• Published 23rd Sep 2020
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Equestria's Spectre - Timothy1509

Agent Spectre mysteriously finds himself in Equestria during his mission with his team.

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Ponyville raid

In Prince Alistair's bedroom, Alistair was seen gently placing his grandmother on his bed with the help of Spectre. He pulled his blanket on her, as well as placing a glass of water and the bowl of grapes on a small table stool.

Spectre on the other hand is looking at the tall glass cupboard of Alistair's which has caught his attention completely. Inside the glass cupboard were gold trophies as well as award papers from school.

"Wow, this kid sure is smart." Spectre thought with a nonplus expression.

He then walked to the black coloured studying desk next to him and began to scrutinize what the kid has. And once he got there, he saw a pencil rack with lots of pencils on the left side of the table, and a lamp on the right side.

Spectre then looked at the middle and saw a picture frame at the middle end of the studying table.

"Huh? What is this?" Spectre asked as he picked up the picture frame with his right hand.

Once it was in his hand, he flipped it over and saw what seems to be like a family photo. In the photo was baby Alistair wrapped in a blue cloth while being held by a female purple coloured unicorn with wings, there was also a green bug with orange deer horns next to the purple unicorn with wings. Spectre must assume that those were Alistair's parents.

"Wait so if Alistair's a Prince, does that mean his parents are King and Queen?" Spectre asked himself with a bewildered expression behind his goggle mask. But, he pushed the thought out of his head and placed the picture frame back on where it was. Then, he turned around and looked at Alistair who has finished tucking his grandmother onto his bed.

"There you go grandmommy, I hope you feel better soon." Alistair said as he nuzzled his grandmother on the forehead softly. After five seconds, he hovered to the floor and looked at Spectre.

"Everything has been solved Spectre." Alistair told him.

"Nice." Spectre said with a smile "And sorry for scaring your grandmother." He told him.

"Its okay." Alistair said with a smile "My grandmother sometimes gets spooked easily just like my grandfather." He told him with a chuckle. And Spectre managed to chuckle back.

Alistair was going to change the subject and say something to Spectre but suddenly, a loud noise was heard.

"What the?!" Alistair said in a startled tone. He turned to the balcony door and looked through the window and saw a thick black smoke streaming up in the air. And the black smoke is coming from Ponyville "Ponyville!" Alistair exclaimed as he ran to the balcony doors.

Once he got to it, he pushed the doors open and looked at the smoke in the distance. While looking, he heard some screaming noises as well from there.

"Oh no, my subjects!" Alistair exclaimed with anxiety.

Spectre trotted to the balcony and stood next to Alistair. Then, he looked forward and saw the thick black smoke that Alistair spotted. It was indeed coming from Ponyville where he fought those guards.

Alistair wasted no time, he needed to save his subjects from whatever hazards they are in.

"I've got to save my subjects!" Alistair exclaimed as he jumped off the balcony, he then spread his wings and glided on the ground smoothly.

"Hey wait for me!" Spectre exclaimed, he observed around him to see if there are any soft areas to land. When he looked down at his right, he saw some trees under him. If he grabs one of the branches while falling, he might be able to break his fall just like how he survived in the power room back in Umbrella.

"Here goes nothing." Spectre said as he climbed on the railings of the balcony. He then took a deep breath and jumped to the trees.

Once he got near the one of the trees, he stretched his right arm forward and gripped onto the branch of the tree, and miraculously, the tree branch managed to support the weight of Spectre as well as the kinetic energy of his fall. Then, Spectre released his grip from the tree branch and landed on the ground.

After that, he looked in front of him and saw Alistair rushing towards Ponyville.

"Hey kid wait up!" Spectre exclaimed as he ran after him.

Back in Alistair's bedroom, the doors were pushed open again by Cadence, the Princess of Love, she has decided to pay her nephew Alistair a visit as well as asking him for some equipments to cheer her husband up.

"Alistair." Cadence called.

But to her immediate surprise, she didn't get a response, she looked around her and saw that Alistair was nowhere to be seen. And something was oddly suspicious about his room as well, his balcony and playroom doors were opened for some reason.

When she looked in front of her, she saw Twilight Velvet sleeping on Alistair's bed, and the sight perplexed her.

"Huh? What is Velvet doing on Alistair's bed?" Cadence asked with a perplexed expression.

She then walked up towards the bed and gently moved Velvet trying to wake her up.

"Hey Velvet, wake up."

Velvet moaned from the shaking as well as the intimate voice. She then slowly sat up straight and rubbed her eyes.

"Velvet, what are you doing here?" Cadence asked in a perplexed tone.

Velvet looked to the source of the voice and saw Cadence standing on her right.

"Wh-where am I?

"In Alistair's bedroom." Cadence replied simply. "Can you tell me what happened?" She asked.

Velvet then rubbed her head with her right hoof to see if anything pops up in her head. After five seconds, Velvet remembered something.

"I remember myself paying my grandson a visit while his parents are gone." Velvet replied.

"Okay, then what happened?"

"Then, I entered his playroom and saw something very unique, I saw him sitting with a black coloured creature." She replied.

Cadence's eyes widened in interest and shock when she heard Velvet's reply. She was about to ask her about the black coloured creature she is saying about but suddenly, a loud banging noise was heard which made Velvet and Cadence jump.

"Whoa! What is Equestria was that?!" Velvet exclaimed with a startled expression.

Cadence ran to Alistair's opened balcony doors and stepped onto the balcony. She then looked in front of her and saw a thick black smoke coming from Ponyville.

"Oh my! Ponyville!" Cadence exclaimed with a traumatized expression, it was all very peaceful when she walked to the changeling Kingdom after seeing her husband in the hospital.

Cadence then looked back at Velvet and said "I have to go Velvet, Ponyville is in danger."


After that, Cadence spread her wings and jumped off of the balcony. Then, she flew towards Ponyville.

Alistair and Spectre have both arrived at the top hills of Ponyville, and when they did, it was all screams and sounds of running. Alistair looked in front of him and saw something very scary.

"Oh my, what is that?" Alistair said with a petrified expression.

When Spectre noticed the frightened expression on Alistair's face. He looked to where he was looking and saw some red coloured creatures in front of him, he then zoomed in the area and saw what looks to be like bugs with a body structure of a licker.

"What the? Those things don't look like lickers to me." Spectre thought with a disoriented expression. But, he pushed the confusion out of his head and a smirk appeared behind his goggle mask "Ah whatever, I've dealt with bioweapons before with my team. This will be like a stroll in a park."

"I have to save my subjects!" Alistair exclaimed with a perturbed expression. He was about to run in Ponyville but he was stopped when Spectre placed his boot in front of him, he then looked up at him with a perplexed expression.

"What is it Spectre?" Alistair asked in a hurried tone because, he needs to save his subjects.

"Go find a place to hide here." Spectre told him sternly "I'll deal with this." He finished.

"No." Alistair objected with a shake of his head "They are my subjects, and it is my responsibility to protect their lives." He told him.

"I'll tell you this one more time, go and hide in a bush." Spectre ordered sternly "I know how to deal with them, I've seen monsters similar to these." He told him.

When Alistair heard the seriousness in Spectre's voice, he bregrudingly sighed and looked up at Spectre with a defeated expression.

"Alright, I'll hide."

"Good." Spectre said with a satisfied nod "Go and conceal yourself in that large bush over there." He told him as he pointed at the bush.

Alistair nodded and ran to the bush to hide.

Once Spectre has finished that, he pulled out his assault rifle from his back and prepared for enemy engagement as well as some close quarter combat. He pulled the charging handle of his assault rifle back and rushed towards Ponyville in a hasty speed.

"This is gonna be one heck of a day." Spectre said in a confident tone "And I'm happy that there will be some action as well." He added with a chuckle.

Author's Note:

Another chapter finally accomplished! I hope you all enjoyed it!