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Hello there, everypony! My name is GamerBrony, everypony's favorite videomaking (and storywriting) pony!


Brony T. Pony has always hated celebrating the holidays, due to having to hear his parents arguing and later being too broke to actually celebrate the holidays. In order to combat the feeling of holiday joy, Brony decides to repeat the infamous "Hearth's Warming Eve Goo Powder Prank Incident". After he is caught and punished, Gallus agrees to stay with him. Wanting to learn the reasoning behind Brony's hatred for the holidays, Gallus seeks the help of Princess Luna who shows him and the rest of his friends what Brony had to go through.

Chapters (2)
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I think the real question Gallus should be asking your character, is what kind of dumb name for a pony is Brony T Pony? I know it's you've used it before. But that is the stupidest pony name I can remember hearing of in a long while.

His name was originally GamerBrony, but was later shortened to Brony just so it could sound less like a mouthful. Also, although I am using my OC for these stories, Brony and I have very different personalities. He’s standoffish and short-tempered while I consider myself to be calmer and more patient.

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