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I have been writing Twirax stories since 2019.


Princess Twilight Sparkle and King Thorax are both special someponies who have dated each other for three months now. And one day, Twilight has decided to bale some cookies for Throax in an expression of gratitude. But, things don't go as planned.

New story! This is a parody story idea that I have came up with! I hope you all will enjoy it!

Also, I do not own My Little Pony, it belongs to Hasbro.

And the coverart is drawn by me.

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Comments ( 9 )

Nice, Thorax like those cookies.

Indeed he does, and thank you for once again reading.

Also, what is your favourite part of this chapter?

My favorite part is that when Princess Cadance offer Shining Armor for the cookies, he said no.

You're welcome.

What did you think of the story? If you don't mind me asking?

I spotted spelling errors for you.

#1 "No! I hated them!" Twilight replied ferociously "And Thorax is going to be sick all because of your loathsome cookies!" She exclaimed with an jnfuriated expression. I believe you meant to say "infuriated" not junfuriated.

Thank you for pointing it out. I appreciate it a lot. And thank you for adding this story to your bookshelves:twilightsmile:

You're very welcome! :)

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