• Published 27th Oct 2020
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The Death of Chrysalis - Deergenerate

Chrysalis has ruled the Changeling Empire for over a thousand years. What is the next course of action, however, when she passes?

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Chapter 2: Immortality is Relevant

Mandible was sitting at his desk going over reports from Mantis Guard infiltrators all over Equestria. Contrary to popular belief amongst the hive, Thorax was not the first rogue changeling. All other events involving rogue changelings had been previously ruthlessly dealt with, generally leading to the perpetrator's entire family being purged. Thorax however, was the only exception. He had gotten the farthest, and was impossible to purge from public memory.

For one, he was the middle child of Queen Chrysalis. The prince was one of the most well known changelings, entirely due to his family relations. Purging him from memory by killing those who knew him would lead to over half of the Empire being killed. That wouldn't do.

On top of that, he was the only changeling to make it past the Mantis Guard and make it to Equestria. Usually rogue changelings were caught before they even reached the borders and dealt with. Thorax made it not only past the Mantis Guards, but thousands of army border guards and then crossed hundreds of miles to make it to Equestria. The mere thought of it made him grind his teeth. It was inconceivable. Unless... he somehow had help. His older brother, the only changeling in the hive he was even remotely close to, was the head of the entire Changeling Army, answering only to Tarsus and Chrysalis herself. Prince Pharynx was his name. He was perhaps the most popular and powerful changeling in modern history, second only to his mother. Loved by both the queen and the people. This made him both immune to any actions taken by the Mantis Guard (as damaging the queen's favored child would likely lead to the entire organization being completely purged.) and immune to any suspicion of treason.

It was the perfect cover. If he wanted to smuggle Thorax out of the Empire, he could have, and nothing short of the absolute strongest of evidence would convince the queen of that fact, as perfect as she was. Perhaps it would do Mandible to simply kidnap Pharynx right now and torture the information out of him... Mandible shook those traitorous thoughts out of his head.

In doing so however, his eye latched onto one particular report of one of his infiltrators. Reports claim that, according to a Crystal Empire news bulletin, an undisguised changeling was discovered outside of the Crystal Kingdom. Could that be the lead he needed? Thorax was known as being hopelessly naïve. He held no doubts in his mind that the fool would have approached a pony undisguised to attempt to 'befriend' it. No wonder he never 'fit in' so to say.

He was just about to send a letter to that particular infiltrator, telling him to move in on the Crystal Empire and hunt the traitor down, when the door to his office slammed open and a Mantis Guard charged in.

"Sir!" The guard cried with a salute.

Mandible turned to him, a frown coming to his face. "What is it? I have important business that you are interrupting! Tell me why I shouldn't have you hauled away as a traitor right now!" he growled, sitting up.

"It's the queen! Something is wrong with her!" The guard cried. Mandible's eyes widened.

"Report. Now." Mandible said, standing up and approaching the guard.

"I, and five other Mantis Guards, were stationed outside of her bedroom over the night, when we heard a loud crash inside, but we were discouraged from investigating by her previous orders." The Mantis Guard started in a panic, his voice becoming increasingly frantic as he spoke. "This morning, when several drones arrived to bring her breakfast in the form of a cocooned pony there was no response when we knocked, so we opened the door and... and..."

Mandible growled once again and stomped forwards, bringing his face an inch away from the guards. "Spit. it. out."

"We found her laying in a pool of her own blood in the middle of the room sir!" The changeling cried out straightening up. A silent gasp escaped Mandible's lips as he took a step back.

His jaw became slack as he lowered his head. "No... that can't be... Did you get her medical attention? Is she alright?" Mandible stammered.

"N-no sir. She is... dead..." The guard said, lowering his head.

"And who knows this?" Mandible asked as his features hardened.

"Just me, the other guards, and the two drones who brought her breakfast this morning." The Guard said with a salute.

"Good." Mandible hissed as his horn glowed a dark green. A beam of energy shot from the tip, striking the guard directly in the forehead. With a cry of agony, the guard disintegrated into a pile of dust.

Mandible stomped out of the room, purposely kicking through the pile of dust and marched out of his home, which was connected directly to the Mantis Guard Headquarters, a division of them standing ready to receive their daily orders.

"All of you. I want every drone who has brought the queen food within the past month found and executed, then I need the hive's best medic in the throne room as soon as possible. Lock off all entrances and exits to the Central Hive and contact the leaders of the outer colonies. Inform them to do the same. Am I understood?" He ordered features hardening.

"Yes sir!" The guards replied with perfect unity, before scattering to do their duties.

Mandible then turned, and took flight towards the throne room.

He arrived about thirty minutes later, that Mantis Guards were indeed effective in their duties, already sealing off many critical corridors and hallways, but it had unfortunately slowed him down, especially when he had to make a quick stop to deal with the two drones who had served the queen that morning and thus saw her corpse.

When he got there, he found five guards standing in a wedge outside of the closed door to the Queen's chamber.

"Sir, the medic arrived several minutes before you did. We allowed her inside to analyze the body and have not touched it since this morning." The guard in the middle said with a salute.

Mandible nodded. "Good." He grunted as he approached. He quickly pointed to the guard in the middle.

"You. Go and fetch the rest of the queen's court then report back to me. Be discreet. Tell no ling about the queen." Mandible ordered. The changeling nodded and silently took flight, leaving the room.

Mandible watched as he went, turning to the rest of the guards only after he was truly gone. "I thank all of you for your service to the hive."

He said with a nod, before his horn lit up and four beam fired from the tip at once, all of them striking a changeling directly in the forehead, turning them to dust.

Mandible nodded at the now ashified guards, before pushing his way into the queen's bedroom. Chrysalis was laying in the middle of the room, having been dragged away from her desk by the medic. A slowly expanding pool of cyan blood slowly spread out from her limp body. A medic, marked by white armor rather than the usual blue armor of soldiers, knelt over her.

"Well? What happened? Can she be revived?" Mandible said, his brow furrowing down at the medic.

"Even if I knew what I was doing," The medic started staring up at him, her voice full of dread. "I don't think she can be."

"Don't know what you are doing? You're a damn medic." Mandible hissed.

"Exactly, a combat medic. I know how to bandage wounds and heal burns, magical or otherwise. I am not a doctor in the slightest!" She cried, gesturing down to the queen.

"Then get out of here and get a doctor!" Mandible growled violently, stomping towards her.

"There are no doctors!" The medic replied putting her hooves to the sides of her head in a panic. "The Queen said there was no point in teaching anyling proper medince to treat the drones! She said there were always more drones to take the place of the dead ones!"

Mandible's jaw dropped. "That's..."

"Stupid? I know! Everyling knew it was stupid but no ling said anything!" The medic cried. "We didn't want to speak out against the queen!"

Mandible was silent for a couple minutes.

'Maybe this isn't the worst thing that could have happened. No what am I saying, that is heresy!' He mentally chastised himself. He shook his head.

"Well, can you at least determine what happened to her?" Mandible asked as he walked over to the room's capsized chair, set it back upright, and then sat down in it.

"Well, judging from the amount of blood leaking from her nose and... eyes, it was likely that a vein in her skull burst, leading to a brain aneurism. From what I've heard though, brain aneurisms don't usually produce this much blood. It's almost like she was injected with the most powerful anticoagulant in existence to keep her bleeding so much. It's also likely that the vessel burst yesterday, at least, meaning she was up and active when and during it, only falling unconscious and dying during the final stages." The medic explained pointing out the places she was talking about.

"Injected? So you suspect foul play?" Mandible asked, his expression hardening.

"Yes sir. She was immortal after all." The medic nodded.

Mandible cleared his throat. "I thank you for your medical knowledge and aid. You have done a great service for the Empire." His horn glowed a deathly green.

Before he could do anything, the door to the room slammed open and a changeling rushed inside.

"What happened? Where is she? Who did this?!?" Trochanter cried in a panic, his voice shaky and weak. He rushed to the side of the queen. He was about to drop to his knees to cradle the queen, but then he saw the blood he splashed onto the sleeves of his suit.

"Ewww..." He mumbled, taking a couple steps back and kneeling down just at the edge of the blood.

"Why did this happen!?! Why!?!?!?!?!" He screamed in 'agony'. Mandible saw a single tear crawl down his cheek. He was expecting more.

"The hive cannot exist without a leader, therefore... it is with great p-personal sacrifice, I nominate myself to take our irreplaceable queen's many responsibilities onto myself, until a better candidate is found." Trochanter exclaimed with a furrowed brow, standing up and straightening his back.

Mandible frowned. "Are... are you legitimately trying to become king right now?" He asked, his teeth clenching in anger.

"I mean... if the title of king comes with it..." Trochanter said with a shrug.

Mandible was about to stand up and punch him the face, when the door once again slammed open and Tarsus marched in.

"Mandible!!!!" he roared in a distinct rage. "What in Chrysalis's name do you think gave you the right to use your Mantis thugs to displace my forces and do my damn jo-" he started in a rage before he noticed the queen laying face down in a pool of her own blood.

"O... Oh... Oh my." He said, all of the color draining from his face.

"I think the queen's death gives me more than enough jurisdiction to do that." Mandible said as he stood up, pointing a hoof down at the queen.

"B-but... The Queen is an immortal goddess, like Celestia!"

"I'm pretty sure that if Celestia had a vein explode in her head she'd die too!" Mandible shouted.

"Stop yelling at each other!" Trochanter screamed in a high pitched voice, before covering his mouth with his hooves.

There was an awkward pause as everyone stared at Trochanter.

"You aren't going Thorax on us, are you?" Mandible hissed.

"Wh-what? Of course not!" Trochanter cried.

"Good," Mandible straightened up, his horn glowing once again. "Then you won't mind when I do this."

A beam fired and struck the medic in the forehead. She cried out in agony before, nothing but dust was left, crumbling to the ground and being washed away in the blood of the queen.

Author's Note:

The Queen is dead. Long live... the council.

This is not going to end well for the Empire.

Let's just all hope something changes for the better for our favorite nation of buggos. Mandible sure is a baddy.

I still need an editor if anyone is interested lol

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