• Published 28th Sep 2020
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My Life As A Teenaged Ocellus - ItsGriffy

Ocellus - a bugdroid, has to balance her school life while managing a stable mainframe.

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Apple Science

Ocellus felt her circuits frying by the minute as she awkwardly stepped out of the dorm. If she wasn’t entirely made of metal (and therefore, weren’t so sturdy) she would’ve fallen over due to the intense force Smolder had put into charging her the other night. Ocellus didn’t find herself getting upset very often, but she was especially miffed that Smolder put the charger in the wrong way.

The dragon herself, awfully cranky, shoved past her with an awfully personal push. Ocellus squeaked, stumbling on her hooves. “Smolder! You’re supposed to be careful,” she whelped, spreading all four of her legs. She looked as if she was about to be pulled apart, all four limbs trying their best to clamp to the carpet so she wouldn’t fall.

“Not my fault you didn’t tell me how to charge you,” Smolder replied, leaning against the wall and gazing fondly down at her claws. She then turned her head to smirk at Ocellus, who wore an uncomfortable frown. The bugdroid’s elytra sprang out in a moment of desperation, and in a moment’s time she found herself gracefully hovering just a few feet above the ground in comparison to her not-so-graceful hoofwork. And as she glared annoyedly down at Smolder, she found her artificial chitin overheating.

“It’s not my fault you put it in too hard.”

Smolder’s smug grin didn’t falter. And Ocellus’ self-glorified resolve began to crumble under her confident stare. At this point, she knew she wasn’t going to come out of this in the right. Or, well, of course she was in the right but at this point it probably wouldn’t matter.

Yet, the dragon’s smug grin stayed persistently at her lips. Ocellus pouted as she continued hovering, her wing beats growing faster and more frequent as more time passed by. Even still, Smolder didn’t seem too bothered.

With a soft sigh, the changeling dropped back to the floor. She had a little bit of a tumble due to her legs still being a little weak, but she stood up straight, fixing her posture just like always. “It’s time for class, Smolder.”

“So you admit I’m right?” Smolder’s grin split her face even more than before. Ocellus’ left eye twitched as she feigned a small smile. “Go on. I’m waiting.”

Ocellus rolled her eyes as she turned her back to the dragon, spreading all four of her hooves again to gain a better surface area. She buzzed her elytra once again, looking back at Smolder. “Just get on.”

“Fine, fine.”

Smolder strode over with her satchel at her side, gripping it tightly as she took a seat on her bug-bot’s back. She was surprised Ocellus was able to hold her up- she was short enough that even as she sat on her, her paws still touched the floor.

Still, Ocellus broke into a rocket-powered hover. Cyan flames roared from the beds of her hooves like four electric blue flamethrowers. Smolder gripped on her midriff tightly to prevent herself from falling. She had learned the hard way the first time she fell off.

Ocellus let out a small giggle. “That tickles!”

Smolder ended up giggling herself. “Just take me to class, tin-can.”

And with that, they roared off, a small heatwave blasting through the halls as they zipped through the school. Students left and right looked at them with surprised and shocked stares when they passed, slack-jawwed and even a little jealous of the kid with anger-management issues.

She had a kickass robot to back her up.

Ocellus landed slowly by the door of their class, the electric blue fire under her hooves slowly dying out and dimming down. And when her hooves hit the floor, she ended up scorching the stone a bit.


A light blue blush covered her cheeks as she sheepishly flicked her tail. Smolder pat her on the back as she hopped off her robotic ride. “I’m starting to like this new tech.”

Ocellus grinned proudly as she buzzed her wings. “If you like it so much, you should become a technician.” she chirped, her digitally augmented voice sounding a bit brighter and less artificial. Smolder found herself smiling on the inside just at the sound of her.

As they entered the classroom, they saw Sandbar smiling and waving at them from the back of the class. He leaned back on his stool as he grinned happily, looking like he was just about to fall on his back. The smile Ocellus wore only grew larger at seeing her familiar friend. She took her seat at the front row, eyes following Smolder as she sat at the desk directly placed behind her.

“Good mornin’ class.” The familiar apple-oriented earth pony, Professor Applejack, stepped up to her teacher’s desk. Ocellus didn’t know what it was, but for some reason her natural orange coat had some kind of glow to it. Somehow, Ocellus’ world just felt a bit brighter. And it wasn’t just Professor Applejack that was glowing.

Her desk, the apple on her desk, the walls, the windows. Somehow, in some way, Ocellus just felt...happier. Her software, her world view, everything. It just felt way better than it usually did. There was a tingly sensation in her chest area— perhaps she was experiencing a software update. Maybe said software update would allow her to shift her brightness to the different moods associated with different areas.

Something like that.

Just as it seemed like Professor Applejack was only talking about apples—

Apples, apples, apples apples, apples, apples…

—Which, she probably was,

Ocellus found herself drifting into a different state. Her peripheral vision allowed her to look at pretty much anything without turning her head, which was just about similar to the effect that having compound eyes would have on normal changelings. And as she just barely turned her head, she found herself staring very fondly at her client.


The dragon had her feet kicked up on the desk as she flicked her pencil around between each of her claws, one by one. She stared up at the ceiling as she did so, obviously bored about Applejack’s fruit lecture.

A small smile came to Ocellus’ lips as she continued to stare.

It was nice to have someone to help. To have someone that made all those software updates worth having. And it wasn’t just someone she was endlessly serving with nothing else to go to it. There was...something else there. Like the two were forming some kind of relationship.

Ocellus giggled quietly as she watched Smolder continue to flick her pencil back and forth.


The bugdroid frantically averted her gaze to look at her professor.

“Can you tell me how someone discovered that an apple best represents the earth’s orbit?”

Ocellus felt her heart drop, as the chip on the side of her head turned a dim yellow. She wasn’t paying attention during any of that. Sure, she could just pull up an article from the internet and recite from there in a paraphrase, but at the same time…


Ocellus’ ears flicked up. She felt something lightly tap the back of her head. She turned around to see a #2 pencil on the ground beside her stool. And as she looked up, she saw Smolder smirking at her, feet still kicked up at her desk.

Ocellus grinned back.

When she turned back to her professor, she cleared her throat.

“In reference to the apple, the moon, and the inverse square law, an earth pony stallion- and famous scientist - Newton, theorized about the earth’s orbit because of an apple falling onto his head as he was sitting under a tree in an apple orchard.”

Applejack smiled. “Five bonus points for accuracy. That’s right, class. Now I ain’t much of an expert on science, but I do know that…”

As Applejack continued on, Ocellus and Smolder continued on trading glances. The dragon held a proud grin. Ocellus felt her artificial heart flutter.

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