• Published 28th Sep 2020
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My Life As A Teenaged Ocellus - ItsGriffy

Ocellus - a bugdroid, has to balance her school life while managing a stable mainframe.

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First Task

Majority of class went fine. Smolder and Ocellus walked in, and just as expected, both were assigned seats next to each other in the front row of desks. It was common knowledge at the school now, with all its staff, at least, that Smolder had an AI operated robot to help her learn. Ocellus would've thought of it as learning with her if it weren't for the fact that she knew practically everything already.

This was Professor Fluttershy's class, even. The class of one of the kindest ponies Ocellus had ever even heard of. The renowned Element of Kindness, no less. Ocellus had only known for the same reason she knew so much already about Princess Twilight after all. Digressing from the topic, however.

When class was dismissed, it was a whole different story. It ended as any normal thing would end after literally any class would be dismissed; students would grab their things and leave. Ocellus didn't exactly need any school supplies, so she stood there beside Smolder's desk as she watched her gather her things. "You gotta watch me grab my stuff? Really?"

Ocellus' eyes clicked toward the clock, then to Smolder again. "It is imperative that I survey the way you preform any certain tasks. That way I can observe your body language and help you just in case I sense a-"

"Do you really have to serve me an entire-ass monologue every time I ask a simple question?" Ocellus furled her brow, and her chip flickered yellow again. She stood silent, not exactly sure what to say to that. Smolder chuckled, "Heheh. Exactly what I thought." The bugdroid had no comment, so instead she thought she'd keep waiting until her client was done picking up her school supplies. Though she wasn't any creature with non-artificial traits, she had to wonder... did it really take this long just to pick up your things?

"Sweet robot, dude," someone commented from a position right behind the two. Ocellus' eyes clicked again as she stood up and turned around, looking at the new persona and surveying him closely. He was a laid back, seafoam green earth pony with messy, dark green hair. He was looking at Ocellus just the same, his light green eyes observing her closely. "Wish I could have one."

Smolder barely looked back, standing up with her small satchel at her side. "Yeah? And what's it to ya?" Ocellus looked back toward Smolder, sensing little tinges of frustration sparking from within her.

"Well, um... I was just saying you have a cool robot, y'know? It'd be pretty sweet if I had one like yours. I mean, she's really pretty." The colt chuckled lightheartedly, obviously not realizing Smolder's exasperated tone. Ocellus could tell Smolder didn't feel like talking to this pony; albiet his compliment was definitely not less than appreciated.

"Smolder, have you got all your things?" She tried, attempting to divert the dragon's mind from the pony that was talking to her.

"Ooh, and I really like her voice! It's so... digital. Really cool. Oh, by the way, my name's Sandbar. Sorry for coming up out of the blue, by the way. I just saw you and this awesome robot and couldn't help but say hi."

"...You really like this robot, huh?"

Ocellus was on edge, now. Sandbar was walking on thin ice and he didn't even know it. Were earth ponies always this oblivious? Well, it obviously wasn't just earth ponies since what happened in Headmare Twilight's office, but...

"Yeah. Again, she's really pretty. You're lucky, you know. Heh, not every student gets to walk around having their own robot servant."

Ocellus furled her brow. She really appreciated the compliment- it would be nice to have someone who respected her for her stature. However, now was not the time. She watched as Smolder clenched her fist, and decided it was really time to go. It would be less than two minutes until their next class; they really needed to get going, like, right now.

"Sandbar, I really think it's time we should-"

"You like the robot so much, maybe you should take her." Smolder pushed past Ocellus. At this point, Professor Fluttershy was outside in the hallway waiting to greet her next class. Ocellus didn't think she noticed they were still in the classroom. Perhaps she forgot?

Never mind that. For now, Ocellus had to stop the situation from escalating as best she could. She watched as Sandbar frowned. "Woah, sorry dude... I didn't mean to offend you, I was just saying how cool your robot was... really, you're super lucky to-"

Smolder gripped Sandbar by the hide on his neck, slamming him against the wall. "Say that again and I will fucking tear you to shreds..." Sandbar looked Smolder dead in the eyes, shaking with fear. He had never seen a dragon so up close before, Ocellus could tell. Even if he had, he didn't look like the type who would want to be in this kind of situation.

"Smolder, stop it. Let Sandbar go, and we can get to our next class."

Ocellus put a hoof on Smolder's left shoulder, intending to pull her away from the colt if she had to. She felt it. Smolder was shaking and seething with anger. Her heart rate, she could just barely feel it, increasing rapidly as her adrenaline did the same. "Aha, I bet you don't think having a robot servant is so cool now, huh? What happened to all that verbal dick riding you were just doing, huh?"

"Smolder, stop!" At this point, Ocellus gripped harder on her client, just in the middle of pulling her away.

...Until Sandbar wasn't thinking anymore.

He threw as hard a punch as he could. His hoof struck Smolder's jaw, knocking her back at least two feet. He slumped down against the wall, a hoof over his chest as he looked up at Smolder again.

Smolder clenched her teeth, gritting them to the near gum. Ocellus looked to Smolder, and then at Sandbar, her cloud overflowing with all these options and ways to pull these two apart and stop this mess. There were... there were so many options, so many paths to choose that she could barely even think anymore. Her circuits felt like they were frying under the pressure, and she almost felt the slightest bit of perspiration.

The dragon looked like she was about ready to spring straight into a fight with this pony, so Ocellus felt like her best option off the top of her head was to stop Smolder mid attack. Then, she'd work her way up from there and continue to block the situation from escalating. Maybe if she... separated them? Then, if she reported to the teacher all the transpiring events that led to now that... that maybe-

"Smack! Smack! Smack!"

Ocellus' mechanical heart dropped. She turned to where Sandbar was, and now Smolder was over there, holding him up against the wall and delivering furious punches toward his abdomen, and some aimed up at his jaw. She had... she had failed her task. The first and only real task she was given to protect her client from trouble, she had already failed.

Okay, okay, this wasn't important. What was important was that Ocellus would stop the fight right in its tracks and hope that nothing even more rash would continue.

Quickly, Ocellus tore Smolder off the colt and pushed her to the ground as gently as she could. As Professor Fluttershy, and countless number of students rushed in to see what was going on, Ocellus was focused on holding Smolder tightly so that she wouldn't cause anymore damage.

"W...What in the world went on in here?" Fluttershy gasped, rushing to the unconscious Sandbar, who at least wasn't missing any but one tooth, and was also given a black eye in the scrap. Fluttershy turned to Ocellus for extra added information on the situation, but Ocellus could only grip Smolder tightly and rush out of there as fast as she could.


And now they were sitting in Twilight's office again, both in the same location, but in a whole different predicament. Now, Ocellus got to experience full force what she was dealing with, and it wasn't pretty. No, not at all.

Twilight cast a knowing, yet disappointed look to Smolder, hooves on her desk while she peered over at the creature. "Look, Smolder... Ocellus told me about how the entire thing went down. I understand you were frustrated with Sandbar's questions, but that didn't mean you had to do what you did."

Smolder huffed, smoke puffing from her nostrils and floating through the air. Ocellus tried to help. Her joints clicked softly as she gingerly raised her hoof to quite literally fan the smoke away with one puff of air from the tiny little vents in the bed of her hoof. With a kind smile, she lowered her foreleg back down, but Smolder didn't seem to notice. Even if she did, she didn't seem to care at all.

"Ocellus? I see that you tried your best with her. I talked with Sandbar in the nurse's office," Twilight started again, turning to Smolder one more time. "And Smolder, you owe him an apology."

And so, to the nurse's office they went. Ocellus kept glancing as Smolder as she hovered near, watching her bored gaze as she traced every ince of the hall in a destesting trance. Ocellus felt obsolete. "Hey... what you did. It... it won't hurt to talk about it. Why'd you do it, anyways? Were you really frustrated that he was asking you so many questions?"

Smolder huffed. She just kept walking silent as she was through at least a quarter of the way. Ocellus looked around. "This place is pretty overwhelming, if that's what you're thinking. I was nervous when I first arrived here as well."

Still, no answer. Ocellus felt a little more conflicted as they arrived to the nurse's office. She stood even closer by Smolder's side than she was at the very beginning, just in case she got out of control again. Sandbar sat upright on the infirmary bed, his hindlegs kicking idly as he looked down at the floor with his one functioning eye at the moment. Of course, it would look a little less swollen than it did before since he was most likely holding an ice pack to it for a little while.

Ocellus looked to Smolder, then to Sandbar. As soon as Sandbar heard her trademark mechanical clicking, he looked up. "Oh... hey... it's you guys..."

Ocellus smiled and waved a little. Sandbar waved back. Smolder snorted, her tail lashing like a leather whip made out of the freshest cow hide. "Sandbar, Smolder has something she wants to say to you."

"...S-She does...?"

"Yes. Smolder, go ahead."


"Smolder, Sandbar's awaiting your heartfelt apology. Do you maybe wanna apologize? Like, now? Sometime today?"

Smolder looked to Ocellus, and then to Sandbar, where her gaze surprisingly softened. "Look man, I'm sorry about the way I acted. I got a little hot headed, and that really wasn't cool of me," she sighed, plopping into the supposed nurse's chair and laying back with her hands behind her head. "It was just... you asked a lot of questions about something I don't really like, for starters."

Sandbar looked confused. "You mean... her?" Ocellus cringed back a little when Sandbar gestured a hoof to the exact space where she was standing. Well, to put it simply, her. It stung, of course, to be assigned to protect someone that doesn't appreciate your efforts. They don't like you, don't talk to you, don't respect you, don't acknowledge you- anything. It made Ocellus... it made her feel... s-


Something she didn't like feeling. Something she had already established not liking.

As Smolder nodded and huffed, she fiddled with her claws. "That little outburst I had with you? Pfft- one in a million, dude. And that bucket o' bolts right there is supposed to help me? Ha, please."

Sandbar chuckled nervously, but stopped and looked sympathetically. "But she's meant to help you, isn't she? Back there, it kinda... it kinda looked like she didn't want you in trouble." Ocellus smiled thoughtfully again. Finally somecreature got it.

Somecreature that wasn't Smolder, though...

Ocellus didn't like taking things too personally. This, however, cut straight into her metal chitin. It made her feel... gutted. Like every other accomplishment and accolade she's made was sheer nothingness to this dragon. She was one of the only creatures she had failed to impress, and it was weighing down on her, so, so much. "Yeah, whatever dude," she finally heard Smolder say, standing up out of the chair. "But I just want you to know that... that what happened back there... it weren't nothin' personal, okay?"

Sandbar smiled. "Right. Dually noted. I'll... see you sometime?"

Smolder chuckled. "Yeah, maybe. See ya."

Smolder waved as she exited the room. Ocellus smiled back at her as she stood and waited for Smolder to realize what she had just done. "Have you made a new friend, Smolder?" She asked. Smolder folded her arms again, a brow quirked.

"Uh, no. Just cause we happened to converse about something that we possibly mutually agreed on, and then most likely arranged to have something go on later in the day does not mean we're friends."

Ocellus peered, a teasing smile on her lips.

"Not a word, tin can."

Ocellus giggled. "Got it."