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Remember that horrible war that ended almost 80 years ago? Those legendary stories, jaw-dropping accomplishments, amazing tales, and dangerous adventures? Same thing happened in Equestria 80 years ago, too. Now, lets meet those legendary veterans and learn about their heroic war stories.

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awesome chapter my friend cant wait for more chapters:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Manila John Basilone? Semper Fi...

The Marine that fought on Guadalcanal and KIA on Iwo Jima. Yes that's him.

Uncle Mike #5 · Sunday · · ·

One of my grandfathers was in the 502nd PIR at Bastogne, and the other was a Bosun, plankowner of USS Bunker Hill (CV-17). (And, I never heard the end of it when they found out I joined the Corps :rainbowlaugh:)This is gonna be good.

I'm afraid I'm drawing a blank on the RAF pilot, though. What was his name?

Whoa! That's... I have no words to say...

Oh, the back story is fake but the fact that he shot down 104 enemy planes is real. This original character is Adolf Galland. If you search it up online, you'll find that he shot down 104 planes. But I may have made some mistakes, since you're an expert, please correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you.

Galland? Gotcha. And, I'd hardly call myself an expert on WW II history. Just a family connection

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