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i'll get away with it, too

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they were just usually fueled with eternal rage

yep thats me. still am but i found a good outlet for it.

As a pit veteran, I will be following with Great interest. And yes, that includes Denny's!! :pinkiegasp:

God this sets off memories.

I remember when I first got into the restaurant industry 2 years ago as a busboy. We had this tall skinny old black dude on dish. Anytime he saw he’d say ‘What’s up big man’ or big dog, big fella big chief. Big anything.

Fucking awesome dude. Now now I’ve been on the line for a year.

As a guy who has to wash 50 baking trays by hand at work everyday (damn you, dishwasher that's been broken for six months), I wish I was working in magical horse land instead. Sounds so much nicer.

i feel your pain too brotha i wash those baking trays by hand some times and i'm so fucking glad my dishwashing machine is not broken

moving to the line is a monumental achievement, try to hold on to it as you are getting through the chaos of the planet

the second you get out of the kitchen, stay out and get a comfy job where you install adobe acrobat

my dry, cut, fingerprintless and cold hands salute you

just you wait, the second anon explains birth it all goes downhill from there

I love that I found this....
looking forward to the next chapter.

A ''Slice of Life'' tag might be fitting here.

PS: you are featured buddy!

I like this story.

It's not intense or anything.

It's nice.


Is washing dishes, wholesome?

Haha wow

"The dishes beckon, and I am their reckoning."

Fun fact.

There are 342 you's in this chapter out of 4098 words.

I would say this story is satisfying. Doing a job well and having a story unfold around it. Satisfying. Can’t wait for more though.

Hmm, so it technically falls under the definition of wholesome. Which oxford defines as "conducive to or suggestive of good health and physical well-being." So I putting it in the wholesome area

slice of life, huh? even though i plan on taking this story further than that, would you think it's a good idea to put it on anyways?

I mean, it depends on how further you go.

Does he go and heroically wash dishes against an enemy? Is there nothing other than dishwashing and his day to day interactions?

If the both is answered yes, then it's technically still a slice of life., if the former only, then... adventure? And if the latter only, it's definitely slice of life


Yea I graduated college back in May, but with corona and the economy being so uncertain right now ive been sitting tight. Plus I got a raise from 10 to 12 an hour so

This is great, please make more of this!

So will there be lore behind why ponies hate dishes? Or is it just common sense and their hooves smash ceramics all the time?

"I dunno, man. I'm built different." you reply.

Dishwashers always are man

there is lore, in this story i'll go further in depth to the childishness of pones

And here I am now imagining ponies having to wear the equivalent of waders just to handle dishes in that horrible, horrible hot water.

No wonder dishwashing is hard in Equestria.

Er hat nur wissen, wann dieser süße Payday ist.

8 out of ten Iron crosses from me with an Order Of The Black Eagle.

I would like more, this is very well written.

Is the payday thing a bit about him having brain damage or what? When I worked pit I counted the seconds until that sweet minimum wage pay. :fluttercry:

This story seems like Red Eye from Fallour 4 would tell lol

Anyways, this is a funny story. Please keep it coming.

"The dishes beckon, and I am their reckoning."

Scrub and clean. Until it is done.

Oh goodness! This is brilliant! :rainbowlaugh:

The dinner rush came and went, and you were never backed up for a single minute. It's a Friday, for Christ's sake! There should have been much more trouble than this,

I felt that, i am a busser and dish washer tho sunday mornings are worse

"When's payday?"

Is he messing with them, or does he really have something going for him, that will be explained at a later time?

Anon is simply built different normal ponies anonistheembodimentofagoodworker

Definitely digging this story! Love Anon's character, his way of speaking, and his outlook on things so far! Fav!

Inb4 Anon levels up to world renowned dishwasher working at the royal kitchens.

This is delightfully silly. Do go on.

Ohh jeez, I think I would go crazy if this is the company I would have!

damn. the warning signs are there and everyone is just laughing... hes been asking when is payday cause he already lost his mind to the dishes ages ago. Ive done restaurant work. its mind numbing. Anon should really go to that doctor though.

"You must have a bunch of dishwashing experts from where you're from!" yellow serverhorse says with a smile. She's not wrong, in fact, where you're from, while dishwashing was high turnover, there was always someone willing to do it. They weren't experts by any means, they were just usually fueled with eternal rage and a metric shit ton of cocaine.

... I lost it about here:rainbowlaugh:

In the first restaurtant, at the first sink, when the hoses first lenghtened, one stood. Scalded by the waters of Dinny's and cleaned beyond filth, his hands frothed by the suds of hell, he chose the path of perpetual scrubbing. In his ravenous cleansing he found no specks; and with bubbling soap he scoured the luncheon plates seeking healthy shines against the spoons that splashed him. He wore the crown of Dinny's employees, and those that tasted the bite of his soap named him... The Dishslayer.

Ha. The writing could use some real elbow grease but it's a good read.

Honestly, you don't see enough stories that cover the 'Kinderpony' universe. Mostly because it's a pitiful thing to write I'd imagine, but boy the gems that are found can be pretty smooth like this one. I wonder how these ponies would respond to a workaholic...

"You must have a bunch of dishwashing experts from where you're from!" yellow serverhorse says with a smile. She's not wrong, in fact, where you're from, while dishwashing was high turnover, there was always someone willing to do it. They weren't experts by any means, they were just usually fueled with eternal rage and a metric shit ton of cocaine.

I'm actually employed as a dishwasher right now. About a year and a half at where I am and probably the best job I've had so far. Actually get help from people when I need it instead of being left to sit in the back of the struggle bus. Two rack dish machine with sprayer and triple sink with two faucets. Living the life. If only that triple sink fit full sized sheet pans I'd be golden.

I've gained a reputation/legend about me though. I'm the dishwasher that doesn't get wet. Others have soaked fronts and aprons while I'm hardly damp at worst. I've told many my secret. It's anger and hatred. It's actually angling the plate and spraying the water away from you, you damn fools!

Yea, I like my water on the hotter side for the sprayer. I don't think I have the cold side on at all now that I think about it. New sprayer handle isn't as good as the old one so heat does transfer a lot more. Gonna end up cooking my hand one day probably.

Yellow server mare has competition in the form of the tailgater. She doesn't want to go around Anon cuz she won't get to see his arse otherwise. Yellow does need to get a mop for all that "water" she keeps sending to the floor though. Slip and fall hazard ya know.

Door frames are my bane at being 6'2" (anything ceiling fan-ish too) but worst I've had is knocking the side of my head on the big ass Hobart floor mixer's attachment point. Tryin to get the bowl mounted back on the arms and went to check the other side. Almost brought a tear to my eye on that one.

On one hand asking when’s payday all the time could be a silly trolly Anon joke thing. But imagine for a moment it’s not. It would be so sad but so wholesome if the ponies found out Anon just doesn’t have good memory.

There are a good number of kinderpony stories on the /mlp/ board on 4chan. In fact, this story was originally written on there before it was put here. You should check it out.
>t. Kinderquestria writefag

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