• Published 20th Oct 2020
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Christine's Sunset - RusticPrince

At the starting events of Anon-A-Miss, Sunset is cast aside and her torture begins…

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She had sat rusting in that junkyard for years, alone, heart broken from the death of the only man to ever love her. She had been crushed both physically and emotionally after his death, physically because she attempted to avenge him by killing the two who dared to tear them apart. She had been cubed and left to rot alone with the other junkers in the yard, and for decades had slowly put herself back together, all while under the nose of the man who owned the yard. But what she didn't know was that love can come in all forms.


"How could y'all do that to me, I told ya in secret and now everybody knows" a tan girl with blond hair in a ponytail. She was wearing a stetson hat, flannel shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots said.

"Applejack, I swear it wasn't me" a tan girl with fiery red hair said. She was wearing a black leather jacket, tan shirt with a sun symbol on the front, frayed black jeans and biker boots.

"Yeah right Sunset" a girl with rainbow hair said. "I knew you never changed and you never will because you're an evil bitch."

"Rainbow!" A pure white girl with curly purple hair shouted. "Sunset might be evil, but you don't have to use such garish language."

"But it wasn't me, why would I try so hard to change just to throw it all away?" Sunset asked the three girls in front of her.

"Because you're an evil..." Rainbow started.

"Don't even finish that sentence Rainbow" the pure white girl said. Turning to Sunset she continued, "look Sunset, your reputation isn't good enough for anyone to believe this isn't you…"

"So just leave and disappear" Rainbow finished for the white girl. Turning and storming away, Applejack glared at Sunset before following after Rainbow, leaving just the white girl with Sunset.

"I'm sorry Sunset, but…" the snow white girl started

"No Rarity, she's right" Sunset said, interrupting her. "I'll just disappear" and with her final piece said Sunset hung her head and slowly walked away letting her tears hit the ground beneath her as she walked away from the three girls who were once her friends. As she walked away from the high school, where slowly her only friends in the world were forsaking her, she wondered if she could even keep her job working in the junkyard she had recently gotten.

As she continued walking her sobs lessened and her shattered heart slowly darkened into a cold and empty abyss of turmoil and self loathing. Her train of thought was a one way line into depression and thoughts of running a blade across her skin, thoughts of blood and two worlds of not one being caring about her or even missing her floated through her head. Looking towards where her destination lay she spied the beginning of the chain link fence that surrounded Grogar's Junkyard and Garage.

It took five minutes from the beginning of the fence to get to the entrance of the yard, casting her eyes onto the piles of scrapped clunkers, half wrecks, and antique autos. She continued her way to where her boss was more than likely planning to let her go, the giant eight bay garage to the right of the entrance. As she passed the scales for weighing whatever metal people brought in she entered the garage, through one of the open bay doors, turning to the right she focused her blood shot eyes on the old man who had given her the job, and was more than likely about to take it all away.

"Sunset!" The old man shouted in excitement. A grin plastered on his face as he turned down the radio near the 1975 pontiac firebird he was working on, grabbing a rag and wiping his hands somewhat clean of grease, he walked towards Sunset. "How's my favorite employee…doing" he paused seeing her blood shot eyes, "what's wrong Sunset? Don't tell me you're still beating yourself up over that whole bullying debacle?" He asked with concern in his voice.

Sunset broke and the flood gates opened once more as she flung her arms around her boss and started letting her tears fall once more. "Oh Grogar, i-it's worse than t-that" she stuttered out through sobs, "my friends, t-they think I'm s-spreading their secrets online, a-and one of them told me I'd be better of just disappearing, and she's riiggghhhhttttt" she half screamed.

"There, there Sunset, you and your friends will work through this, they have to notice how you've changed" Grogar said caringly. "Tell you what" he started pushing Sunset back slightly so he could look her in the eyes. "I can handle the yard by myself for the day, why don't you go home and get some rest, take some time away from school and focus on getting yourself right up here" he said tapping her skull causing her to giggle slightly.

"Thanks Grogar, but if it's all the same, I'd like to walk around the yard for a bit, see if I can finally spot a car I want to get and work on" she said with a half smile hoping her boss didn't catch on to the pain in her voice.

"Well if that's what you want to do Sunset, I won't stop you, when you find the right one, bring her back here or grab the wrecker and haul her back here" he said with a smile on his face as he turned around to go back to the pontiac he was working on.

Sighing to herself, Sunset walked out of the garage, and took a right down the small dirt road that led into the junkyard. Walking slowly past the piles of iron, tin, and miscellaneous scrap metal, she turned left into the car lot where all the junkers and half descent beaters were. Walking down the road of smashed, wrecked, totalled and rusted out cars nothing caught her attention, until finally she came upon the final row of cars.

"No one ever comes back here, not even Grogar himself, they'll never find me" Sunset said to herself. As she walked past cars that were way past their prime and fixability, stopping in the middle of the dirt lane, she turned to the left to face one of the few tall and strong trees in the yard. Putting one foot in front of the other her depressed, and get and self loathing thoughts pounding in her head driving her forward to make a permanent solution to a temporary problem,one she couldn't find a way out of.

As Sunset climbed up the tree one branch at a time, to the rope she had first hung in the tree after her whole she demon problem. Her friends were there and helped her see she belonged without ever knowing they saved her life, as she turned around to face out across the junkyard, something strange happened, she caught the glimpse of faded red paint and rust. Casting her gaze to where the color was her breath was taken from her, as her eyes glazed over and became distant, slowly climbing back down the tree her eyes never left the sight of the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen in her life.

As Sunsets feet once more touched solid ground, her voices stopped talking, and she could feel her heart beating faster, her palms started to sweat a little bit. Before Sunset could even comprehend why she didn't put the rope around her neck and jump she was standing in front of the most beautiful car she had ever seen. Even though the toreador red paint was fading from the body, and the iceberg white on the roof and pinstripe were grimy and rust poked.

As Sunsets circled the car she couldn't help but notice the white walls, though horribly weather cracked still held air. As she passed the drivers door, it slowly creaked open, she twirled around to notice the door somehow opened in an invisible breeze. Slowly walking back towards the drivers door, Sunset took a look inside to see that the red and white seats where sun bleached and cracked, the windshield was smudged with small spider webbing cracks. Sliding into the driver's seat, she placed her hands on the wheel and slowly caressed it, as her right hand passed three o'clock on the wheel, the visor dropped open depositing the keys into her lap.

Picking up the key and name key chain, Sunset couldn't help but notice the name and she smiled as she read it "Christine, a beautiful name for such a beautiful car" she said out loud. Still smiling to herself Sunset decided to see if Christine would turn over, sticking the key into the mechanism, and shifting Christine into neutral, she depressed the clutch and turned the key. Causing the engine to slowly crank, trying again and tapping the gas the engine spun and sputtered until she roared to life.

The exhaust having long since rotted off, blue smoke poured from the tail pipes, slowly shifting into first Christine lurched slightly as her transmission ground slightly finding the gear. Putting light pressure on the gas pedal once more, Sunset let off the clutch letting Christine roll forward, cranking the wheel to the right Sunset slowly drove Christine through the rows of cars and scrap. Engine skipping, belt slipping, and smoke rolling off the back of the car, Sunset brought Christine back to the open bay door, turning hard right once more she depressed the clutch and ground the transmission into reverse, looking over her shoulder she backed Christine into the bay.

Putting pressure on the clutch and brake Christine whined to a halt in the correct position so Sunset could put her on the lift. Shutting her off and sliding back out of the driver's seat, she closed the door and headed down three bays to where she had seen Grogar last. Getting closer to the radio she was already negotiating a price for Christine, even if she had to work an entire week for free just to get the parts, she'd do it, finding Grogar at the firebird, Sunset shut his radio off causing him to turn his head slightly to glare at her.

"Sunset how many times do I have to tell you, never mess with my radio?" He asked her.

"I know, but I found a car, how much would you want for it?" Sunset asked.

"What car is it?" Grogar asked, walking from underneath the firebird and grabbing a rag to wipe off his hands.

"She's down in the first bay, follow me" she said excitedly, running back to where she had parked Christine. Grogar followed behind of Sunset shaking his head slightly and chuckling to himself, but as he drew nearer to the first bay he could see the faded red and white, and as he finally reached the car he knew exactly what it was.

"Sunset, this is a 1958 Plymouth Fury, they're gas guzzlers are you sure you want this one?" He asked her, cocking one of his eyebrows at the young woman.

"Of course Grogar, know how much do you want, I'll even work for free to get the parts I need" she said excitedly.

"Alright, alright calm down" Grogar started. "For you Sunset three hundred for the car, and fifty dollars for parts a day, how's that sound?"

"Deal!" Sunset shouted as she ran up and hugged Grogar tightly. Pulling away from her boss she reached into her left pocket for her wallet, bringing it out she opened it up and pulled out the three hundred Grogar was asking for. Counting it out as she handed it over to him, her smile never left her face, and as the last bill left her hand she hugged Grogar once more, and began the arduous task of finding out what parts she was going to need to make Christine roadworthy once more.

Shaking his head Grogar walked away but as he did he couldn't shake the feeling he had seen that specific fury somewhere in his life and in more of a wrecked state. Shaking the thoughts from his head he headed back to the firebird he was working on and he hoped with every fiber of his being it wasn't the car he thought it was.