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Have you ever tried to indulge an all-consuming urge to kill when you don't have opposable thumbs? Or hands? Or anything other than a bread slot?


Not too Long ago, the Solar Empire was a land of vast opportunity and promise, while the world burned in the flames of the Chrysalis campaigns, the last nation of freedom fell in the chaos that had consumed the Griffins and Zebras.

Chrysalis in her invasion of Canterlot being a failure did not shake her, since everything was just a distraction for a lightning campaign against Equestria's allies.

Now being completely alone, without allies and not even willing to fight, suffered a giant economic crisis with the cut trade with the Crystal Empire.

The disgrace was not over, having been cut from its political and economic influence, it only increased the anger and mistrust of its citizens, bringing a decadence to Equestria that for generations in the future would be known as 'The Setting Sun'

My idea of what Kaiserreich could look like in Equestria, each chapter will explain a faction and will be a kind of 'Pony parody' of the videos made by the Kaiser Cat Cinema, all the ideas and great story goes from them! I am just adapting this to the Mlp universe!

It's not a serious story, it's just for fun!

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This is the kind of story where my oc group, The Nighthawk Rebellion, would be based, XD, nicely done.

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