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We're in this together, right?


Twilight and her friends have just opened their school, and couldn't be happier. Little do they know, a villain from the dawn of Equestria has rose once again. Now, the friends must fight for their home, their family, their friendship. Now they must gather new allies. Sometimes, it takes a little more than friendship to defeat evil.

My first fiction! Takes place in an alternate universe where season nine never happened, and School Raze ended rather differently, with Cozy being reformed instead of being sent to Tarturus, and the EEA still against the school of friendship.

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Seen like a good story idea

Pretty interesting here.

Wonder how would the Royal Sisters(such as Luna) be handled here?
And Spike?

Thank you!
I'm hoping to add more of the sisters later in the story. This is the prologue, so the rest of the story will take place before this event, reach this point and continue.

Thanks. Hopefully the next chapter will be out soon.

Ok then.
Hope it doesn't end up being the sisters get taken out yet again.
Yeah.. still not feeling a bit well from how the series finale handled them.
Hurts a bunch for Luna's case..

I hear you. I wish they had a chance to do something back then.

The series finale made them look like failures.
Distracting the trio doesn't really fix issue that honestly.
Heck.. Luna suffers worse due to she lost a 1000 years of ruling, her track record is not fairing so good.
They sure ended their rules on pretty bad notes there..(and it being Discord's fault makes me want to get after him)

“What was that?” Stella squeaked, her voice reverberating throughout the dungeon where she was cowering.

Who’s Stella?

Her midnight blue mane was pulled back, with streaks of purple and magenta completing it.

What does it mean by pulled back?

The lavender mare sighed. “Listen. I can help. All I want to do is help you. My friends are already freeing the others. But we don’t have long before he finds out, please!” she said in a pleading voice.


Those training lessons weren’t so useless after all, she laughed to herself.

Training lessons?

As the thought crossed her mind, a posh voice spoke. “Thank goodness you’re alright darlings.” An alabaster unicorn with a glossy purple mane strode towards them, a young colt trailing behind her. She looked around. “Where’s pin…”

Who’s the colt? Also, When someone is getting interrupted I don’t think you put that.

Thanks for the advice.
I understand that the prologue is rather confusing, and hopefully most of the questions will be answered later in the story. I'm quite new to writing, so a lot of this wont make sense.

This is a pretty interesting story so far so basically the Shadows kidnapped couple of ponies including those two siblings that Twilight and her friends save I wonder what is going on and what is the Shadows want I guess we'll find out next time

Yep. Also, thanks for adding it to your favorites:pinkiehappy:

Takes place in an alternate universe where season nine never happened, and School Raze ended rather differently, with Cozy being reformed instead of being sent to Tarturus, and the EEA still against the school of friendship


Okay Just my opinion season 9 wasn't that bad sure there was some bad episodes and probably miss opportunity as well and to be honest there was no Bad seasons for me at least and towards the ending I liked it

I actually really liked season 9, and I enjoyed the final. I think that this story will better if happens post-eight though.

True they could have done it a little better

It is a really interesting idea, I cant wait to read more!
Side note-
It was a nice touch to add in some vague statements. It will make the readers ask questions and drive them crazy not knowing the answers. Keep writing 👍


Is this story going to continue on

I'm so sorry for not updating! I've been writing exams for the past month so things have been really busy. I finish in a few weeks, so the next update will probably be up in early December. I should have said something earlier, sorry for keeping you all waiting!

Oh ok I didn't know that and School is very important so I understand take your time

Thank you for understanding

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