• Published 27th Oct 2020
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The Death of Chrysalis - Deergenerate

Chrysalis has ruled the Changeling Empire for over a thousand years. What is the next course of action, however, when she passes?

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Chapter 1: The Queen's Court

The Changeling Hive a twisted and contorted stone tower. Caverns snaked through its many ever shifting walls, new labyrinthine passages periodically opening and closing, always changing. It was a massive citadel unknown to all but the most far flung and fringe ponies, and those who stumbled upon it rarely lived long enough to tell. Smaller fringe hives dotted the surrounding landscape, not towering to the same heights, but looming over the horizon all the same. The Central Hive however, was the most important, if only because it housed the great queen herself.

The hive was divided into sections, based on the hive's many floors, both above and below ground. The bottom 900 floors, all built deep into the ground, were where the hive's 'drones' lived. Miserably forced into enclosed homes, barely enough to fit themselves and their families. They were forced to do the same menial labor as many others, fed just enough love to keep them alive, but still starving. It kept them in line.

The next hundred floors were for the soldiers. Those drones who showed marginable military skills and were thus raised in status alongside their families. They were much better fed then the drones, but that wasn't saying much. Their lives were filled with exhausting military drills, and more often than not, boring and meaningless patrols, only given enough off time to feed themselves and sleep.

The twenty floors above them were home to the 'elite' Mantis Guard. The Mantis Guard were the queen's personal bodyguards, alongside her secret police. It was their job to hunt down and execute all changelings who voiced displeasure at the queen's rule, publicly or not. They were, more than anything, cruel and loyal. The perfect combo in the eyes of the queen. They lived lives of excess, never starved for love, or violence.

Only five floors above them,was the top most one ,the queen's personal throne room and bedroom. It was a room of every conceivable comfort, often filled on the daily basis by fawning drones, loyal concubinators and Mantis Guards, most sacrificing all of their love to keep the queen as content as possible. The love of kidnapped ponies and other creatures was not enough for the queen, who in the eyes of her subjects, was nothing less than a god.

The four floors below that, however, were the homes of the Queen's Courtiers. The royal advisors and directors. Those who, more often than anyone else, had the queen's ear. Her most professional and trustworthy subjects. In a room on the 1024th floor of the hive, they sat around a disk shaped table, in a meeting with their all powerful queen.

"-and then she says to the guards; 'do I look like a black widow to you?'" A changeling in a black and red dress suit shouted out. A black top hat on his head, a hole for the horn to jut out included.

He smiled as a round of laughter passed around the table, the loudest of which coming from Chrysalis herself. It took a couple of minutes for them to settle down. There were 6 changelings at the table, including Chrysalis. The greatest minds of changeling kind, as rumor had it. Mantis Guards flanked the edges of the room, standing as straight as they could eyes staring at their Queen.

"Ah..." One changeling said with a smile as she sank into her seat. She was wearing a green and black dress, a tie on top of it. "I haven't had this much fun since Canterlot." She said, a dark smile coming to her face, which brought about a couple chuckles.

"Indeed. On the topic of Canterlot, I believe it is time we settle down and begin the meeting," Chrysalis said straightening up, clearing her throat, eyeing the changeling next to her.

The changeling was wearing a suit of deep blue, bug like plate armor, mandibles sticking out of the sides of the helmet, coming to an end on either side of his snout. The uniform of the Mantis Guard. A scar stretched down the side of his face, forcing him to slightly squint one of his eyes. He stood up and cleared his throat to mimic his master. "All attending?"

"Tegmen, Head of Drone Labor." A changeling in a green suit said placing a forehoof on the table and nodding.

"Tarsus, Head of Outer Security and Defense." Said a second changeling in a suit of deep blue armor, though it was lighter and lacked the mandibles of the Mantis Guard.

"Trochanter, Head of Diplomacy and Infiltration." The changeling in the red suit who had made the original joke replied with a nod.

"Tibia, Head of Propaganda and Culture." The female changeling exclaimed with a smirk as she sat back into her chair.

The original armored changeling nodded as he turned to Chrysalis. "And finally, Mandible, Head of Internal Security." He said with a nod before sitting back down.

"Good." Chrysalis said as she looked down at a piece of paper in front of her. "First on the Agenda. Mandible, I have a new list for you."

The mere mention of a list made everyone at the table, barring Mandible, visibly cringe as Chrysalis slowly slid a series of sheets of paper over. The faces of the Mantis Guard around the room visibly hardening, a couple of them smiling even. Mandible took the list and held it up to his face reading it over. He stopped for a second and turned to his Queen.

"With all due respect my queen. I just would like to make sure. It seems as though your son is on this list. Do you truly want him-" He started, but Chrysalis cut him off.

"I would not put him on the list if I didn't want him dead. Dispatch several Mantis Guards to Equestria to find and dispatch him." Chrysalis growled, her eyes narrowing in hatred. Mandible nodded as a smirk slowly spread across his face as he went back to reading the list.

After a couple seconds he nodded and set it down on the table before him. Chrysalis turned back to the table once more.

"Now then. Since you brought it up Tibia, I would like to segway into the topic of Equestria." She said with eyes brightening. All changelings in the table smiled as she stood up.

"I have a plan in the works as we speak involving Equestria. I am simply hammering out the final details as we speak. Come our next meeting, I will have everything ready and I shall explain it. Just know, Trochanter, that you need to prepare your infiltrators. Study the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses." Chrysalis explained, her tone darkening.

"Yes my Queen." Trochanter said with a deep bow, his head almost meeting the table.

"Good. Meeting adjourned." Chrysalis ordered, standing up, pushing her chair out of the way and walking away. The Mantis Guards followed after her, before stopping by the door and flanking it in a straight line.

All eyes in the room then turned to Mandible as he reopened the list and stood up while rereading it. The courtiers watched as he approached the guards.

"Kill this one and hang him in a public place," He said to one guard handing him a paper, pointing out a name on the list. The guard quickly chuckled before turning and leaving the room.

"Beat her, pin it on him, then execute them both." Passing another page to another guard who licked his lips as he left.

"I'll leave the rest to you." Mandible said as he picked up the remaining papers in a green aura and passed them out, one page per guard.

He was left with a single page, only one name on it, written in a bold font.


"I have something special in mind for you." He hissed as he slowly walked out of the room with the rest of the guard.

The other courtiers were left alone with only each other as company.

"So... who's up for a drink?" Tegmen asked.

"Count me in." Trochanter said after a chuckle.

Chrysalis walked through her throne room, flanked by six hive guards. As she approached her bedroom her walk became somewhat sluggish, which was thankfully not noticed by her guards. The second she arrived at her bedroom, she used her magic to throw open the doors.

"I want no intruders or disturbances for the rest of the day, understand?" Chrysalis demanded with a growl.

"Yes, my que-" One of the guards started. He was cut off when Chrysalis slammed the door in their face.

Chrysalis shook her head as she walked to her desk, sitting down in a chair in front of it. She had a headache. A bad one. Perhaps the worst one she had ever had in her thousand years of life. She groaned as a massive painful throb, similar to being stabbed flared through her skull. That wasn't good.

She shook her head once again. She would call for an ice pack and a medic soon, first and foremost she had planning to do. As she looked down at the letters and documents the symbols on them seemingly moved around on the page, spiraling around in a vortex of letters and numbers. It felt almost impossible for her to focus.

Her forehead scrunched as she yet again shook her head. Something didn't feel right. That feeling was compounded when she felt something wet slowly pouring out of her nose onto her upper lip. She brought a forehoof up and wiped it. Gazing down at it made her eyes widened. Glowing, cyan liquid. Changeling blood.

"F-f-fuckkkkkkk" She started, the k rapidly becoming a gurgle as she fell back, her chair coming with her as she hit the ground with a loud crash.

The Mantis Guards outside of Chrysalis's bedroom had formed two columns, their eyes dutifully staring ahead, heads held high and spears in hand. No harm would come to their leader as long as they drew breath.

A crash behind them rapidly caught their attention as they all turned their eyes to the bedroom door. Their eyes stayed glued to it for a couple minutes.

"S-should we investigate?" The guard closest to the door on the left side asked, looking to his fellow soldiers.

"No, we should shut the hell up before you get us all killed." The soldier farthest from the door on the right side said, returning to his rigid stance alongside the other guards.

The one closest to the door cleared his throat, looked back to the door one last time, and returned to his stance.

Author's Note:

Chrysalis is evil, and now she is ded.

Anywho, time for a dark comedy. And in case you are wondering, no, Chrysalis is not the mother of all changelings in this story, she is merely the Queen. She does have kids though, three of them who shall have prominence in this fic!

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An editor would be appreciated, hit me up if you'd like to work with me.

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