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After the coronation of Twilight Sparkle, technological progress skyrocketed throughout the world, only helped by the discovery of a new kingdom of intelligent Deer to the far west, whose diesel-powered inventions revolutionized the modern world in a matter of years. Together, the scientist princess of Equestria and the Kralj of Cervinija have brought about a new golden age for the world.

It has been twenty years since her rule began, but, things are not as they seem under the surface. A secret conspiracy starts to rapidly unravel the world Twilight has built. The second-born son of Cervinija has died during a political meeting between the rulers of the world, an explosion killing him and the king of a unified gryphon kingdom, as well as critically wounding her and three more of the five alicorns ruling Equestria. Cervinija blames Equestria for the death of their prince and have declared war on it and its allies, bringing it's massive and industrial military to bear against the rest of the world.

Now it is up to Princess Flurry Heart, Prince Shining Armor, Royal Guard Captain Gallus, Luster Dawn, and the Equestrian Army to hold the line, and possibly put an end to the war before any more lives can be claimed.

This story is based off Iron Harvest and the Scythe Universe, of which I am a massive fan. Art of this story was done by the amazing Mix-Up, link to his accounts here;

Also, big thanks to my friend Yellow Jack, who helped me translate the language of the Deer into proper Croatian, so it flows properly instead of sounding like a google translate nightmare to any Croatian readers.

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Just found this before logging off, this, is a whole new frontier.

This story reminds me of EaW stories.
this is very interesting story, and in Croatian lines I understand shit about it xd.

Mix-up #3 · Saturday · · ·

Fun read dude, good world building and setup, can't wait to see when everything goes to hell and mech action beguine.

I'm hoping Twilight, Celestia & Luna survived the blast

A whole new frontier indeed. Let's hope it's a fun one though right? Hahah.

Perhaps surprisingly, EaW had little to do with this story. All original lol.
Also, I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by the second line.

I can't wait either lol.

They probably did... hopefully. :fluttershysad:

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