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Some say that Sombra was the greatest tyrant in history. They are wrong.

Queen Chrysalis has ruled the Changeling Empire with an iron fist, silencing all 'traitors' who would dare deny her with ruthless efficiency. The changelings have been under her rule, one where freedom of will, speech and identity have been restricted for so long that they must all fear and rely on her.

So what happens when the seemingly eternal queen dies? It is up to her courtiers to scramble to attempt to determine what comes next, back stabbing, political play, and the challenges of succession become the norm. Suffice to say, the Changeling Empire is in for some reforms, though whether they are good or bad remains to be seen.

Inspired by Death of Stalin, though I will say it is not a one to one copy XD

Set during season 6, obviously. Cover was made by me, in MS Paint.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 18 )

And now I'm left wondering who poisoned her.
Hope to see what happens next.

Please tell we going to have a changeling NKVD? i am laughing my a@@ off from the possibilities XD

That's what the Mantis Guard are XD

I am dying to see how you going to handle Zhukov if you add a changeling Marshal that is.

That shall be a certain prince XD

An interesting take on a political espionage story. What better way to introduce mystery and intrigue than with creatures born and bred for misdirection. You've got my attention and my like. Keep it up.

It's a really good movie lol.

It's on American Netflix right now I think

A lot of that stuff seemed like overreactions and I am not surprised Changelings went rogue because they have every reason to.

Their society is terrible.

"Well, judging from the amount of blood leaking from her nose and... eyes, it was likely that a vein in her skull burst, leading to a brain aneurism. From what I've heard though, brain aneurisms don't usually produce this much blood. It's almost like she was injected with the most powerful anticoagulant in existence to keep her bleeding so much. It's also likely that the vessel burst yesterday, at least, meaning she was up and active when and during it, only falling unconscious and dying during the final stages."

It's obvious the medic doesn't have proper medical education. An aneurysm is an abnormally widened part of an artery (not a vein), and it can burst and cause the bleeding; it isn't the result of the bleeding. Also, ruptured brain aneurysms cause subarachnoid hemorrhage, which means the blood leaks into the skull (around the brain), not out of the nose and eyes. I forgot exactly how it went in the previous chapter, but patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage describe it as the worst pain ever, so that's what she would have felt if it was a ruptured brain aneurysm (which it probably wasn't according to what is described).

everytime mandible speaks i imagine beria's voice XD excellent work!

Yeah, I suck at medicine XD

But she was indeed bleeding inside of her skull tho, that's why the blood came out of her nose and eyes, as the nose and eyes are openings in the skull.

Again, I suck at medicine XD

Yes, but the neurocranium (part of the skull where the brain is located) is completely separated from the nasal cavity, o the only way anything could leak from the neurocranium out through the nosi is if there's a fracture to the base of the skull, and though there are holes between the neuroceanium and the eye sockets, the said holes contain optic nerves and fatty and fibrous soft tissues, which again would block any leaks from the neurocranium unless there's extensive damage to the entire contents of the eye sockets and probably the bone (it can happen in, for example, gunshot wounds, and I've never had anyone come to the ER with an injury that bad). Bleeding through the eyes/eye sockets due to a ruptured brain aneurysm just doesn't happen.

Not knowing medical details doesn't mean you're not smart. It just means it isn't your field of expertise.

Yeah what happened to Chrysalis presented itself more as a condition/disease that causes spontaneous bleeding (viral hemorrhagic fever, snake bite, bleeding disorder, etc.) than anything else.

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