• Published 28th Sep 2020
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My Life As A Teenaged Ocellus - ItsGriffy

Ocellus - a bugdroid, has to balance her school life while managing a stable mainframe.

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It was a free period. Every other class went pretty smoothly, after all. Smolder didn't want to make anymore accidental "friends", anyway, so she remained peaceful, or as peaceful as she could. Ocellus stood by her side the entire time just as she was supposed to, ensuring that nothing else went wrong. Obviously, she did well enough for no other risky events to take place.

As they walked together to the courtyard of the school, where every student was flocking to study for their first few lessons, Smolder carried her satchel, full of study time snacks. Why did she have study time snacks? She didn't know. Maybe they were just an "eating in class" thing she knew her teachers would protest against, so she saved it until later.

"Sandbar's meeting us here," Ocellus chirped, eyes flickering to Smolder's position. "We're having lunch together, so you can get to know each other." Smolder finally realized what Ocellus was talking about, then flopped her arms and groaned.

"C'mon, tin can, I already apologized to him once! I did it once! Ain't that enough?"

Ocellus smiled, then shook her head. "Negative. It is very likely that you two would become friends, and I'm not one to pass up an opportunity presenting itself so clearly."
Smolder shot a glare so powerful, that if it got anymore fiery, it'd fry Ocellus' own circuits. "Well then, just-"

Ocellus smirked, ears rising with a quiet whir. "Sandbar's arrived."

Smolder's claw met her face as she sank to the ground, sitting criss-cross applesauce on the grass while Ocellus sat down in front of her, looking quite satisfied with herself. Sandbar stood awkwardly behind Smolder with his comic-branded lunch box. "Err- hey guys," he nervously croaked, lifting a hoof and waving it softly. "We having lunch here?"

Smolder grunted, her talon still unmoving. "Yeah, sure, just have a seat," she muttered into her palm. Sandbar's ears perked, and he sat down next to her, opening his lunch box and pulling out one of two daisy sandiwiches. He smiled at the two as he bit into it, thankful for their-Ocellus'-generous invitation. Smolder spread two of her fingers to peek at Sandbar, who looked back. "So... feelin' better?"

Sandbar nodded. "Yeah. My eye's still a little bit swollen, but it'll work out," he explained, mouth full as crumbs of his sandwich got spread around and flecked onto the grass. He pointed to his mildly purple eye, which was still swollen shut. Ocellus figured since Sandbar had only been in the nurse's office for about two-thirds of an hour(she had been counting ever since Professor Fluttershy had taken him away), it'd make sense. After all, not every injury heals within a day.

Ocellus smiled. "Well, Smolder and I are definitely glad you're doing okay." Sandbar chuckled in response, finishing up his sandwich. Ocellus could tell he wasn't exactly the type of colt to eat a whole lot at one time, so it was understandable when he shut his lunchbox and didn't continue eating.

At this point, she just felt like she was looking for things to analyze.

"Who're you guys being assigned with? You know, with the dorms and all that."

Ocellus blanked for a second. So did Smolder. None of the two seemed to know any of what Sandbar was talking about. Well, aside from the dorms part. They knew this school would be one of the "dorms" type schools. However, none were spoken to about the whole dorm assignment thing. Obviously it was something they were supposed to know about, but...

Sandbar frowned in realization. "I take it you two weren't there for the dorm assignment portion? You know, with Counselor Starlight?"



Then, it hit her. Ocellus and Smolder must've been in Twilight's office at the time. The Headmare did actually mention their classes would be starting soon. They didn't get the chance to recieve the informational papers and whatnot. "I don't recall being there, no..." she finally answered, putting a hoof to her chin. Her joints clicked again.

"Oh, well, I'm assigned with this griffon named 'Gallus'. I think he's really cool. I just know we're gonna get along!"

Finally realizing that she hadn't eaten yet, Smolder opened her satchel and pulled out a plastic baggie filled with gems. At this point, she was confused about how these sharp rocks didn't cut through the plastic. That was very odd, but she didn't mind it. Opening it up and tossing a few gems into her mouth, she looked up at the sky. Sandbar looked up as well, watching the fluffy clouds roll by.

"How're you guys liking it at this school so far," he asked, flopping onto his back so that he may look at the sky at a greater angle. "I think it's great!"

"Heh, yeah right," Smolder chuckled. Sandbar looked at her with a confused expression. The dragon only flopped down on her back beside him, looking up at the sky as well. "I dunno man, I- I mean, I guess it's alright." Ocellus smiled as she watched the two, finding it satisfying to finally see her stubborn client admit such a difficult thing for her. It wouldn't be difficult for Ocellus to say; and personally, she'd say far greater things. For now, what Smolder said would have to do.

The bell rang. Now, it was time for the second half of their classtaking to start. Sandbar sat up, and so did Smolder, both getting of their haunches and quickly standing. "So- I guess I'll see you when I see you?" Sandbar asked, lifting a hoof. Smolder smirked, offering him a fist bump. Sandbar returned the exchange, smiling happily.

"You'll see me later. That or tomorrow. After these next few classes, I'm definitely gonna crash out," she replied.

"Heh, alright, then."

And that was that. Smolder smiled as she saw Sandbar walk off, having one last chuckle. It was until Ocellus came up to her and poked her side with a hoof that she finally acknowledged she made a friend. Or- or something. "What did we learn?" Ocellus asked, a coy tone in her digtal voice. Smolder frowned, glancing over at her with a brow arched.


The two began walking back into the school. "It's obvious, isn't it?" Ocellus asked. "You made a friend!" Smolder looked baffled.

"I did not!"

Ocellus giggled at such exerted denial. She decided not to push her little game any further lest she upset the dragon. But now she felt a little safer around her. Something she noticed; the last monologue she had professed to Smolder, the dragon hadn't interrupted in any way, surprisingly. It may as well have happened again through the next gaggle of speeches she was going to give.

Perhaps this time wasn't on purpose?


Ocellus didn't like making assumptions. She'd definitely stick to the first notion.

It wasn't too late in the evening, now. Students would be out in Ponyville for dinner, perhaps, or downstairs in the main area chatting with each other about their first days. Smolder and Ocellus were on their way to the Headmare's office-for the third time that day-to see what dorms they had been assigned to, and who they'd be assigned with. Ocellus dreaded missing out on things, especially since she could've had the opportunity not to.

This was one of those times where she didn't, so, she earned herself a bit of a free pass. Smolder really seemed like she was in a hurry to find out where she'd be sleeping for this portion of school. Seen as she seemed so eager to rest after classes that afternoon. Ocellus couldn't blame her. It was a really busy day.

"Smolder, Ocellus!" Twilight called out from her office, realizing the two were now about to enter. She wasn't sitting at her desk this time. Probably organizing some papers as far as Ocellus could infer- she was hovering a few feet above the ground and from the looks of it, was trying to organize the books on her small little shelf. "What brings you two here? I'm lucky to have been here- I was just about to leave."

A below average sized, purple dragon with green spines portruding from his head all the way down to his tail deadpanned from his standing position on the floor. "Correction- she was just about to finish organizing these books. For the fifteenth time in one day."

Twilight sighed in exasperation, moving herself from the shelf and landing on her hooves in front of the two. "How can I help you two," she asked, smiling warmly.

"We need to know what dorms we were assigned to," Ocellus started with her digitally diplomatic tone. "Since we missed it earlier. We didn't realize we hadn't really known until earlier today."

Twilight looked surprised. "Oh, well... I thought you two knew you'd be assigned together. I mean, the dorm room part is understandable, but I just assumed you knew you'd be partners."

Smolder's pupils shrank about the smallest they could, her irises could almost be considered nonexistent. "You mean I gotta spend all day with this- this thing," she started, her voice already raising above level and catching Twilight's attention, along with her small draconic companion's. Ocellus couldn't lie- she was even a little caught off guard. "And I have to share a dorm with it?!"

Twilight looked bewildered, honestly. And so was Ocellus. She really thought they were getting closer that entire time. She guessed some creatures would take a bit to adjust to certain things, but this actually kind of hurt her.

Smolder sighed. "You know what? Whatever. Tin-can, get the keys."

Ocellus looked to Twilight, who trotted behind her desk and shuffled through a few drawers of her's. Then, finally looking as if she found something promising, she hovered back over and gave Ocellus the dorm keys once she touched down. "I should've remembered Starlight gave me these- said you two forgot to come and collect them, hehe. Bad Twi, Bad Twi," Twilight said playfully, trying her best to get Ocellus back into a happier mood.

"Thank you, Headmare Twilight," she said, at least thankful for the attempt.

As she trotted out of the office, she looked at Smolder, gaze softened. "Hop on?"

Smolder noticed that this time, it was more of an inquiry than a statement. As if Ocellus was trying to sympathize with her, or something. She was a robot, wasn't she? She couldn't have possibly gotten her feelings hurt over that little Freudian slip, right? Smolder sighed once again, then nodded, taking a seat on her bug-droid's back. Ocellus took off again, headed to their assigned dorm.

She didn't recall Twilight really telling them which dorm they should be looking out for, but she didn't exactly need to dwell on that. It said the room number right on the keys, after all. Ocellus had a mapped image of the entire school laid out in her mind, like she said before. So this wasn't exactly difficult for her.

As they arrived at the dorm, Ocellus gave one last look at Smolder to unlock the door.


The two walked in, and immediately noticed the affixed plug in the wall beside one bunk bed. Smolder sure had no idea what in Equestria the plug was for. Ocellus even sensed that she didn't get the idea. But it didn't matter now; it was virtually the only real important thing about her that Smolder needed to know about, so ot could wait until later.

The sun had just began to dip below the horizon, as they could see from their window. There were purple curtains, and one purple rug, which were about the only things that really decorated the room. That and the oak-wood study desk with the purple-shaded lamp. Now, the only thing really left to do before the night was over was to go over homework.

Ocellus really felt a bit... off, since their time at the office that evening. She could move past it for now; nothing too big. They'd probably grace on it a bit later, but not now. After all, she already knew the dragon wasn't very used to her being here. It would be a lot to move past, anyway. "So, I'm guessing it's homework time?: Smolder asked, sitting on the bottom bunk and crossing her arms.

Ocellus turned to her with a soft look, then nodded, gesturing at the dragon's satchel. "We'll... we'll start on Headmare Twilight's sunject. Page four."

And they continued to work on each and every subject, one by one until it was officially night time, and it was finally time for bed. Smolder was about ready to climb up onto her bunk and get to that sleeping portion of the always anticipated night, but Ocellus stopped her.

"W-Wait! I, um... I need you to do something, first."

Smolder arched a brow, hopping off the step ladder and crossing her arms. "What is it, tin-"

Ocellus bent over, lifting up her tail. "C-Charge me?"