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Ocellus has been sent to the School of Friendship to assist one of the students there, who has a bit of an anger problem. Her goal is to make the student at least a little bit more bendable to the school's rules, and then she'd be excused. Permanently.

But something tells her that this isn't something her computerized brain can just plan out. It's real life. With real creatures. And she has to fit in, or else she won't be able to help out her client.

And that means she might have to be there way longer than she needs to be.

Note: -Don't matter if the cover art may not match the story. I chose what I chose because 'Celly is best bug. 'Nuff said.

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Great first chapter! I can't wait to see how this works out!

Heheh, thanks! Ocellus definitely has a lot to deal with this round.

Heh, yep. Though I have to ask: will there be romance between these two?

Uh, ch'yeah! :rainbowdetermined2:

Sure this story doesn't have the "Romance" tag, but you already know these two are gonna have their moments :ajsmug:

Heh, okay! I figured the reason you didn't put the romance tag might have been because of the blue tag limit, but just making sure

Yep, anyway, great start, looking forward to the next chapter!

-sees that title-

For a second..... I thought that title was a Human having to live the life of Ocellus after having been transformed into her. :twilightsheepish:

I had a feeling at least one person would think that :rainbowlaugh:

Heh, and in that one person being known for his transformation stories on this website as well as over on DeviantART.

Am I right? :D :yay:

...is it wrong that the title and synopsis is causing me to think of this?

It isn't. After all, this is inspired from that.

Another great chapter, Blu! Heh, I like the little reference at the end to School Daze

Heheh, thankies! I thought if this wasn't going to be a whole "retelling" thing that I may as well reference a few of the little things.

Well, it was great. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Damn someone beat me to it. I wish a had seen it sooner.

Great new chapter!

Heheh, thanks. Smolder and Robo-Celly are getting a bit closer.

Yeah, and Smolder made a friend!

Heh. She wouldn't call it that, but that is definitely what it is. A friend.

That was a great new chapter! Heh, can't wait to see how Smolder reacts to the last part though...

Heh, thanks. And, yeah... now she knows what the plug is for... that oddly, oddly shaped plug.

Heh, yep. I wouldn't be surprised if "Professor Pharynx" made it shaped like that on purpose...


He would, definitely. I think he did more of the "remote charging", like had her stand on some type of charging stand or something. But you know, the plug... just in case, heheh.

I love it! A great, unique concept and an excellent execution. I am intrigued to see where this goes.


Aww, so cute! Great new chapter, Blu, good job!

heheh, i try. i was feeling a bit sleepless. and sciency. and hungry.

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