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This story is a sequel to Legends of Equestria: The Long Road Back

Hello. It's nice of you to stop by on this quiet night. I imagine you're here to hear my story.

Well, my name is Stygian, and I was there during the Great Calamity all those years ago.

But I wasn't always a bard and a musician, telling heroic tales and travelling all the time.

I wasn't always a pony...

A side story in the Legends of Equestria timeline. Reading the other stories in the series is recommended in order to understand what is going on; https://www.fimfiction.net/group/215129/legends-of-equestria

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And Stygian's story begins :3

Great Calamity?

Wake up, Link.

Which Legends of Equestria story is the first one?

I'm not sure Link lives in our dimension (1218, if you're interested).

Jimmy has it linked there. All of the stories, and what order to read them in, are in the group attached in the description.

Indeed it is. Hard to believe it's nearly two years since that was published.

Thanks. Though what is the congratulations for?

I’m just happy for you. As an author, each story can be a big deal.

Thanks. How far have you got through this series as a whole?

The chronology is also very complex. I'd happily go into more detail in a PM if you'd like.

And so begins Stygian's journey :3

Bloody hell, you read that lot quickly!

Heh =3 Well Moonlight was online recently, so I had to made sure I provided it before Moonlight did. ^^

I can understand the logic behind that. I'm currently waiting on that.

I had ingested I had no idea. But still that voice continued.

I honestly why FIMFiction keeps doing the spacing like that.

I... had become one... with the darkness.

Oh snap.... O_O :pinkiegasp:

1. Where? Looks fine to me.

2. Indeed. Stygian can't catch a break, it seems.

1. It's probably just me, what with the format and all that. :twilightsheepish:

2. Yep.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

Surprised you didn't comment on Meadowbrook appearing.

"Ah'll never give up!" Meadowbrook shouted, sprinting at the entity, mask on and energy spewing from something or other. The entity just responded by firing an energy tendril at her, which pinned her in place.

-Happy sigh- Man.... where would MLP FIM be without Mage Meadowbrook though? (Even if she still didn't get any major roles after her debut season though. ^^'). <3 :heart:

Indeed. From memory, her only speaking appearance after season 7 was Rockhoof and a Hard Place.

The individual looked around inside. "Well," he said, in a thick Scottish accent, "I've arrived. Am I still in time for a drink?"

Excellent foreshadowing X3

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