• Published 13th Nov 2020
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Bathtub Diplomacy - dirty little secret

Now that Shining's an alicorn, Chrysalis has requested that he return a certain favor and visit her in *her* bathtub. Surely it can't be *that* bad, though. Cadance will be with him the whole time...

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Absolutely phenomenal. Anything with Shining and Cadence is an absolute joy.

Bonus points for an immortal couple.

Heh, I do end up doing a lot of Shining/Cadance stuff...
And a lot of that is because you guys keep voting for it! ^.^

Reads description and contains section

Not what I expected of a sequel to choose wisely, but I am still interested. READ IT LATER!

They are the best canon couple, though they don't really have much competition.

I dunno... AppleDash is pretty good, and they're canon nowadays.
But yeah, definitely the best canon hetero shipping couple.

Bright Mac and Pear Butter might give them a run for their money, but Shining and Cadance have a lot more screen time. (And are alive)

Hype is on! Choose Wisely was the first clop story I ever read, it's great to see it revisited, I just hope this one can live up to the original!

Not really canon, so much as given hints, since there was nothing concrete.

Personally, I hate to consider it canon, as it just feels so forced to be true.

"Cumshots" "Cunnilingus" analingus" "communal"

Time for another visit to ol' Mr. Urban Dictionary.


Personally, I hate to consider it canon,

Judging from your avatar, I think I know why.

Well, this one is very different than the original ... but I do think it's actually much better! ^.^

Okay, maybe not super canon... But...
A) I don't really feel like it's 'forced'. There's a huge time skip to the last episode, after all, and a lot could happen in that time. I do wish they'd done it on-screen though! But if you look at other Applejack/Rainbow episodes in the show, they've definitely got something going on there. You can see the beginnings of it.
B) Maybe not strictly canon relationship ... but they're definitely canon living together. AJ, of course, would never leave her farm ... so Rainbow must be living at the Apple family farm. And I think that trying to explain how that would happen (other than them being in a relationship together) gets pretty convoluted and strains credulity. Yes, there could be other explanations, but the other explanations seem less likely.

Got to keep up with the clopfic vocabulary there!
(Though for 'communal', you'll want a regular dictionary, not the urban dictionary.)

Lyra and Bonbon are canon too. Octavia and Vinyl are just good friends though in my mind.

"Sigh" Once again Shining been made a fool of.

Will he ever get a chance to one up Cadence for once....Probably not.

Still a good story.

It's just hotter when the girl's doing this kind of thing, okay?


Octavia and Vinyl are just good friends though

That's what Lyra and Bon-Bon used to say!

KMCA #16 · Nov 14th, 2020 · · 1 ·

You'll need to provide evidence to the contrary. I refuse to believe they're more than friends :twilightsmile:

Eh, Rainbow has her own moveable home, so really it could just be parked over her farm.

Ooooh a sequel to one of my favorite clop fics of yours, DLS? I am SO going to read this! I do love me some Shining Armor and Princess Cadence and Queen Chrysalis shipping! <3

Ooooh yesssss this was just as good as the original to me! Very well done DLS, and oooh I sure hope to get a sequel to this one in the future sometime! :heart:

How do they plan on keeping all that sperm fresh? It is organic matter, so it will biodegrade, and it seems like such a waste to have to discard all that comfortable jizz.

More sequels?
Well if the Patreon supporters demand it...
After all, this story was added to my ideas list by one of my Patreon supporters, then voted for by all my other supporters. This particular story is actually a great example of my Patreon supporters telling me that they want a sequel and then making it happen!


How do they plan on keeping all that sperm fresh?

Okay, we're going to need about 500 pony volunteers, 20 turkey basters, and all the butt plugs you can find.

Mmm might just need to go start supporting you myself then. *chuckles* Should finally have the money to do so now with my new job. As I do reallly want a sequel!

Damn... Chrysalis get a hive worth of drones off... That must be some kind of world record xD

Well, she's good at what she does! ^.^

I feel horrendously dirty for having read this. But I am left with one regret; I'll never be able to read this for the first time again.

I think everybody wins! ^.^

Just got to go long enough until you forget about it...

I have a very difficult time forgetting things I read. Makes studying easier but makes stories less fun to reread. Though, I always suppose I could try using alcohol...

I feel like I should not have enjoyed that as much as I did.... mad props to you. best regards, darkbroney666

Heh, you could probably say the same about any of my stories! ^.^

Yes, this wound up being very worth the wait!

^.^ I'm glad it was! What's your favorite part?

I'm not sure I had a favorite part, per se. More like the theme and tone and the concept was sexy. I liked how the two mares were both absolutely certain and comfortable with the sex they were about to have--like they were quite practiced with it--while Shining was very reluctant, but willing to try things out. I liked the grotto setting, and the drones watching. Sort of the reluctant exhibitionism? I dunno. Your writing is very good. Teach me, sensei!

Yeah, mostly the attitudes of the two mares.

So, given that this is meant to be a sequel to Choose Wisely, I have a few things to say. Shining from this, and Shining from CW come across as two very different characters. The first is like a hesitation-based-on-inexperience type Shining, and this is more like a fear-based-on-xenophobia type shining. He comes across as much more... just phobic(?) I guess in the sequel. It was kind of jarring. I can chalk some of that up to the time between the release of the first story and the sequel, but not all of it.
This sequel's premise had so much potential, and I feel like it fell quite short.
The actual sex parts were enjoyable. The dialogue of Shining, not so much. The dialogue of everyone else, fairly good.
I also enjoyed the comfort of both mares, and all the drones watching, knowing the Alicorns were bathing in THEIR secretions.
Also the fact that Shining fathered a generation of changeling drones, and might be swimming in his own broods secretions next visit. Also the potential of future Shining-drones.

Yeah ... there was a *long* time between writing these two stories.

Also the fact that Shining fathered a generation of changeling drones, and might be swimming in his own broods secretions next visit. Also the potential of future Shining-drones.

Yes ... that's *just* what this situation needs: incest!


You're gonna spoil it for the other readers!

Exactly! Incest is definitely a good additive!

She came close, whispering in his ear, “Cum for me, Shining. Knock her up. Fill her to the brim. I want the whole next generation of this hive to be yours.”

That might turn him on now, but once he receives the first bill for the child support he'll have to pay...
(Maybe he can declare those as "diplomatic expenses" or something.)

“I... I think if it’s okay with everyone, I would like to go now.”

Chrysalis: "But... This was only the introduction!"

Shining: "What do you mean? What more is there?!"

Chrysalis: "We wanted to talk about peace treaties, trading agreements and stuff. You know, the actual diplomatic stuff. May sound boring, but those need to be done too."

Shining: "Oh yes, I already forgot about those. Well, we should better get started. Before I pass out."

Chrysalis: "Good. But before we get to this, there are still a few other individuals who who would like to have some fresh alicorn cum." *points towards the slowly closing in swarm of -until now- passive onlookers*

Shining: *panicky voice, turning towards Cadance* "Help me!"

Cadance: *smiles* "Sorry Shiny, but not this time. You are on your own for now, I'll just enjoy the show."

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Thanks! ^.^ I always enjoy getting comments like these!

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