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Sunlight Rays

Love is Love, Pride is Pride, People is People. Be who you are, for there are no wrong answers in who you want to be.



This is where I will be posting my unfinished entries for writing contests or scrapped drafts that were canceled while being written.

These drafts will be given 0 edits whatsoever, so bear that in mind when reading.

For now, drafts and entries that I have no intentions of expanding into a story will be added here. That means that chapters will be added or even deleted from this collection.

EDIT: entries that have been expanded into complete stories will also be added to this list (02.11.2020.)

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That’s... that’s a very, very different way of looking at it.

It is, ain't it? Thanks for the favorite, by the way!

It's no problem at all. Great story, Sunlight!

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