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uh isnt it Agumon?

Agh knew i got the spelling wrong ill fix it right away thanks

Question is is based on The anime and Does it have that then digidestined?

It will have things from the anime mostly(im using the manga and novels for power levels and extra lore and other stuff), and I do plan on at least one other digidestined showin up in the future probably more, all in all its gonna have things from all of digimon media even if anime stuff is the main source

I was excited to see a person actually upset about being kidnapped. And then you skipped it with Fluttershy. Who needs real relationships amiright? We got plot that needs getting to.
And look how docile and cooperative he immediately is after. He sure got over being kidnapped easily.

First chap dude, he litterly got magiced into calmning down he been told he is in a world being taken over by a powerful digimon, he is far from done over the kidnapping thing he just wasn't in a position to do anything but comply at that moment, there will be more pertaining to his kidnapping in chap 2

Okay, so long as it isnt just glossed over.
Thanks for letting me know. That makes me much more willing to give this story a chance.

Sorry i jumped on it, but its an annoying cliche of stories like this where a person is summoned to a new world, gets mad, then immediately accepts the situation and is best friends with everyone.

I completely understand, and relate with that feeling, I don't intend to let any juicy character conflict be glossed over

Nice. Fluttershy and Connor get some bonding time over the horrors of Skullmeramons invasion, and Twilight is the hidden antagonist/rival. Basically Vegeta. Prideful jerk who is technically on the protagonists side.

I wonder if we will run into AJ, Pinkie, Rainbow or Rarity anytime soon. And definitely Spike. Being an Agumon, Connor and Spike should definitely get along. At least until Spike finds out that Connor hurt Twilight.

Ye, hope you contiue to like my stuff

Ah, guess we cant have Agumon without Gabumon. Thats cool though. Garurumon is one of my favorites.

Yeah, he's pretty cool, he also fits due being tied to the crest of friendship

...wait, Applebloom should know what a burger is. Ponyville had a very popular burger joint. They sold hayburgers.

Also, i see the meld between Connor and Agumon is giving him some problems.

And poor Tsunomon. Twilight is treating him like an object instead of a person. Also, i just remembered. Tai was Courage and Matt was Friendship. So Tsunomon is perfect for the Princess of Friendship. Very nice.

Um...I guess? But I don't plan on doing that any crosses except maybe a "movie" special with a friend

Ah right, been awhile since I've seen the show so bound to be little continuity errors part of the reason I have the alt universe tag

This story is underrated.
It deserves more likes

Ah, okay, my bad. I didnt check the tags. In that case i wont mention any more
AU covers it.

You posted this right before mine about the same thing. Lol i feel like a dolt now.

well Twilight just lost any remaining sympathy from me

My editors agree with you lol

I mean She barelly had any left by this point but by the end of this chapter it was All Gone

She is gonna suffer in the future~

Screw you Fluttershy. He has every right to say all of that. You all just ripped him from his home, doing such a bad job that he likely can't go back ever again so he just lost EVERYTHING. So no you stupid stare should not work and now SHE IS HIS PARTNER.


Okay Twilight is very OOC in this. You have got to fix that.

Twilight is really getting bad in this and is the weakest part of the story

I am about to drop this simply because of Twight extreme OOC. You better explain or I am done and downvoting

The stare has stoped adult dragons in their tracks, connor is a 20 year old couch potato in the body of a baby dinosaur

Twilight has watched her whole world get flipped upside down over these past days, her mentor got her ass kicked, her freinds were practically useless, the element were destroyed like they were nothing, and her beloved ponyville is burned to the ground with 90 percent of its inhabitant dead, twilight does not take stuff like this very well just look at the mlp movie, she is in full panic mode and has regressed back to her season self, I plan for her to return to her usual self after an extensive charatar arc, but not yet I refuse to sweep trauma like this under the rug when I can use it to tell a interesting story

Then show it more and in that movie I HATED that part.

Dude....it has only been four chapters and Connor is the main focus right now ontop of Twilight not being that self aware, it will be adressed infact it already has been addressed Applejack litterly said that twilight has changed a lot in chap five, my point is these things take time and I can't shove it in untill its revelent which it isnt because twilight has reached her lowest, she will have her own focus chapters where her promblems will be the focus, and if you still think the most overactive mare alive is ooc after all Ive said, I point you to the alternate universe tag

the issue is starting her like that without explaining. I get Conner is the main focus and that is fine. but when you make a known character act completely different to who they are you need to explain why to people to believe it.

another author had an interesting story but killed it by making a world near canon but have the sisters willing to kill Applejack to they can have sex with the now only known male alicorn in their world. turned be off. at least you are hinting at something bad.

Twilight as is can turn people away from your story before you give the reason why. you have a good story here, but execution can screw it up. I want your story to be the best it can be and maybe some flash backs as she is dealing with her digimon.

You mean flash back like the scene where celestia shows skullmeramon easily defeating all of, or chapter two where fluttershy brings connor to cloudale which has become a relief camp, and her straight up saying ponyville is gone along with a few other towns? I don't know about you but thst feels like enough to explain why twilight is so off, Twilight does not deal with stress well and this is the most stress she's ever been under

Well Im sorry you feel that way, but Im going to write the fic the way I want to because its my fic and I want to grind the story flow to halt to address something that isn't relevant right now

Wow, it's almost like some people don't like to baby their readers or something.

because I have seen stories, stories with great potentiel screw it up with a dumb move.

How is him writing it like this a dumb move? I'm a editor, and I'll just say Twilights arc hasn't even started yet. The thing only has 5 chapters, be a little patient.

Stressed or not the fact that Twilight does care that she just kidnapped a person, destoryed their arm and caused them to be merged with another being so even if they had succeeded he can't go back to his home unless there is a way to undo it. Then her treating her own digimon like nothing after being shown to care for Spike is really jarring. I have read a story of Twilight goign dark and had a much better arc for her to get there.

so starting this fic with Twilight being a Dick openly is not only jarringly OOC but harms the story over all for people might decide they are done with this fic. and the fact no one, not even the princesses have called her out on this is very annoying. the idea of Twilight goign dark is sound but execution is key and there was a fumble here

To be frank... they have more important shit going on right now. They are at WAR with creatures that appeared out of nowhere. And twilight doesn't care for her digimon because she sees it as nothing but ones and zeros. And are we talking about the Same Twilight? The one who, under arguably less pressure, EXPLODES at her friends in really inopportune moments, how do you think a much more stressed twilight would act to a stranger? Right now all Twilight wants is to save the world she loves from this harmful 'programs' that are invading it.

Show Twilight never purposely harm anyone. Heck the closest was the movie and even then she would no doubt return the orb. Again a progression would be better.

Twilight not stressed is very willing to hurt people I don't know what you're talking about here.

I seem to remeber a certain fight with tirek that disproves that point

Tirek was an enemy so different there. Conner was supposed to be an ally.

Uh huh, well you know what they say about desperate times

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