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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.


In October of Celestia knows what year, six young changelings (actually seven changelings but who cares?) made the audacious decision to film a found footage movie to celebrate their first Nightmare Night.

This is their story.

A “Meet The Change Gang” side story.

Co-written by MlpHero.

Happy Halloween.

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That is a lot of dialog.

Heheheh! Oh, this was fun to write with you!

Right back at ya! Thank you so much for doing it with me!

Of course, buddy!:yay:

Great Halloween story! I love it, and the ending's really funny!

“Wait…” Flutterwings looked down at her costume. “Why do we need costumes again?”

I was just about to ask that! :rainbowlaugh:

Wonderbolt (but with black instead of blue)

Shadow bolt?... ya'know, I haven't seen many shadowbolts appear prominently in 'ling stories. One comes to mind about the red hive but I can't remember the name.

sugary and diabetic town called ‘Ponyville’.”

If you can't handle it, then YOU'RE the diabetic....... wait, a... diabetic changeling..... hm, thats terrible... sorry honey, I can't spend any more time with you right now or ill DIE!

I read this after I just woke up, I didn't question it untill near the end.

Halloween's best holiday. This early spoopybug treat was lovely. It'll tide me over until the fall holiday begins.

Glad you enjoyed it!

It was actually written a day before Halloween 2020, actually.

I was not expecting a crossover!:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

I didn’t know you read Blue Fang

What can i say I'm a sucker for changeling stories.:twilightsmile:

Really? Awesome. So am I. :yay:

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