• Published 13th Oct 2020
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The End Rewritten - Frozen Feathers

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The next week passed in a blur for Sunset Shimmer. Her fellow students returned to school, but she couldn't bring herself to go back. On the surface, she believed it was because school simply didn't matter any more. She would be leaving and not returning to this world very soon. And yet, deep down, a bit of her panicked at the thought of returning to school. Sure, her name had been cleared of that stupid Anon-A-Miss business, but did everyone forgive her? What if they knew what she'd almost done? Even alone in her now barren bedroom, their pitying gazes burned the back of Sunset's neck.

Standing and shaking off her nerves, Sunset glanced around her room again. It was clean and barren, everything she'd be needing was tucked away into her backpack. Everything else was packed into neat boxes stacked against one wall. Some had scribbled words like 'Clothes' or 'books' scrawled across them. Others had names on them.

'Fluttershy' was a pretty large box. It was full of all her books on animals and nature, as well as her thick blankets and a few sweaters she thought the girl could use. Sunset laid a hand on the box, smiling gently to herself. If there was anyone she wished she could take with her, it was Fluttershy. Lowering her hand, her gaze shifted to the next box. 'Rarity' was written on this one. Slightly smaller than Fluttershy's, this one was full of all the clothes the pale girl had given her over the months, as well as a few other pieces she thought Rarity would enjoy. Sunset respected the way the girl had so selflessly apologized, fully admitting to her wrongs against Sunset. That was a good trait that would get her far in life. The next box was labelled 'Pinkie Pie' and was mostly full of any clothes she labelled as 'fun'. Aside from that, there was all of Sunset's scrapbooking materials. She figured if anyone could use them, it was the party girl. Finally, resting on the floor, were two small boxes labelled 'Rainbow' and 'AJ' respectively. Funnily enough she didn't have much to leave the two girls she had yet to really forgive. A pair of thick work gloves, a rainbow scarf, and a few shirts she thought the girls would wear.

To her closest friends from this world, she could only leave them bits of her past. Her future belonged to a different world now. Watching her alarm clock tick to 5 pm, Sunset knew it was time. Swinging her bag onto her shoulder, she left her bedroom for the last time without looking back.

Sunset approached the school. The sky was ablaze behind it, rendering the empty building in shades of purple and orange. The statue seemed to glow in the days dying rays, calling to Sunset like a siren. She walked to it and simply stared into the pale marble and watched the colors inside swirl, ready to carry her away. Hand lifting slowly, she was about to place a palm to the surface when a voice pulled her out of it.

"Sunset, stop!" a frail voice called, wavering with emotion. Sunset turned and watched the five girls approach. Fluttershy and Rarity were breathing heavily from running, but the other three stared at her with emotions ranging from fear to sorrow to anger. Sunset turned her body towards the girls fully, keeping herself between them and the portal.

"What do you think you're doing!?" shouted Rainbow, anger radiating from her words like poison. Sunset winced and Rarity placed her hand on Rainbow's shoulder, silencing her. The pale girl stepped forward instead, having recovered her breath.

"Sunset, darling... don't do this" she begged, gemstone eyes shining. Before Sunset could respond, Pinkie stepped forward and gingerly took one of Sunset's hands in her own.

"P-please, Sunny, you have to give us a chance to apologize. You have to let us make things better!" she wailed. Applejack stepped up as well.

"She's right, sugar. It ain't fair to just run and not let us make things right!" she urged in her southern drawl. Gaze hardening, Sunset pulled back her hand and took a step back towards the portal.

"I don't owe you anything," she spat. "And I certainly don't care about what's 'fair'." The venom in her voice made Fluttershy whimper and Sunset's heart clenched. She walked forward and held Fluttershy in a tight embrace as the girl cried into her shirt. "I'm sorry," she whispered into the pink locks. "I don't belong here." she continued, speaking up so the other girls could her her as well. "This isn't my world. I wasn't made to be... here!" Frustration laced her words as she was unable to tie together sentences the way she wanted to. "I want to go home." She finished, bone deep fatigue lacing her voice. A single tear dropped from her eye and landed in Fluttershy's hair before she stepped back, facing the portal again. "I want to go home." she stressed. Another step was taken and she was about to step into the swirling magics as something moved in her peripherals.

Dodging backwards, Sunset gripped the cerulean mass that had been launched at her and slammed the girl to the ground, twisting her arm behind her back. Rainbow let out a yelp, but continued to struggle against Sunset. Gritting her teeth, she turned her head so she could look at Sunset from one eye.

"If you think I'm just going to sit here and let you run away from this, you're damn mistaken!" she spat, still wriggling and trying to get free. Sighing, Sunset looked back at the other girls.

"I'm sorry," she said, rapidly releasing rainbow and shoving her back towards the other four as soon as she rose. "But you don't have a choice."

With those words, the five girls watched in horror as their friend, whom they'd hoped to make up with, was swallowed by the portal. Within seconds, she was gone from their sight and gone from their world.

Author's Note:

This chapter marks a turn in the story. It's just meant to get us from point A to point B, which is why it's so short and rushed. I hope you all liked it regardless. The next chapter is being worked on as this one goes live!