• Published 9th Sep 2012
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A Twilightful Dash of Caprice - CalmNQuiet

A series of short, unrelated vignettes featuring Twilight and Rainbow’s budding relationship.

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Study Break

A Twilightful Dash of Caprice ~ Study Break

“...given the sub-magical realm’s internal flux derived from a singular point of...”

This was a losing battle. Twilight knew this. This book was more than dry. Her brain struggled against what was undoubtedly one of the worst word-based droughts among the numerous books peppering her studies. Undeterred, she continued.

“...focus - allowing the user to channel the internal magical...”

Twilight wasn’t going to deal with this any more. She had better things to do than muck through some complex magical compendium written solely for taxing overambitious unicorn minds. She needed out, but she couldn’t stop reading. Her pride wouldn’t allow it. If only--


“Oh, thank Celestia,” Twilight muttered to herself. Casually focusing her mind, a light purple glow enveloped her horn, the magical energies opening a single window against the library’s wall -- which, admittedly, acted more like a door these days. Without glancing up, she waited for the inevitable, allowing herself a small inward smile. “Dash is so reliable when it comes to these things,” she chuckled bemusedly.

Right on cue, her back tensed with the warmth of a pegasus resting upon it. Shifting her legs curled beneath on the pillow, she gets comfortable and prepares for the onslaught. A silent count begins in her mind: “One...two...three....”

There it was: the slightest nibbling sensation. The pegasus went after her right ear; the most pleasant of shivering sensations coursing down her spine right to the tip of her tail. The assault continued -- pegasi were hardly known for tameness, a fact Twilight secretly relished. The nibbles progressed lower along her well-brushed mane, which was more than likely shifting from brushed to anything but brushed. She could feel the warmth of the pony on top her, the breath coming in short, punctuated gasps as it progressed to her neck.

Shaking her mane loose, she pressed her head back against the pony on top of her. “What do you think you’re doing, Dashie? Can’t you see I’m studying here?” She did her best attempt at feigned annoyance. Well, as annoyed as anyone can be when someone is adoringly nipping at your neck. Her attempt at an aggravated look was completely betrayed by the smile plastered across her face.

The pegasus stopped, drew back, eliciting a small sigh from Twilight. A hint of the smallest pang of regret. Perhaps she shouldn’t have said anything. That book was incredibly boring after all. However, her regret melted as Rainbow, as reliable as ever, brought her muzzle down to Twilight’s ear, tickling it with her breath.

“Saving you,” she whispered, kissing the tip of Twilight’s ear ever so slightly.

Lost for a moment in the sensation of the kiss, Twilight nearly forgot the flirtatious “game” played between both ponies. If Dash got an inch, she’d take it and press for more until Twilight’s resolve turned to pudding in her hooves.

Steeling herself again, Twilight cleared her throat. “Saving me from what? I assure you what I’m studying is absolutely fascinating. This book covers the theory of micro-fissu--” She abruptly halted as Dash licked her ear again. Rainbow’s victory seemed certain today, and Twilight knew it was only a matter of time.

“Oh, sure,” Dash chuckled convincingly. “But I know what time it is. I can see it in your eyes. You always nap this time of day.” She nudged behind Twilight’s ear, running her muzzle through Twilight’s now tousled mane.

Twilight gave in, convincing herself this was for the best. Dash’s competitiveness blazed as strongly as ever in these matters, and this was one game she didn’t mind losing.

Sensing Twilight’s lowering resistance, Dash closed in for the kill. Opening her muzzle, she nipped Twilight’s neck. Twilight trembled, tensed, and subsequently melted into fits of pleasured gasps and slow, rhythmic breaths.

Taking a moment for recovery, Twilight rubs her neck against Dash’s muzzle. “So, what’s the score? Seventeen to four in your favor?”

Dash nips Twilight’s neck one more time. “More like twenty one to zero. Those four times you won were technicalities.” A mischievous grin played across her sky-blue muzzle.

Twilight giggled. Dash’s expectedly lightning-quick retorts always made her smile. “So, I suppose you want a victory prize of some sort?” Twilight’s query only toyed with what she already knew Dash’s suggestion would be, but she loved hearing it nonetheless.

Dash presses her muzzle into Twilight’s neck, breathing in deeply that sweet smell she loved so dearly. “You know exactly what I want, Twilight.”

Twilight felt herself blush. Even if the the incident rate for that was only five percent, it was enough to bring a rush of heat to her cheeks. “Dash...you know how I feel about that. It’s two in--”

Twilight never got to finish. Dash knew her too well. Before the sentence completed, Dash had slipped a foreleg under Twilight’s head, pulling it up, meeting her lips forcefully against Twilight’s own.

Oh, Celestia... Twilight’s thoughts buzzed as the the warmth of Dash’s lips mingled with her own, the slightest taste of sweetness trickling along her tongue as their tongues met. She had made a habit of counting the seconds Dash held kisses...but at this moment, that was the farthest thing from her mind.

An inscrutable amount of time passed before Dash pulled away, leaving Twilight gazing into those loving pools of magenta, her body aflutter with warmth. Dash smiled at her. “The consolation prize is just as good,” she said.

Twilight does her best to smile back, her cheeks ablaze. Forget studying, she thought.

“So, how about a snack?” Dash’s perky question interrupts Twilight’s euphoric daze quite handily. Dumbfounded at how Dash could transition so quickly from flirting to food, Twilight gapes wordlessly for a few seconds. As the pieces in her head click together, she feels Dash crawl off her back.

“Oh. Um....” Twilight stammers, her head still in a slight daze. “I think the fridge has some flowers and bread. You’re welcome to them if you like.” Mere seconds later, a frenetic clattering of plates, slamming fridge doors, and other miscellaneous noises heralds Dash’s return with a sandwich.

Twilight watches as Dash unceremoniously stuffs an entire sandwich half into her snout. After swallowing, Dash pushes the other half of the sandwich on the plate toward Twilight, grinning. “Thanks for the snack, Twi. I have to go practice my tricks now! I’ll see you later.”

In a smooth, fluid motion, Dash takes to the air, kissing the tip of Twilight’s horn on the way and zooming off through the same window she entered. The horn kiss momentarily dazed Twilight, and by the time she came to, all that remained was half a sandwich and her book.

Fully revitalized from her little study break, Twilight made a mental note to thank Rainbow later. The pegasus always showed up right when Twilight needed her somehow. Still, her studies beckoned. The book’s pea-soup of words grates against her brain like sandpaper. Groaning in disgust, Twilight face-plants into the tome spread before her.

At this point, Twilight wonders if it would have been so bad to raise that incident rate to 9.5 percent....

Thanks for reading everyone, as this is my first foray into My Little Pony fanfiction any comments and suggestions are appreciated. I’ll do my utmost to respond to them in turn. I’d like to thank my pre-reader/editor whom I love dearly for his work.