• Published 13th Oct 2020
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The End Rewritten - Frozen Feathers

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Sunset sat with her back against the cold marble of the statue outside Canterlot High that also just so happened to serve as a portal to an alternate dimension. She could feel the magics stirring within, pulling at some bit of her brain she hadn't used in years. She sighed slowly and twitched her head back, the marble giving off a hollow sounding thunk. After the mess that had been seeing her old friends, Sunset had originally set off to return to her home. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie had followed her for a bit, trying to get her to turn back and talk with them, but they both left her before long. Sunset had arrived at her apartment building and unlocked and swung open her door without second thought. Everything was exactly as she had left it. There was nothing there that should have scared her. And yet... the shadows clung heavy to the familiar room. Sunset stood frozen in the doorway, heart caught in her throat. The midday sun cast her shadow onto the hardwood floor in stark detail. Something in the pit of her stomach was screaming at her to leave, to go anywhere else. She listened and turned on her heel, slamming her door closed and taking off at a brisk pace.

She soon found herself back where it had all started, where she had first entered this world. The portal almost seemed to be mocking her, magic pulsating out of it at a steady rate. It set her teeth on edge and kept her heart rate high. Swallowing down her anxiety, Sunset stared at her namesake streaking across the sky. It would get dark soon. Really dark, not like the darkness back in Equestria. Here, the moon lit a pitch black sky. A solitary protector in a sky of nightmares. Grunting slightly, Sunset pushed herself to her feet and pulled her phone from her back pocket. Dozens of unread messages lit the screen, but she didn't open any of them.

Sunset ran a hand through her orange locks, stopping and forming a claw at the base of her skull. Frustration bubbled up in her chest, a rising tide she couldn't escape. Everything was too much. There was so much happening and she couldn't do anything about it! A few small tears traced their way down her flushed cheeks and she tried to remember the breathing techniques Doctor Heart had taught her. Part of her wished she could talk to the doctor about everything going on, but she knew that despite the façade she had put on, the woman didn't truly care about her problems. To her, Sunset was just another damaged kid that she'd get paid to haphazardly fix. Sunset fell into a crouch, hiding her face in her knees as her breaths grew sharper. She couldn't talk to any of her friends. Even of the three she was on speaking terms with, none of them would really get it. Maybe Fluttershy could sympathize with her anxiety, but that was where the similarities ended. And the worst part was, she had no one to blame but herself! She had caused all of these problems by being so weak! There were people with real problems in this world and-

A realization hit Sunset so suddenly she audibly gasped and jerked her head up. In THIS world. Her problems only really existed in this world. Her tan hand moved backwards, fingers grazing the cool metal. She bit her lip, pondering these implications. She would leave everything here behind. Her 'friends' would get on without her, that much was clear. And who gave a buck about school, in Equestria she would be a full grown woma- er, mare! She could continue her studies privately, get a decent job, and live a quiet, happy live in Equestria again. For the first time in a long time, her heart soared with hope. She wanted that. She wanted that so bad. Shakily, wiping her eyes, Sunset stood and dusted herself off. New determination glinted in her eyes. She only had a few days for this window, but she could wrap things up here by then. First things first, she had a princess to write to.

Sunset stormed into her apartment, her past fears forgotten in the face of her plan. Not bothering with a light in the main room, she tossed her jacket over the back of her couch and kicked her door shut in one motion before moving into her bedroom. She flicked on the light switch and flung her closet doors open. Shirts, jackets, and pants were flung over her shoulder as she searched in a craze for her book. Finally, her fingers grazed the (faux) leather and she eagerly pulled it into her lap, collapsing onto her bed. Dust plumed out around her from the disturbed sheets but she was too excited to notice.

Pen in hand, Sunset Shimmer scribbled out her whole story to Twilight. Okay, maybe not the WHOLE story, but enough for her to understand Sunset's desperation. She needed to go home, and she needed Twilight to understand that she needed to go home! Minutes passed in silence, save for the soft scratches of pen on paper. By the time she finished, she unfurled her back and groaned as it cracked. Looking over her message, she nodded to herself before closing the cover and watching the emblem of her own cutie mark on the front glow as her words were transferred across dimensions.

Standing anxiously, Sunset stared around her bedroom. She had been in such a hurry before, she hadn't taken the time to look around. Things were exactly as she'd left them on that night, save a few minor changes. Her bed had been made. Her desk had been tidied up. She supposed the girls had cleaned up a bit while she was in the hospital. She'd given them all emergency keys long ago. She gently smiled to herself as she ran a hand along the perfectly made bed. Fluttershy's idea, no doubt. Sunset was quickly pulled out of her thoughts as her stomach grumbled loudly. Eyeing the small book, she figured she'd have time to make food before Twilight would get back to her. With a small sigh, Sunset turned and walked back to her main apartment, door clicking shut behind her.

An hour later, Sunset walked back into her bedroom. She felt much better after eating. Slumping back onto her bed, she eyed the clock beside it. It was late. She should really be getting to sleep. In the middle of brushing her teeth, she heard the buzzing coming from her bedroom and practically flung herself across to the book resting on her orange sheets. It glowed and buzzed, a sure sign that a message was waiting for her. Sunset's hands shook slightly as she opened to the newest page. She'd been expecting a long message, but instead she watched with bated breath as lavender ink spilled across the page, forming two simple words.

Come home.

Author's Note:

WOwowowo I need to sleep lol. Sorry for the wait, I casually got like majorly depressed for a few months and didn't do anything productive. We stan quarentine <3 hope yall are doing well.