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Sometimes I write things, but not all of it is pony related.


On the edge of Equestria, the ponies had managed to befriend a small colony of changelings who only wanted to coexist peaceably with their colourful neighbours. To assist in the endeavour and help them find their own culture, several pony facilitators have traveled there to help train them in creative pursuits and the arts.

At Rarity's behest, Twilight was determined to bring the power of theatre to the benign changelings, but disaster has raised its ugly head on the day before they're scheduled to perform. Can the matter be resolved, or will they be forced to cancel the musical and go home defeated?


Written for an art jam to accompany a drawing, (cropped) cover art by myself and Jr.
Thank you to Handyman for proofreading.

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Lovely story, such a warm cast of characters.

Jude: Leave a like and a comment :^)

Here's your comment, you filthy jackanape.

Glyp is best changeling, fight me.

p.s. Where is this cover-image form ?

I did leave a source, is it not working? https://www.pillowfort.social/posts/1760980
It was a collaboration by Jr and myself for an artjam, as noted in the description.

Yay! This was one of the things I was wanting to happen. Changeling Theatre!


Really. It's one of the best choices for changelings who need an honest career; the entertainment industry. There's other commonly listed jobs that leverage their abilities but they're either not exactly legal (prostitution) or take years of study (psychology). Although simple volunteer services would also make use of their group nature...just remind them to use nails and not changeling resin when building a house (that Environment for Equinity group who makes housing for homeless ponies).

Indeed, acting would be probably the most apt use of their skillsets in an honest manner, though I specifically went with the idea of not making use of their shapeshifting for it (sort of).
To tell you the truth however, the first idea to go alongside this little 'side setting' was not theatre but changeling music.


I wonder if changelings have their own music or is it a mishmash of all the other types they've encountered and assimilated into their own culture? Not unlike the 90's when resampling was so popular, taking old music and putting a new spin on it, so to speak.

I imagine the latter, though a few generations in maybe they would discover something else.

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