• Published 1st Nov 2020
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Halloween special featuring James Jr Kallacity - Here for the Gold Skies

Immerse yourself in the childhood memories of Little James thanks to this special halloween episode.

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1. A ghost story

The sun had just set, the only source of heat and light was no longer only darkness was queen and it is in this ocean of darkness that the creatures of evil come out at night to cause desolation and misfortune on the land of Equestria .

What is happening? little demons emerge from the bowels of the earth, from the shadows herself and rush on the homes of the brave people of Equestria and he abates their claws on their doors screaming heresy ...

"Tricks or Treats"

Or it's Halloween, the second favorite days of the children's of ponyville after Christmas

The children rush to the doors to receive the sweets, they were disguised as mummies, vampires, werewolf, confederate soldier .... princess. The simple pumpkin turned into a terrible Jack'O lantern, all having fun.

"Come everybody, the ball is going to start yeah," said a two-meter tall man, built like a Church disguised as a little angel, this man was Bulk bicept

"Wow, the ball."
"I love ball."
" You love mine too," Said a Spike Drake dress like a Hank from Doctor Quinn.
" I hope Pinkie Pie will dance with me." say his friends with yellow and black hair who was dress like The Lone Ranger.

all have fun but let's move away from this small hamlet because in the distance a light shines, we quickly approach.
This glow was that of a campfire, lit by a character well known to all.

"Oh hi everyone I haven't seen you, how are you."

No answer

"I introduce myself, I'm James Jr Kallacity and yes from the terrible Kallacity family but don't be afraid I'm not like them... I don't take orphans, hostage ..."

James then turned his head and looked at ponyville where the party took place.

"Hmm, they seem to be having a good time, I would go to the party too but I can't, wanted to know why?

No answer

"Because if I go back there they execute me on the spot, fun no ... But hey today is Halloween, we tell scary stories, we eat candy, we dig up the dead and steal their jewel and darling stories I have tons of them so let good old James tell you a story, a ghost story, so hang on for this special Halloween episode. "

Thunder noise

"It all started on Halloween day when I was 6 years old."


Little James alone in the dark.

"Mommy ... Daddy .... big sisters where are you? ... Oh no I'm still all alone, daddy said I shouldn't be all alone, especially on Halloween, Nashandra said ... that ... that there were a lot of ghosts and monsters that would devour me and use my soul as chewing gum ... and then she hit me and plunged my head into a pumpkin.

Meanwhile at the Kallacity family home, James Sr. takes care of carving the pumpkins as the girls finish dressing up for the traditional Halloween bank robbery.

"Girls, where is your brother, normally he is always with me when I carve the pumpkins."

"I took him far into the desert and told him not to move or the ghosts would devour him."

"Hahaha, your the best Nashandra."


" What was that?"

"It's nothing, your father just pass out."

Back to James still lost in the dark

"My feet hurt, I'm tired of walking, I'm hungry but the worst of all ... it's Halloween and I have no costume, I wanted to be disguised as my grandpa.

Little James then started running around imitating his grandpa.

"I'm Solomon Kallacity, I'm very mean, put all the money in the bag or say goodbye to all your little teeth, bang bang bang hihihi .... uh what's that noise"

little James heard music.

"Quick, let's follow the music, it will lead me to safety.

The music was coming from 'a dilapidated mansion, far in the depths of the desert but strangely a 15-minute walk from Ponyville, don't ask me why it's the logic of old buildings that stinks of the supernatural, it was said that this mansion once was the residence of a family who came to town only on Lord's Day and then one sad day the Church caught fire ... with the family still inside.

Since that day, it is said that this house would be haunted by the ghosts of the family. The children have fun with the one who will stay the longest indoors while the adults, they often organize small secret parties where they indulge in strange games.

Little James spotted the mansion.

"Oh, the big house is scary, but I have to be brave like my grandpa and after all ghosts don't live in houses ... right."

Little James continued on his way and the music was getting louder and louder.

Meanwhile, in the mansion, it was a party, all drink, eat, dance to the music, then a man dressed in a black and white suit striped up and down with a bat-shaped bow tie and wearing a skeleton mask interrupted the music.

"My dear friends, it is almost time for the ritual so, let's get ready to call in the forces of the world ... bring the ouija boards."

everyone in the room jumped with joy.

"Oh yes, I love this game."
"I hope I see ghosts."

Guests extinguish all lights except for a circle of candles around the master of ceremonies. This one then started the game.

"On the darkest night and all the demons in hell, are there any ghosts tonight?

There was silence for 30 seconds, then the board moved towards "yes". Everyone was impressed

"I'm scared, honey"

Then the master resumed.

"If you are really there, give a sign ..." The master thought for a moment...

"Knock on the door three times."

5 minutes earlier

"Pff ... Pff"

Little James was all panting from his way, but he had finally arrived in front of the mansion but oddly there was no more music.

"Weird, I think I heard music ... unless it was ghosts ..... Ghosts who played music to attract me to devour me raw ... No ghosts pass through the walls, then they cannot hold a musical instrument since they are all soft ... Come on, James is not the time to go into explanations that question the entire scientific, supernatural and religious structure ."

James smile

"Well ... it's time to knock on the door."

At the same time.

"Knock on the door three times."

( softly) knock knock knock

Nothing happened because James probably hadn't hit hard enough.

"Did you hear something?"
" No and you?"

The master of ceremonies started again.

"If you are really there, give a sign!"

James outside

"They probably didn't hear me, I'm starting over."

(softly) knock, knock, knock

Still, nothing was happening and some of the guests were starting to get bored.

"I'm bored honey, where are the ghosts."
"I don't know my sweet, maybe they got lost.

“This is the last call ... if you're there .... KNOCK 3 TIMES ON THE DOOR.

James outside, who was also losing patience, picked up an old wooden plank from the manor and hit the door with it.

"This time they will hear me!"



In the room all stiffen with fear, because all had heard the 3 knockings, all turned to the master who also sweats profusely.

"It ... It seems that .... a spirit ... is ... is among us tonight." The master was struggling to articulate.

"A real spirit?"
"Impossible, it defies the very reason for existence."
"I just pee myself."

"Keep calm, my friends, keep calm ... that was without the wind and POF.

In his haste, the master dropped a crystal ball from the table where he was handling the ouija board. It rolled and ended up stopping at the foot of little James who had ended up entering the mansion.

"You knocked that off."

James picked it up and handed it back to the master shocked to see him.

"Uh ... I'm sorry, I walked in .... did you hear me hit this time?

All were shocked to see a child here, all whispered

"Is he really a spirit?"
"No, I think he's just a lost kid."

Little James looked at them and asked.

"What are you doing here," James asked before noticing the Ouija board.

"Oh, what is this board for, it's funny, it's all scribbled ... OH a smaller board," he said with liveliness and curiosity.

The master who did not have only his business to take care of a kid answered him by wanting to scare.

"It's to summon ghosts and other poltergeists." Did he say so much while moving his hands.

James was scared, making the world around him laugh, he trembled and asked the master.

"But ... but whose ghosts?"

The master smirked and said to little James.

(Explanations like a book illustration.)

"Do you see my child, before here lived an old family reclusive from the world, nobody knew who they were or where they came from, we only saw this family on the Lord's Day, many rumors circulated around them saying that 'he practices witchcraft and other macabre art?. "

Little James was more and more afraid, but the master continued.

"So to punish them for their sins, when the day of the Lord came, THE ALMIGHTY LORD would have set the church on fire, unable to flee, they burned in place."

The master stopped and took a deep breath, he thought he had terrified James but he was almost morbidly calm and said in a soft voice.

"I remember that day."

The master lost his smile.

"I remember that day, I was at that church that day too."

James stood up, walked slowly over to an old family portrait that was falling to the floor, and looked at him.

"I remember the flames ... those flames that devoured everything."

The wind blew around the mansion, which made the wooden planks crack, already weakened with time. This scared everyone, but it didn't faze James.

"At first ... it was hot, so hot but then ... it was cold ... as cold as death."

The wind blowing stronger and stronger which made the mansion tremble.

"I remember the day the ... the flames marked me forever."

James showed everyone his shoulder burns, he had this burn the day his sisters set the church on fire, the bell from the heat was sizzling, and poor little James' shoulder touched her, searing a cross on her. James turned to the master of this joke and told him.

"You should not say the name of the Lord like this."

The wind shattered the windows of the mansion which had the effect of scaring everyone away.

"It's impossible!!."
"Help, he's a real ghost !!!!"

The master crawled on the floor, begging James.

"Please, ghost don't blame me ... it was a for-try, I didn't mean to bother you AAAHHH." The masters flee.

James was now alone in this huge mansion, alone... No, because he felt that he was being watched, he turned around and saw four ghostly figures watching him.

"Hey, I know you!" Said, James

These figures were that of the family who lost their lives on the Lord's day but yet they stood in front, but he was no longer the same, their clothing all like their entire body blackened by the flames and a light black smoke emitted of their hair. The father's eyes were now two empty holes, and the mother had a melancholy face, the eldest son was missing the right part of the face while his twin sister was his lower jaw ... somebody was missing.

"You are the Carpenter family ... the one who died in the fire." tears rolled down James' face as he knew he was responsible for their fate (even though it was his sisters who started the fire).

James kept talking

"I… I never wanted this… I… I just wanted to go to church like everyone else… like you."

James continued to cry in front of the ghosts.

"I knew you would be there...I wanted to introduce myself to you..but my sisters caught me ... when it was all over ... when everyone was out...I looked everywhere for you but nothing ... All I have found is this. "

James while the ghosts a small package in which this find metal rattle that had miraculously survived the flames.

"Since that day, I keep it on me, silently so it doesn't make noise… so that no one finds it.

... James burst into tears

"I'm so sorry, it's My fault you aren't here anymore." James hit his chest. "It's My fault the church caught fire." James hit his chest again "It's My fault your baby isn't with you anymore ..."

James looked at the ghosts again

"Why was it me who survived and not you ..."

James was going to hit himself again but the father stopped him, the mother, she took the rattle and hugged it to her heart. for a moment James was illuminated by a white light when he opened his eyes the family was still in front of him ... but they were all there in their beautiful Sunday clothes, it looked like they were still alive. The father had his arms resting on his children while the mother held her baby who was again with his family, the mother looked at James and said

"Thank you." Just before disappearing, finally joining the paradise.

James watched them go, once this was over James knelt down and prayed that the family would never be separated again then he stood up and yelled.

"Sniff..Sniff ... Haaaaaaaaaaa."

The next day

James woke up, he had spent all night in the mansion.

"Dad must be worried, I need to get home soon."

But before leaving James took the family portrait and hung it up on the wall. He went towards the exit but he tripped over something.

" What's this?"

James took the object and recognized the rattle.

"I know where he needs to go." James looked at the painting and said.

"When it's my turn to go all the way up, I hope we see each other and can finally introduce ourselves ... Goodbye." Then James finally left.

Back to present

“And this is my ghost story.” James wiped away the only tear that ran down his face.

"I hope you liked it and don't forget to have a happy Halloween, Me...I have something to do."

James got up, extinguish his campfire, and left.

Ponyvile cemetery

James went to the graves of the Carpenter Family more specifically to her mother and buried next to the rattles, finally ending the story. James left the cemetery and headed west but before he glanced one last at us and said.

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE." and finally left


Author's Note:

Hi everyone, it's me HERE FOR THE GOLD SKIES thanks for reading this special Halloween story, it makes me extremely happy that people read and like it.

Have a happy Halloween and goodbye.

Ps: the passage with the ghosts turned me into a big depressed larva, I cried several times.👻