• Published 1st Oct 2020
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Strapping In - Clopficsinthecomments

Big Caisson is an earth-pony colt in his senior year of highschool. A BIG colt. His worries about how his class-fillies see him is on his mind as he is helped into his farm-work harness by his younger sister, Cookie. Harnessing is an intimate thing!

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how long to we predict the mods will get all anal and remove the pic? fucking hot tho :P

If you look carefully, you'll see it's just sweat, drool and tears! (Maybe she just ate some spicy chili.)

I want you to paint my insides white

AJA won't forgive you for beating him to the punch.

It’s frosting, she was baking and splashed some on her face and like every red-blooded ‘Murican, she’s got to lick it off . . . with love . . . because it’s frosting and nothing else.

If I don’t have a grudge on FimFic, I’m not living life to my fullest, and that’s an actual fact.

I haven't read it yet, but between the subject matter and the Cover Pic, I think I'm gonna like it.

Good to see more.

that's quite the cover pic, i tell you hwhat

Only a bit over a half hour, in the middle of the night, and already I can tell this is gonna strike it big. As if there was any doubt.

Definitely gonna take the time and read this one over for sure, you always do write good stuff; even the smut aside. :twilightsmile:

EDIT: Well I refreshed the main page and it's already featured at number 6. Hot damn!

Clop be like

"Comms check, this is cardiovascular! Penis, status report!"
"Cardiovascular, this is penis, status is 'MUH,' over!"

Is it wrong that i wanna see a sequal with him and lets be honest his herd

This the most common type of comment on any story by Clopficsinthecomments. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest what you're saying isn't intended to be controversial, you've just phrased it that way.

Ahhhh maaaaaaaan! You beat me to Glorious Kazakhstan-posting!

Probably as I've had zero sleep do too doctors orders

Is it sad that The Caisson Song came to my mind when reading the description?

The clop in this story was... unreal. Completely off the chain. I've never in all my days seen someone write such an aggressively-detailed and relentless sex scene. There are some things you can teach a man to do but you can't teach him how to completely disregard conventional wisdom like that and expect to ground things in reality at the last minute.

The winning scene is, by far, Caisson's little sister doing the whole 'you're gonna be in trouble' bit. It was a big hit with me and Admiral Biscuit and effectively cooled the runaway chain reaction sex scene in a way I didn't think was possible. It's a high-risk/high reward style of writing and you always seem to come off better in the gamble. Commendable effort, me boyo!

Thank you for all the upvotes, gents! :heart:

I don't know that song. How does it go?

jeezus, clops, you really knocked it outta the park with this one. wonderful stuff.

I'm not an incest fan but this was really nice and sexy , hoping for a sequel where he breaks his promise and knocks up his schoolmates.

Clops wrote a big story description

Like, really big.

You usually have to wait for the story to dig into that many paragraphs! He even dialed the story description up to 11 with his Maximum Energy.

Fantastic as always, I saw this while I was at work and couldn't wait to read it. Been missing your content, hope things are going well.

As a certified BIG BOITM, these kinds of fics are always my favorite.

Keep these stories running guy every time you upload its like a ray of light from the clouds is shining down on clopfics everywhere. XD love your work

Well that certainly explains his name and sheer size. (Before that song, I did not know a Caisson was a type of wagon...)

This song was actually playing in my head when I decided to name him. Good catch!

Not sure why it's controversial.

You're spot on though, AJA... the most common comment on my stories is: "But I wanna see how this continues to unfold!!!"

I take it as a big compliment that readers get invested in my stories to the extent they want to hear more about the characters and what happens! But, you know what they say, always leave 'em wanting more...

That said, Caisson may make an appearance again in some other fic of mine, who knows. It's not like I won't have need of some heroic giant-stallionhood-slinger in many a future fic!

Thanks! I do always try to bring my crazier stories back to some semblance of a landing.

I think Cookie would break his kneecaps if he broke his promise.

Satisfyin' the needs of unmarried mares is one thing... knocking up every one of her friends (and herself) is another.

"Hooves off my big brother!"

Was it big? I thought it was reasonable, lol... I've definitely done bigger ones -- no limit on the long description!

Everything is fine! A bit of a gap since my last fic (June-July I think?) Because I've been spending a ton of time working on re-writing Mission Failed... and then this one was a beast!

You can probably expect more of the same (a story about once every 1-2 months or so).

I'm really excited for Mission Failed! Great to hear :yay:

Ihad red similiar when goes as big as twins full but the dragons on human . That was dang !
ignoring this is of Dark FETISHES .

The gravitational pull of this story is so extreme that Admiral Biscuit's parent fic - Mares Complaining About Penises - is in the popular stories tab.

Your stories really do take place at the bottom of a gravity well.

This is what you call "repopulating the planet."

Or in this case it's just a town run by a big dik™ boi and his little foal- ahem, filly- ahem, sister. Sure, basically half the town is also probably carrying his certified big dik™ and large sized foals.

Y'know, thinking about this, is Ponyville just gonna become a town fulla big dick studs who just wanna fuck?

Ooh, now the gears are turning...

U dropped this story on my bday. I thank you good sir:moustache:

Only question is when did he permission to satisfy unmarried mares? It kinda seemed liked he enjoyed his special 'afternoon' without asking her first, which doesn't seem like something he would do. That's the only minor criticism and question I have though. It's otherwise a great fic!

Glad it satisfied! Sorry to make you go through sun a massive fic for the contest.

Caisskn Packs more power than the saturn V stage 2

So happy that AB's lovely fic is getting more love! It's a wonderful sandbox to plan in!

Hehe, happy this came through as clearly as it did! Don't worry, Posey will grow up... And start treating her big bro a little more special!

It would. Except that ponies churn out more females than males, so more like a bunch of strong gened fillies!

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