• Published 12th Oct 2020
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Soldier in Equestria - robberrito

The soldier is a simple-minded man. He sees blue colors? He shoots. He sees bread? He teleports it. He is a man destined for combat and war. However, what happens when he is transported to a realm of peace? Chaos ensues.

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Recovery and Combat

The Soldier sprinted as hard as he could, putting the maximum amount of strength into each step. He was panting by now, having run harder than he ever had in his life. Combined with his weapons, the Soldier’s training did him good as he kept running despite his fatigue. However, his sprint was to be halted, as one of Soldier’s legs ran straight into a root. The result was the Soldier flying through the air and landing on his stomach, the air in his lungs knocked out of him. He was going to get up as fast as possible and continue his sprint but realized that he heard no sounds of any foot-er, hoofsteps behind him. Turning around, the Soldier saw no signs of the green pony that he had encountered in the alleyway. The Soldier’s face morphed from bright pink and terrified to a wide, stupid grin.

“Haha! I outran the evil robot hippie pony! You did well Soldier.” However, the Soldier’s grin was replaced with a small frown as he replayed the event in his mind. He had run away full speed and abandoned the mission after encountering a single enemy. He had screamed the entire way and tripped and fell on a root and left himself open for attack if the horse managed to keep up with him.

The Soldier really hoped no one saw that.

Even then, the Soldier thought he was justified in his actions. Gray Mann was notoriously cruel and would not hesitate to torture anyone for information or just because he wanted to torture someone. Now, the Soldier could handle torture, but combine torture with magic robot horses and you would have something much worse. He knew the capabilities of the wizard Merasmus and his humiliating spells. The Soldier could not handle that combination.

That’s surprising, considering Soldier’s pain resistance as well as his stubbornness. But mostly his stubbornness.

Finally having caught his breath, the Soldier walked into the safety of the forest, where he planned to spend most of his nights. It would serve as a headquarters of his operations and he could easily engage in guerrilla warfare. That way, he was mostly safe from retribution. The Soldier continued to walk forward, even as the sun went down and over the horizon, rather quickly might I add. Soldier wasn’t paying enough attention to know this, though.

The night grew as the day vanished. The forest seemed to transform into a nightmare in one’s head, as fog was present throughout the forest and eyesight was reduced. The trees seemed to loom over the Soldier as he wandered on a dirt path that he had noticed earlier. He had been following the path for hours now, and the Soldier was beginning to grow hungry. However, the Soldier was confident that something would show up to give him the food he needed.

To his credit, the Soldier was right.

Up ahead in the path, a large beast roamed into his sight. Minus the wings, it seemed to be a head taller than him. The beast was a sort of wild cat, the Soldier noted, only knowing this because of the pointy ears and whiskers. The beast’s claws were sharper than that of a buck knife, with one slash being able to kill the Soldier. Another thing to note was the scorpion tail. Its point was sharper than that of even the claws, reared back and ready to strike at any animal in the way.

The Soldier simply smiled his cruel smile, because unfortunately for the beast, the Soldier was not simply an animal.

The Soldier pulled out his rocket launcher and aimed directly at the beast. He pulled the trigger as quickly as he could. A large missile flew out of the barrel of the rocket launcher, flying at high speed toward the beast. Just in time, it blocked his shot with a strike from the scorpion tail, which took the brunt of the blast and was left mauled by the explosion. The beast roared out as its main source of pain-giving was rendered almost useless.

The Soldier had already reloaded his rocket launcher and was firing several missiles while circling around the beast as it recovered from the explosion. The beast had learned of the dangerousness of the rockets and jumped out of the way of the first one, which hit a tree behind it. The second rocket almost collided with it as the Soldier had predicted it would move out of the way of the first one, but this too was dodged by the beast. The third blast had hit the ground a few meters from the beast, and it suffered a serious injury as it exploded. The beast roared in pain and turned toward the Soldier as he was reloading. The beast put two and two together and knew the Soldier was putting more of the flying things in the strange tube. The beast jumped at the Soldier, wanting to stop him from getting his wish of killing the beast with his rocket launcher.

The Soldier noticed the beast jumping at him and knew he did not have the time to reload his rocket launcher. He quickly threw it away in front of him and jumped backward, barely dodging the large beast. The Soldier quickly pulled out his shotgun and aimed it at the beast in a split second. The Soldier unloaded all six shots into the pile of fur that was the beast. After the sixth shot, the beast fell to the floor of the forest and released its last breath. The beast had been slain.

The Soldier was happy. He had been given a good fight and now he had a good meal. The Soldier grabbed his rocket launcher off the floor and put four rockets into the chamber. He fired it directly into a tree and watched as it fell down. The Soldier grabbed his Escape Plan and began chipping at the tree.

Twilight was standing on her new porch, currently listening to the sounds of explosions emanating from the Everfree. Twilight had never heard them before, which upset her greatly. They were not the result of high-level combat spells, she would have recognized the sound. Of course, Lyra had informed her earlier of some sort of monkey in red clothes in an alleyway, but how could a monkey make explosions? After thinking on this, Twilight decided that she would include this information in her first friendship report, just as a warning.

She had no idea who she was dealing with.

Author's Note:

This was fun to make! Feels a little rushed though. I’m going to work on this chapter more later.