduced". Alternatively, replace "reduced to pieces" with "break" or "crush" or "smash" or "shatter" or something.

Thank you, mate.

Yeah, but it depends on the situation and point of view. For example, Ember isn't a mare so they can call her that but it wouldn't be correct. Besides, not all females in Equestria are mares, now are they?

Spike would first eat his tail than actually mean what he says during their sexy times. :moustache:

I like this, I would love how each of them started and how they are currently/future are doing!

Well, first I've ever read a Sparity story involving cucking in some way. Not a bad one at all, and always good to see some Spike X Rarity X Ember.

“Out hatchling will be strong,”


This story is fantastic; I love the maledom/femsub factor Spike and Rarity have, and Spike having nine children already is hot too. Great work!

wait, ocellus? I feel like there's a story there, did thorax put spike up to that?

In this verse, she's a bit of a kinkster =D. And yeah, Thorax was okay with it as it would strengthen the bonds with Equestria.

That feeling when I basically have Spike's relationship in real life :moustache:

a bonus or sequel of ember laying spikes eggs while rarity masturbates to it

“I may not know much about pony culture, but I’m sure asking a friend ‘Would you like to fuck with my husband?’ isn’t something many creatures would consider normal, Rarity,”

According to fanon that is an perfectly normal question among ponies.

“Wait wait wait. I’m very confused right now. You’ve done this before?” Ember scoffed at Rarity and looked away. “Of course you’ve done this before,”

Was there any doubt?

“Splendid! Ember, darling, I can’t wait to see my Spikey-Wikey breed you!”
“You can’t what!?”

I'm sure everyone her agrees with Rarity on this one.

Interesting premise.
I look forwards to see where it goes.

Why not a series? There are still more creatures Rarity wanted Spike to do like Marble Pie(in case she wanted her sister Limestone to get on this), Cheerilee, Mayor Mare, Autumn Blaze, Tempest Shadow, Moon Dancer, Somnambula, Meadowbrook, etc.

Great build up.

Now this was great.

White noise rang inside her skull for a few moments before shaking her head. “You’re going to watch us mate!?”
“Of course, darling! That’s part of the fun,” letting out a longing sigh, the unicorn continued. “Seeing my Precious Scales pounding away at another mare’s nethers, filling them up with his hot and fertile life-giving goo, watching them writhe in pleasure while I watch closely, encouraging him to, pardon my language, fuck the slut’s brains out bring me a joy you cannot imagine, Ember dearest.”

To be fair, Rarity has a point. A good point.

“Rarity, honey, I’m home!” Spike announced.

It begins...

“Who knew you had that kind of drive-in you, Ember. Are you trying to steal my husband?” She let out a dainty laugh. “Many have tried, darling. But Spikey-Wikey belongs to me~ But you’re welcome to try and do your worst. Please, do so~” she breathed out showcasing her increasing lust.

Ember: "You should not had said that, pony..."

. “I won’t,” she promised. “After all, I will need a maid to raise our hatchlings.”

Hehe... anyone else wanna see a sequel/alternate ending where this actually happens...
Just me

Okay then. Great fic either way

Definitely wish we'd get a 'sequel' with each chapter of Spike breeding the females listed.

So that happened.

Yeah, kinda like a "Eh, why not?" kind of thing.

Speaking of Smolder, did Rarity just flat out told Ember that her husband was going all egg heavy on Smolder?

See we need ore of this shit.

I got a few incoming on one of my stories.

This is a good epilogue.

Wasn’t eggpecting (get it) to see an update to see, very nice. Think we’ll see a sequel maybe?

I did not expect a new chapter.

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