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Fabulous, darling.


Octavia and Vinyl Scratch have been friends ever since they were fillies. One is dealing with unrequited love, the other with new and confusing feelings. Can their love for music bring them love for each other?

A two for one story:
Classical is written from Octavia's point of view, Trance is through Vinyl's eyes.
Coda contains a tie-in to my first story, Pillow-Talk.

For an explanation of some of the musical terms in "Classical", see here.

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Oh i just can't get enough of this parring :rainbowkiss:
It's a wonderful idea to read it from both mare's perspective, and you did it very well. It had the perfect length, any shorter and i think it would have felt weak, and had it been a lot longer it might have been tiresome reading the same thing twice, but here it's was fun and great so cheers to you :pinkiehappy:
The only typo i found was in chapter two where you hit B instead of M "She hugs be close"

Her hugs be close, yo!
In the highest amount of seriousness I can muster at any given moment, this has been yet another story that I can add to the list of Short Sweet Shipping Stories.

I'm a sucker for romance.. but only when it's done right.

Guess what: you do it right. WATCHED!

Sweet, gentle and breezy. Great to read the story from two different viewpoints. Faved, thumbed up. Keep on rocking!

Oh look. Another Vinyl/Octy pairing. :ajbemused:

Lover's Sinfony - Michael Schenker

Thanks for catching that! It's fixed.
Glad you like the length. That was the only thing that really had me worried. :twilightoops:

Word, yo. :rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks! Glad you liked it. :pinkiehappy:

I really do like this piece, it has opened my eyes more to gays (not that i was against them)

Damn, that was awesome. Easily ranks up with some of the best stories I've read with this pairing.

My mind just exploded from YES!

God this is awesome!

Im quite impressed how you made two chapters. Each one from a point of view from Vinyl and Octavia. Awesome job!!

incredible. nuff said.

That is epic.
First person view from both ponies?

For Celestia, this is awesome.

I'm glad everyone likes the two sides of the story. :pinkiehappy:

At first I only had Octavia's part in mind, but when I got down to the final scene, I realized that Vinyl's feelings were only barely hinted at. So, I gave her an outlet and it looks like it paid off! :yay:

:yay: Great story :yay:

I loved this story ^^ I like this pairing pretty well and you put AppleDash in it! ^^ This was an awesome story :raritystarry:

Win is win is win

This was just amazing and it was very interesting on how they viewed the same events in different ways. You capture both of their personalities perfectly in the first person narration. :raritywink:
I did feel like both sides of the story really added up to one bigger picture (and the short epilogue was cute)

Ok boring stuff first, i caught a minor error

She snatches up her glasses, mic, spare cords, and a few albums, some in her hooves, some by magic. You really should take my advice when it comes to organization. Meanwhile, I carefully put away the demo disc I just brought home, I know she'll be upset if it gets hurt.

You dont have quotes for thought or speech for [You really should take my advice when it comes to organization.] I almost did not catch it but i was in the zone with my reading and caught it.

Ok, this is the first chapter and it is ALREADY what i consider a good complete story, and i am looking forward to the rest. The flow is wonderful i could actually hear all of the conversation in their voices in my head. Bravo :pinkiehappy:
Now for the rest! :twilightsmile:

Alternate POV's are always interesting but most of the time i like whichever one i read first.
Still its nice.:twilightsmile:


Glad you liked the story. :pinkiehappy:

I do find it kind of funny that only one of those caught your eye. Since the story is written in first person (or pony) and in a stream of consciousness style, thoughts like that are interspersed though the whole story. It wasn't in quotes precisely because she didn't say it out loud. I tried putting specific thoughts in italics at first, but it just didn't look right to me. But to each their own. :raritywink:

dat newspaper part at the end...prefect

I hope you don't mind, but I've put together a little podfic of the first chapter of this fic. :heart:


I love it! :heart: You've captured all the emotions perfectly! I can't say enough good things about your performance. :heart::heart::heart:

Although the audio seems to have gotten corrupted for about 4 minutes from 15:00 to 19:00. I thought it was just Chrome's flash plugin, but it did it on Firefox too, so it does seem to be the video itself.

That was good. I think more of these stories should be read like that as it lets me get my dose of fanfiction while letting me continue messing around with my art.

*kicks self*

I've got her, she's got me, and for the rest of our lives we're going to make lots of beautiful music together!

If you know what I mean. :raritywink:

Haha, very clever of you to write it from different points of view!


:raritywink: Indeed, knowing Vinyl.

Like I said somewhere else in the comments, I'd written Octavia's POV and it was all there, but it just didn't feel complete. Vinyl's motivations were still a mystery, and I couldn't just let that be.

Very enjoyable, I'd like to see more of these 'two sides of the same coin' kind of stories, though perhaps just a little more variation in events might be nice.


That was a bit of a weak point, looking back on this story. It was tough to maintain a balance between shared events vs separate events while keeping the length down to something that didn't feel overwhelming to essentially read twice.


The great thing about double sided stories is that they can be different because of the separate events, yet familiar because of the shared ones.

As for being overwhelming... I'd gladly read things more than twice this size. :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

Y'know, I liked this better from Octavia's perspective. I really don't feel like this chapter adds anything to the story. Certainly, if it had been chapter 1, it wouldn't have been interesting at all. An odd decision.

Too much of the cheesy "hon" and "dear" ... But otherways its just pure awesomnes :D

Great to re-read this, the fic that got me shipping Vinyl and Tavi. Good times...

I know, I'm only now reading this, but I just wanted to say how cool it is! And thanks for not making them lez ponies. :ajsmug:......nope wait, they are lez ponies...:ajbemused:


It's a little known fact that all ponies are lesbians.

Even the stallions... Especially the stallions.


It was really cute! I loved it!

Octavia Scratch is one of the best ships.
+1 Like.

Very cute story here, just as a little heads up there was someone who narrated Vinyl's POV which can be found here;

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