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They tried to be rulers and they failed. They tried to make all bow to them and they failed. They tried to use magic and friendship only for power and they failed.

The Big Three of Cozy Glow, Tirek and Queen Chrysalis have all attempted to take over the ruling of Equestria, only to be struck down and having everything taken from them. Now, their only hope rested in the grasp of the legendary villain, Grogar.

However, during their mission to find Grogar's Bewitching Bell, they run into a familiar face that Chrysalis hasn't seen in years...

Crossover with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

This story is the result of waaaaay too much time playing GR:FS. Hope you enjoy!!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 19 )

very interesting please continue!

That's what I plan on doing!

It's Akula working alone isn't it?

:raritywink: Not for much longer...

I want to think you are just reffering to adding Chrysalis and company, bit Im figuring your also going to add in Trinity Squad and maybe some more.

Umm, no. If you've ever played any Ghost Recon game, You'll know that Ghost Squads only have four members.

I have a question though is your name AKULA the russian Акула which means SHARK inspired from? there is also akula-class submarines

You've hit the nail on the head. I did name my OC Akula, and I know that Akula is Russian for shark. The main reason I did so because I named him after the main antagonist of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon: Andrei 'Akula' Markov.

Curiously, there is a story on here where Markov ends up in Equestria following his death in the Battle of Washington DC.

This is a good start, and linking images of the weapons and attachments was a wise move, especially for readers who don't have extensive firearms knowledge.

It's good, although sadly unfinished. I feel critics were unduly harsh on Assault Horizon.

Yeah, even though it was a fantastic game!

It was criticised for not being like HAWX-a game it was never trying to be.

Wonder how others like Luna and Spike might be handled if they will appear in the fic?

Don't know where I would include them, so I'm not sure.

Goes to show critics don't always get it right.

Yep. Angry Joe did a review on Assault Horizon and he gave the game 8/10 with a Badass Seal of Approval to go with it.

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