• Published 28th Sep 2020
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My Life As A Teenaged Ocellus - ItsGriffy

Ocellus - a bugdroid, has to balance her school life while managing a stable mainframe.

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Short Fused

Ocellus had exited the Headmare's office with this new dragon, not exactly knowing what to do or say since her own program suggested she didn't say a thing. That, and that she wanted to. It felt a bit awkward walking through the halls to her first class without saying anything to her first client. Someone she was supposed to help better themselves, and she hadn't even socialized with them once? Just one full minute with them and she had already felt like she needed to be decommissioned.

"Can't believe I gotta have some fuckfaced tin can to watch over me..."

Ocellus' ears clicked as they perked toward the current speaker, the dragon beside her. She had never heard such verbage before; not unless the Professor had a couple of drinks and decided he'd pull an all-nighter working on one specific project. Even then, only one or two expletives would slip, and they weren't anything like what she just heard.

She felt like this dragon was questioning how capable she really was. That she was trying to say Ocellus was a waste of time, or something. Ocellus knew very well she wasn't a waste of time. She was evolution. She was better than the rest. She didn't need to be babysitting some short-fused dragon who probably only threw very minimized temper tantrums.

Raising a hoof, she spoke up, a diplomatic tone in her digitally modified voice. "Look, I am very well aware that you may not be comfortable with my presence, but-"

"Good. Be aware." And the dragon continued walking, arms folded as she slumped over in a grouchy manner. Ocellus didn't know what to make of that awkward situation. Usually, when she was speaking, no one would interrupt. It was what gave her the effects she had on everyone. The way she was able to read them in an instant; but this situation was entirely different. She didn't predict this- not by a long shot.

While most dragons had been easy to read for any detesting bone in their body, this one was relatively strange. Ocellus couldn't quite read her past the intense aura of anger she was displaying. And even though Professor Pharynx tried as hard as he could, he couldn't give Ocellus the ability to taste and sense emotions like normal changelings could. Well, past reading their body language and whatnot. Scanning their eyes, their mouths, or their hands for a possible fist clench. All of those were examples in which she could tell what a certain creature was feeling.

Smolder, in particular, was all rage. Now, Ocellus truly knew what she was dealing with. It wasn't some walking temper tantrum, no. They were the physical embodiment of pure, cynical, sarcastic, unbridled rage. Or, at least, that's what Ocellus saught just by looking at her. "Smolder, please, wait a minute."

Her cognitive program told her that she would most likely win the dragon over in terms of agreement. Something like reasoning with her, better than she did the first time, anyways. "Please, just listen to me. I know that you think I'm a waste of time."

Smolder chuckled. "You're right about that one."

Ocellus frowned, looking away as her ears went down. Nevertheless, she continued. It wasn't going to be any use if she let this alien feeling get the best of her. "But I want to help you. I really do. I want to make things easier. It's my job to make sure you don't do anything rash that might get you in trouble. I want to keep you out of it."

Smolder turned around, arms folded. "So? You think since you've got this document of certification that you're the most qualified bucket of bolts in Equestria that you can help me?" She spat. Ocellus obviously could tell that Smolder detested her with all of her very being at the moment, but that didn't mean she couldn't change that.

"Yes." Ocellus said briefly, her joints clicking as she cantered forward to catch up with Smolder. "And that's exactly what I'm going to do, starting with our first class." She smiled up at Smolder, intending to have a positive outlook on the matter even though she knew this dragon was about to be a real piece of work. But managing that work would take time; she knew. So the best way to go about it at the moment was to testify against the rising negativity between the two and move past it. Hence Ocellus' favorite word: evolution.

"So are we going now?"

Ocellus' eyes flickered toward the dragon. Until now, she hadn't realized that she was so caught up in feeling so very proud of herself that she had nearly forgotten it was almost class time. "Right! Follow me. I have a mental map image of the entire school laid out before me. The complicated part is that you may not be able to see it, so you'll have to follow-"

"Got it," Smolder interrupted again. Ocellus' chip flickered yellow due to her sheer annoyance. Really, she meant it. No one had ever interrupted her because they respected her, but it was clear that this... rude dragon wasn't about to do the latter anytime soon.

And with the smug little grin on her face, Ocellus could really tell that this dragon knew how to push her buttons- no pun intended. "Then let's go."

Smolder quirked a brow as Ocellus just stood there, like she was waiting for some kind of invitation. "R'We gonna go, or what?" Ocellus smiled, now that she had the dragon confused. It made her happy that just when some creatures would think they knew her, she'd have another trick hardwired in her mainframe.

"Hop on."

Students watched in awe and surprise as Ocellus deactivated the rocket-esque energy embedded in the bottoms of her hooves, the cyan fire dying out as she landed safely on the ground. She waited by the door for Smolder to stumble off, needed to grab a hold of something in aide to the high speeds they were previously travelling at, careening through the halls at, like, mach-20. "Woah... I take back everything I said about you... that was awesome..."

Ocellus smiled. Finally, she got one shred of gratitude from such a disrespectful creature that she thought'd never change her mind. There was one thing she thought, though.

"Wait... what'd she say about me?"