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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Goodness, you had me hooked from the beginning and seeing the character bleed from Trixie's pores - and her emotional range - had me hooked. Fantastic work, Leech.

Jeez man I hate myself for reading this but in her situation I can see what she is going through and boy was it hard to finish reading this one. This had gave me a new perspective of the showmare and I hope she pulls through after this.

Nice work on the story dude

It was difficult to write...

I can see why. But I can understand where you were going with this. And honestly when your desperate your forced to do things you hate to do and honestly i felt bad for Trixie and now wish to hug her.

Really nice piece. Great job

As someone who's been in dire straits, I'm writing from experience

Wow that makes it even more personal

Fucking solid. Great work on this one. It's hard hitting, grim, and realistic in an uncomfortable way. Some things we regret, sometimes with a sensation of loss, despair and disgust that is difficult to describe or communicate. You did an excellent job getting across something I dont think I could.

I normally dont assume content as an author's perspective, but based on some comments, I hope you're in a safer place and sincerely hope your future is filled with happy moments.

I'm getting by

For the record, even if I were able, I wouldn't have changed anything in the past. I am who I am today because of the path I've been down.

Write what you know.

My husband can't read almost any of my stories because he knows I'm in all of them.

Trixie, you dummy! Always get the money first!

Jokes aside, I can see how this may have been hard to write. Although this isn't technically rape, I did do a story that was very hard to write with the same dark subject matter. It does take its toll on you.

You did an excellent job of conveying Trixie's thoughts and emotions, and let's hope she doesn't have to do something like this again.

We'll be back to more lighthearted and cheerful stuff next week, I promise

Sorry, first thing I thought of when I read the title. Fucking hell, man. This was a brutal slog to read in all the right ways.

Huh... this was not what I was expecting.

Very heart wrenching, extremely well written. Takes me back to a lot of the first few stories about Trixie in season one that I used to read.

Dark, I can't see it

This is the realty for some that are gypsy. Good story, good writing.


love it, the way trixie fell the entire story its realy good...

i know that feeling...it isn't so easily escaped

This is...wow. You made me sad about being turned on, while I was turned on! That's a first for me, well done!

Wow, this makes me glad she has Starlight.

Well as word of what happened in ponyville did I'm sure word of this could spread between towns too for the right ponies, and give her more....opportunities like this creating potential for more chapters.

A sequel of this with Starlight joining her would be interesting.

And, telling her about it, too. Because, starlight did become a counselor.

To the author - Now i didn't read this fic:pinkiegasp:
as i'm reading other stories from ao3, ff.net and one more website i won't name. Oh! & on top of all that a dying laptop (btw it's going well with selling items but discovered the amount isn't going be to enough so i might have to sell this one) but don't worry i have an older model
high praise for stepping out of your 'usual' fair & writing about something very personal...applause👏👏👏

written out on Saturday

I feel like I am a bad person for getting my kicks from this

Nah mate, our desires don't speak for us

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