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Beetle the changeling

Pray that thy be given leave to hang thyself - Shakespeare, the roast master.


A romp through the multiverse with an adventurer armed with rudimentary knowledge of shapeshifting magic, mixed with random observations, (D&D's trolls are a good model of Rupert Sheldrake's theory of Morphic Resonance for instance) some pop culture references and cameos, and anyone he drags along for the ride. human tag as that is what our hero starts as... I own nothing in these storys other than OCs. all owners are famous enough to be recognized easily.

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I dont like it
You cant just mix everything with everything
I also dont like the spacing

Not everything with everything. I've only started out and for the most part, i'm mixing in mythology (not just the greek though, I want to be able to bring in wendigoes, kappas and the like ), and dnd elements with a few other bits thrown in sparingly. I just can't narrow down to specifics without leaving stuff out. I do appreciate your feedback though, and will work on my spacing.

They asked Vecna for help?

Well, then... TRINKET, ATTACK!

*a loud growl is heard*

sorry dude, but this story is a little confusing and the chapters seem small to me (perhaps due to the fact that I usually read from 5000 to 80,000 per chapter, but since this is a beginner first and you also wrote that you will increase the size) but this is not about that, although there are disadvantages (they are everywhere) this story is interesting (well, perhaps everything) and how do you (brackets) as well as the meaning of this commentary (after all, I did not understand it (there is this comment
P.S tight turns are super
P.S.Sthis comment has no semantic meaning

I appreciate all feedback. The length is due to varying amounts of time to write said chapters. .
The thing about the tree comes from one of the versions of the King Arthur legend where The lady of the lake courted Merlin, convinced him to share the secrets of his magic, and imprisoned him in a tree using those same secrets, though the type of tree varies. And our main character can get off topic easily. all brackets stuff that is the commentary to explain some of the more obscure mythology stuff, or give background info not immediately relevant, but still things I want you to know.

My apologies to anyone who took offense at the rickrolling, i only meant it as a joke, an not to offend anyone. The real link is at the bottom of the article.

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