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Apple Bloom feels that she isn't sexy enough because she doesn't have a big enough butt so she goes to Zecora to get a potion to fix this. Zecora, however, tries to persuade Apple Bloom that having a big butt, like her own, isn't all its cracked up to be.

Commission for Magic Man

No sex in this commission, but it does talk a lot about pony ass

If you want to commission a one shot from me, please click here.

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You're not being paid enough for this imao

10454041 You're not being paid at all.

I'm not, ratedpony star is.

I love this, both in particular this story, and when things like this are explored/discussed in general. This also might be giving me an idea on a story or two involving Rarity and Zecora, but it's late where I am so it could just be half-asleep dreaminess...

Those guys must have poor taste if all they're chasing is the butt.

Good comedy is hard

If only actual clopfics had this kind of attention to detail.

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