Rarity disappeared years ago. Rainbow never got the full story. No one wanted to talk about it. Painful memories, bits and pieces of half-remembered interactions, none of it told her anything. So she started looking on her own, and at long last, she found Rarity.

On a different continent, under a different name, with a different life.

Rainbow would like to know why.

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Different continent, Lake City, Griffonia huh? For whatever reason I'm thinking of EaW. But I've only just started reading.

Out of curiosity, is it being drawn from for inspiration, or do you contribute to the mod?

TBH i hated the writing for Lake City. Author of that nation was a hack.

But also Cyneeeeee i love this piece so much. Holy shit it's so good.

You'd be correct, it borrows Geography and place names from the Equestria at War world.

clearly is it necessary to have big enter spaces?

Oooh very good. Nice work!

No, but it used to be in order for FiMFic not to ruin everything, and to be perfectly honest, it doesn't matter at all.

It had seemed simple, hadn’t it? Take a few months of sabbatical, her first real true vacation from the Wonderbolts in years, and then just keep flying east until she hit land. Her information was good and her wings were strong, and that seemed like enough when she set off from Canterlot. It had seemed so simple when she dreamed it all up.

I can think of another East Horse who thinks the same way, my girl.

Rainbow found herself perturbed by the way Rarity spoke about her marriage. She would bring it up with a casual air, as if her husband was an acquaintance. She noted that he wasn’t present, either. But there wasn’t a nice way to ask if your estranged friend had entered a loveless marriage, was there? It just wasn’t something you could ask politely.

God no.

Rainbow gestured around them. “These lights don’t just light up on their own. You made them light up at this time every night, right? You made that decision. You had agency. That’s what Twilight used to call it. I know you don’t like her, you have beef, just let me finish. You have that agency to act and to push back at the world. You have to pursue others to be pursued. You have to be a part of it all or it will never come to you. People will stop talking to you if you never talk first. We can’t live with hollow dolls when we’re all craving other ponies to know.”

Oh man, this is good. Like...really good. I should tell this to people I know.

“I suppose we are,” she admitted, and they couldn’t help smile in the lantern light, and Rainbow thanked whatever gods ponies had forgotten that she’d see no more statues that night, if she could help it, with her own eyes or in Rarity’s face.

Aw, Rainbow you loveable idiot.

This was great! Depressing, but showed that maybe friendship is well worth all the pain and strangeness of the world.

As I read this, I was half-way expecting to find that the statues were made via "magical means". That Rarity wasn't just gone in the physical sense but the mental sense as well. This whole story has certain psychological undertones that are very disconcerting like in ColdinGardez's "The Book of Might have Beens" is there any chance of there being a sequel on what happens to RD? or perhaps a prequel that explains how things went down in the first place because I get a distinct feeling that Rarity for all she said out loud, had all that much more that was unsaid, or what she did say was filled with half-truths.
One final thing, I might suggest changing the cover art because I, before reading, thought that Rarity might have gone back in time or something. I'm not disappointed by any means, and this is just an idle suggestion. I'm definitely adding this to my library.

I am hesitatn about this advice because... it's so complicated, you know? Because I do genuinely believe that social interaction is inherently unfair. Yeah, some people have to do all the work all the time or everyone will drop them. I don't feel like I can admonish everyone the same, but sometimes I look at someone else and I'm like, kid you just need to text a friend or three and ask if they wanna watch anime and you will realize people love you.

But sometimes... that's also true, but with the added caveat that sometimes... sometimes people don't reach out ever and you do have to do too much work, and that can also mean something. People are always so hard to suss out.

IT's just a bit of playful creepiness combined with the earlier association of Rarity=statue, cold and alienated from Rainbow Dash, who finds the statues offputting. Gardez also likes to play Euchre with backgrounds sometimes, so it's not surprising--spooky magical statues sounds exactly like something he would do.

This was nice. Any chance for an Epilogue?

Griffonia Laid in ruin, The massive stones and Flames of Doom had reduced the kingdom to ashen death and despair.

:rainbowhuh: I was the what?
:twilightsmile: Catalyst . Welcome to the Republic
:rainbowderp: and . . .
:twilightblush: Spikes army of invincible living flying tanks did the rest.
:raritycry: Ha ate my husband!
:moustache: I only chewed him , I could smell his disease so I spit him through the palace walls
:pinkiehappy: 🎼 WELLCOME TO THE HOTEL GRIFFONIA 🎶 What a lovely place - Such a chewed up face...
:facehoof: Pinkie we're in the middle of Palace thingies now
:moustache: all this time and you never wrote
:twilightangry2: Can I please finish this conquering business?

This story had an incredible amount of hard truth, about life and friendship. Most importantly, was the lesson that friends never truly give up on each other and love each other no matter what.

That is part of the magic of friendship.

This story was hard to read because it was filled with pain. But is was beautiful to read, as well to see that it is worth sacrificing everything for to let your friend know you care.

This was wonderful, Cyne. Thank you.

Rarity smiled, genuinely smiled. “Still reading, then. You know, that was a nice little change. You really opened up a lot back then, didn’t you? A true three dimensional mare. I feel like we all did, for awhile, before devolving back to form.”
I caught that little meta dig.

watch real people naked and having sex
no hooves
LEL, this bot has no idea who we are.

If Twilight is still holding on to such a tedious grudge, than perhaps Rainbow Dash is better to seek employment elsewhere. She should like to start again.

I'm a bit confused on the timeline here, though. I'd guess the ponies were mid-twenties to late-twenties by the end of Ending of the End, and the events described between here and there seem like they must have taken twenty years or more, so RD would be pushing fifty and still in the field? That just seems weird.
Rarity would make a good Evita, though.

That was good.
In the end i see "old" Rarity is still here.

Man, this was so hard to read, in a good way I mean. Seeing Rarity go done this lonely path and hearing about the mane six becoming distant in such a way is so damn sad.
Excellent read though, and the twist of Rainbow throwing away the wonderbolts was a heck of a gut punch

Excellent writing, once again!
In this story, Rarity learns that while you can run away from your home and business, your friends, even your name... you can't run away from yourself.

Formerly successful business owner faces crippling amounts of ill repute and poor profit sequesters herself off to another continent and adopts a new identity and lifestyle still held in place by the unforgettable memory of who she once was and is found out by an old loyal friend... sounds like a late 1800s to early 1900s story idea.

Coy remarks aside, this was tough to read, but in a good way. As someone else pointed out, this story bleeds pain and loneliness, but in a way that seems to speak of grace and concern for the subject. Well done.

A very nice story. Love the Equestria at War references but I also like how you kept it close to the show. Also Rarity and Rainbow Dash are very well written and you made their actions look believable.

But there wasn’t a nice way to ask if your estranged friend had entered a loveless marriage, was there? It just wasn’t something you could ask politely.

Counterpoint: This is Rainbow Dash.

Magnificent work. Crashing face-first into an edifice of protective cynicism and sending the whole thing plummeting to earth is such a quintessentially Dash move. Not that Rarity doesn't have some points about the harsh realities of the world... but Dash has just as many on how that kind of decline into despair and disgrace is a lot less inevitable than it seems. Thank you for a brilliant read.

This is actually a really sad story. Poor Rarity and Rainbow.

I should start by saying, the fact that I read to the end of your story and bothered to comment on it is, in this case at least, an overall positive review.

I'm (also) sending this as a PM because I can search for PMs in fimfiction.net, and I can't search for comments on stories.

I start with proofreading, because it is the least subjective sort of comment.

"Their entrancing.” (they're)

"You, the Fool, like the Tarot, cuts to the heart of the matter.”
The subject of the sentence is YOU, and the verb is CUT, not cuts.

NOT proofreading:

All the rest of this is subjective.

I agree with a commenter who said they expected the statues to have been made by magical means (maybe "Rainbow! Don't go into the horror movie cellar! :twilightsmile: ) But when Chekhov's gun sits there on the mantel showing everyone its potential to go off, and at the end of the third act it turns out to probably be a detailed replica? Just by sitting there exhibiting a threat and influencing the atmosphere, it's still gone off in a metaphorical sense.

“How long will you count, Rainbow Dash? I’ve not made it very far. Who could? Or, really, who would? Maybe you would.”

I feel like this is supposed to have, or ought to have, some kind of presumably deep and profound significance, and I'm not seeing it, and I'm not sure it's really there. That's just my reaction at the moment that I read it and typed this, though. It might not even be what I would think on most other days! :twilightsmile:

It was a riveting read.

Rarity's struggles feel very real, and they made me reflect on my own choices in life. I find her refusal to lead "a life for worms" and going to great lengths to avoid it particularly thought-provoking.

However, I feel the fact that Rainbow Dash is the protagonist undermines the message of the story somewhat. As the element of loyalty, she is exceptional in this regard. There is no general lesson to take away from her behavior.


EaW references, nice.
Also, this is a great story. Life is messy and gritty, and this story captured that feeling well.

On the contrary, I would say that Dash being exceptional helps make the point.

Silver Quill, when discussing the Warrior archetype, had a point that I think is relevant.

"We all need a little bit of Reinhardt's madness."

he was talking about Reinhardt, from Overwatch, and specifically referring to the mad idea that the world can actually be made a better place if we put some damned effort into it.

Rainbow's is that however badly things might have gone, connection to others is worth anything. And, when she realized that Rarity might have nopony, she risked cutting herself off from everyone she'd known and cared about just to make sure that she was okay, before doing everything she could to offer Rarity a lifeline, to push her to make a connection that mattered, to dare to try being happy, living, rather than merely surviving.

We all need a little bit of Rainbow's madness. The mad, beautiful idea that, just maybe, we're all worth the effort to at least try saving.

That's my take, at least. I'm mostly just glad we didn't discover that Rarity's husband was actually part cockatrice.

Man i love this. It’s rare to see stories that talk about the power of friendship and believing in reaching out to each other in a mature fashion. It seems like a huge number of “deep” stories are really just cynical.

Like a breath of fresh air.

I couldn't put this story down and had to read it all the way through without stopping.

It really hit the mark with the commentary on growing older, and apart from those who used to be friends but are now acquaintances, or completely disappeared.

Loved it :)

I fully admit I live with the author and thus have some extra insight (read: picking my partner's brain), but:

Worth noting for the reader that maybe Rarity's emphasis on personal appearance, position above society, and distance from others has something to do with the sudden affinity for sculpture. Also there's something interesting about the fact that after being cut off or leaving behind all of her old relationships, Rarity is surrounded by statues.

In other words, they're emphasized less for plot relevance and more for thematic and symbolic reference. Rarity's life has become like the statue garden.

This is so wholesome, and I love it so much.

Interesting. The characterizations in this are really good, as is the choice of characters.

Incredible prose. I think I need to lie down.

I was expecting a time travel story based on the front cover.
Instead, I got a fascinating read on how people change and how some things stay constant.

Definitely going into my favorites.

You show us a mare and a world nothing like the ones we thought we knew, yet at the same time it’s like going back to S1. Age changes us all, yet we can never escape our past selves no matter how far we run. Great writing here. Made me think.

Exceedingly well written. Would give it two thumbs up if I could (personally I think one should be limited to say 5-10% double plusses but they should be allowed -- maybe another category). Will there be a sequel to this?

Good, though the formatting is a bit odd and there's occasionally lines missing between paragraphs.

This was a really good story, demonstrating how sometimes things just don't go well as you grow older and friendships fall apart and you fall into ennui. It was sad seeing the state Rarity fell into, but the way you described it made it make a lot of sense. I noticed some timeline details meant this can't fit into series continuity (Rainbow telling Rarity that Twilight's fully in charge like she wasn't there for that), which allowed you leeway in how character relationships formed, and fell apart, in a way that still felt realistic for them, even if on the pessimistic end.

I admit I too wondered if there was something magic about the statues, though I wondered if Rarity was actually turning ponies to stone.

I suppose Loyalty and Generosity are still in there, somewhere. Changed, perhaps, but at their cores they are still there all the same.

“Don’t be surprised,” Rarity said, voice almost musical. “It’s an enchantment set to let the fairy lights all wake up together. Pay it no mind. Well, unless you wish. Don’t look too long. Their entrancing.”

This should be they’re.

You’re a fool, that doesn’t mean that you’re dense. You know what I mean. I don’t mean actual running.

I could read your character conversations forever, you know. This is no exception. 🖤

10472882 I wasn’t able to find any lines that were missing when I read through. Where did you see them?


She accepted the cider and took a drink. “Good,” she said, taking a breath. “It’s not Sweet Acres, but it’s good.”


Rainbow found herself perturbed by the way Rarity spoke about her marriage. She would bring it up with a casual air, as if her husband was an acquaintance. She noted that he wasn’t present, either. But there wasn’t a nice way to ask if your estranged friend had entered a loveless marriage, was there? It just wasn’t something you could ask politely.

and here

“That’s… worrying. Are you safe here?”

(some above and some below)

Very good story and very well done. I always enjoy these sort of bittersweet stories; there's something about finding a spark of happiness in a sea of despair that really tickles my fancy just the right way. I can only hope that things work out for Rainbow and Rarity here... and maybe the rest of their estranged friends, too.

Very nice. Any sequel planned?

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