• Published 23rd Sep 2020
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Equestria's Spectre - Timothy1509

Agent Spectre mysteriously finds himself in Equestria during his mission with his team.

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Ponyville hospital

In Ponyville hospital, King Thorax and Queen Twilight Sparkle as well as their friends were seen sitting on chairs in a room while looking at Applejack, Shining Armor and four guards who were lying on hospital beds with bandages wrapped on their hooves and torso's.

"How did this happen?" Rarity asked with a scandalized expression.

"I don't know but, we have a lot of questions to ask them once they recover." Rainbow Dash told them "Oh! We also have some explaining to do with Cadence once she comes." She added.

"Indeed, and it will be very displeasing." Spike said with an anxious expression.

Twilight was looking at Applejack as well as her brother with an expression of fret towards them, those contusions must be very severe.

When Thorax noticed his wife's perturbed expression, he wrapped his hooves around her neck and pulled her close to him gently. Then, he leaned in and kissed her on the forehead.

"Calm down Twily, they'll be okay." Thorax told her in an assuring tone.

When Twilight heard this, a warm smile appeared on her muzzle.

"Thank you for your console Thorax, I appreciate it a lot."

"Your welcome Twily." Thorax said with a smile, then he leaned in and kissed her on the lips and Twilight kissed back.

"Awwwwww." Said Rarity, Pinkie, Spike, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

After five seconds, Twilight decided to break the kiss. Then, she placed her right hoof on Thorax's lips so that she could talk to him.

"Okay Thorax that's enough, we can't do this here, this is public area." She told him.

When Thorax heard this, he chuckled embarrassingly and sat back down on his chair.

"Right, sorry Twinkle's"

"Its okay Thory, as long as you are here with me I'm happy." Twilight said as she embraced her husband in a hug. And Thorax hugged back.

Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Spike and Fluttershy were all admiring the seen with expressions of cuteness towards them. Those two sure are a cute couple.

In Prince Alistair's room, Spectre was seen looking around the bedroom with a flabbergasted expression behind his goggle mask, he has never seen a bedroom like this before.

"Wow, this bedroom is like from the medieval times." Spectre thought with an astonished expression "I wish my bedroom is like his." He added quietly.

Alistair looked up at Spectre and saw that he is looking around his bedroom left and right, and he must assume that he is very stupefy by it, and the sight made him chuckle.

"I see that you are flabbergasted by the sight of my bedroom."

Spectre then snapped out of his thoughts and looked down at Alistair.

"Yeah kinda." Spectre said with a humiliated chuckle "Your bedroom is way better than mines at home." He added.

"Yeah my parents loves me very much that they give me gifts." He told him, "And because of my satisfying behaviour as well as some great work at school, they renovated my bedroom with the help of some workers from Ponyville, and it actually quite mortified me." He finished with a chuckle.

Spectre thought that his statement was quite hysterical. His parents must love him very much.

"Okay anyways, back to the point." Alistair said as he looked up at Spectre "Do you think that we can instigate the interrogation now please?" He asked in a courteous tone.

"Sure." Spectre replied with a nod.

"Yay!" Alistair said with an exuberant expression "Let's do it in my playroom." He finished as he pointed at the playroom door.

"Okay then."

"Cool! Let's go!" Alistair vocalized.

Then, Alistair lead Spectre to his playroom door. Once they got there, Alistair twisted the door handle with his magic and pushed the door open. After that, he stepped in and Spectre stepped in after him.

Spectre observed the playroom for a while and saw that it is also very big just like his bedroom. The mat on the floor is multicolored, there was a large box in front of him with toys in it, there is a round ceiling light on the roof, there is a large bookshelf on the left with more books. There was a large window with curtains on his left. And in front of him was a large table with two jars filled with candies and cookies.

"Wow, this is a nice place you have." Spectre said. He was totally transfixed.

"Thank you." Alistair said as he placed the bowl of grapes next to him. "Anyways, shall we begin the interrogation?" He asked.


"Great, please take a seat."

Then, Spectre sat down on the soft mat along with Alistair. Alistair then pulled out a small notepad as well as a pencil with his magic, which caught Spectre off guard. After that, he picked up one grape with his hoof and ate it.

"Alright first question, what kind of creature are you?"

"A human." He replied simply.

"Care to elaborate?"

"Uh no, I don't like to disclose personal or classified things." He told him.

"Understandable." Alistair said, then he wrote down the previous information on the notepad. After that, he moved onto the next question "What do you do?"

"Why I'm a soldier." He replied, and that got Alistair nonplus.

"So you basically fight for your nation like what the royal guards do?"

When Spectre heard the words 'royal guards', he got perplexed. Maybe the ponies in armour were the Royal guards Alistair is talking about.

"Royal guards? Are they the ones I fought in Ponyville?" Spectre asked himself in his mind. But, he shook the bewilderment out of his head and answered his inquiry "Yes kinda, but I mostly go on operations under the commands of a pharmaceutical company rather than defending my nation." He delineated.

Alistair got very wooly by that statement, he works for a pharmaceutical company? And why in Equestria would a pharmaceutical company need soldiers.

"Why would a pharmaceutical company need soldiers Spectre? "Don't pharmaceutical companies protect the health of the community?" He asked in a perplexed tone.

"Yes they do." Spectre replied with a nod "But, for the one in my world, I basically protect my boss from hazards." He said.

"And just want are these hazards?"

When Spectre heard his query, he decided not to tell him because, these informations are classified. And he certainly cannot talk about his team who he couldn't get in contact with ever since his arrival in the land.

"Can we move on to the next question please?" Spectre asked a politely as he could "I'm getting a little frustrated." He told him.

"Oh okay sorry." Alistair apologized, then he moved onto the next question "Here's my next one, what are those metal thing that you carry around with you?" He asked.

Spectre must assume that Alistair must be asking him about his guns. So, he pulled out his samurai edge pistol, and the shiny object attracted Alistair's attention.

"This is what we call guns or firearms, they are lethal and hazardous weapons that fires out these projectiles called bullets out of the muzzle here." Spectre delineated as he pointed at the muzzle of the gun "It is fired when we pulled this trigger, and after that, the gun makes a loud noise and the bullet flies out of the muzzle at a high speed and once it hits someone, they will get injured or killed depending on the calibre." He finished.

Alistair was drastically petrified of the information that Spectre delineated, who knows that a small object like that could do such damage and torment.

"Oh my, and I assume that somepony would experience a trauma once they get hit by this bullet?"

"Yep you are correct." Spectre replied with a nod.

"Wow, that's very brutal."

"Indeed it is kid." Spectre said with a chuckle "Any more questions?" He asked.

"Yes." Alistair replied with a nod "And this is the last one actually." He told him.


"Okay last question, and I apologize if this sounds impudent or resentful to you." Alistair said "And my question is, why does your face look weird?" He asked.

When Spectre heard his inquiry, he wasnt offended by it at all. In fact, he knows what he is asking about. He is asking about his goggle mask. And he himself also admitted that it is a bit weird back in his training Umbrella.

"Oh you mean this?" Spectre asked as he pointed at his goggle mask "This is not my face actually, it's a mask." He corrected him.

"Oh really?" Alistair asked with a nonplus expression, and Spectre replied with a nod "What does it do?" He asked again.

"It has two features." He told him "One thermal imaging, the thermal imaging is used to detect heat signatures of nearby enemies, it is very practical when your in a tight situation like when an enemy is about to do a sneak attack on you. The second feature is the look through. The look through feature allows me to see what's behind walls and other solid objects, it can also be used for enemy detections and many more." He explained.

Alistair was truly flabbergasted by Spectre's statement, his kind must have some strong technologies. After writing down the details on the small notepad for a brief moment. He looked at how many pages he used, and when he did, he noticed that he has used seven pages. So, he has decided to end the interrogation here.

"That should be all." Alistair said as he placed the notepad and the pencil on a nearby table with his magic "Thank you for all of that fascinating information you have given me Spectre." He said with a smile.

"Your welcome."

Then, Alistair's eyes widened because, he forgot to ask him one more thing.

"Oh! Forgot to ask you one more thing Spectre!" Alistair exclaimed.

"And that is?"

"Where are you from?"

Spectre was a bit uncertain about this question because, if he says that he is from Earth, he might provoke Alistair to panic because, he might see him as an alien.

"Okay I will tell you but, promise not to freak out?"

"I won't."

"Okay, well you see, I am not from here." Spectre told him, and that got Alistair very nonplus "I am from a planet called Earth." He told him.

That statement truly got Alistair caught of guard ultimately, and he is now currently very interested by this planet that he is from.

He was about ask him some inquiries about the planet of his but suddenly, a loud noise of the door opening stopped him.

Alistair and Spectre both looked to the door and saw Twilight Velvet who is Alistair's grandmother, but to Spectre, it was a grey coloured unicorn with purple hair.

"Hello! Alistair!" Velvet exclaimed with an exhilarated expression "Your grandmommy has arrived to keep you entertained while your parents are go-"

Velvet immediately stopped in her sentence when she took noticed of a black coloured creature with binocular eyes in front of her. A perturbed expression has appeared on her muzzle and she began to tremble in fear.

When Alistair noticed this, he tried to talk her out of it.

"Um... hello grandmommy, this is not what you think it is-"

Alistair wasn't able to finish his sentence when his grandmother fainted and fell on the floor with a thud. And the sight and the awkward moment got Spectre bewildered.

"Was it my appearance?" Spectre asked Alistair in a perplexed tone.

Everfree forest 2:00pm

In the Everfree forest, many animals were seen sprinting away to find somewhere to hide in the forest because, there were some unknown and scary creatures that were far more intimidating than the manticores lurking in there with them. Many of the animals ran into caves and some hid in the bushes.

In the bushes, few of the animals peeked out cautiously to see if the mysterious and scary creatures were still there. And they got there answers when a small drop of saliva hit their heads.

The animals looked up and saw the scary red coloured creature on a tree branch with its long tongue out.

The animals panicked and ran away. But, one of the animals couldn't make it out in time when the creature's tongue grabbed him and pulled him into it's mouth. The animal tried to struggle free but it was no use. The creature has pulled him into it's mouth and ate her, and blood crippled put of its jaws. The sight has scandalized many animals in their hiding places.

The transformed changeling then crawled down the tree with two more right next to him.

They both stuck their tongue out to find their objective area. After five seconds, the creature's got a scent. And it was the scent of ponies in Ponyville. And their main objective is to slaughter and maim as many ponies as they can by the orders of Queen Chrysalis.

So, the three transformed changelings all scratched the ground which left some large claw marks on the dirt. And ran to Ponyville in a hasty speed.

Author's Note:

Another chapter has been accomplished! I hope you all enjoyed it!