• Published 23rd Sep 2020
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Equestria's Spectre - Timothy1509

Agent Spectre mysteriously finds himself in Equestria during his mission with his team.

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First impressions

In a large cave at the other side of Equestria, Queen Chrysalis was seen sitting on her stone throne with two guards on her left and right while looking down at her drone in armour who was kneeling on the ground in front of her.

"Report." Chrysalis said.

"My Queen we have no signs of the creature anywhere in the Everfree forest." The changeling reported.

When Chrysalis heard this, she was very vexed.

"Oh come on!" Chrysalis yelled in frustration which made some of her other drones jump "How could I fail again?" She asked with an enrsged expression.

"But your highness, there's something else that I have to report." The changeling told her.

Chrysalis's eyes widened in surprise when she heard that, she then looked back down at her drone with a half composed and angry expression.

"What is it?"

"While we did not find the creature you attempted to capture, we did manage to find a strange belonging of his." The changeling replied. "There is also a small syringe next to it." He added

The changeling's statement has captured Chrysalis's surprise and interest completely.

"Show it to me."

The Changeling nodded and reached into his satchel. He activated his horn and levitated a small container with a glowing red substance in it.

Chrysalis's eyes widened when she saw the small container of the creature, she saw the creature's kind making some monsters out of those weird containers in large laboratories. Then, she smirked dastardly.

"This is just what I am looking for." Chrysalis said to herself quietly. "Give it to me." She ordered.

The Changeling guard nodded and walked up to his Queen with the container levitated in front of him. After stepping up the small steps, the Changeling guard has reached his Queen's throne.

Chrysalis then grabbed the container with her magic and levitated it in front of her with a wicked smirk, there was indeed a small syringe on its left side like what her drone said.

"What are you going to do with it my Queen?"

Chrysalis replied by levitating the syringe off the side of the container and turning it upside down. Then, she saw a small covered hole which she assumed is where she can extract some of the samples out. So, she pulled open the small lid and inserted the needle area of the syringe into the red substance. After that, she pulled the plunger flange back and tiny substance of the red sample was inserted into the barrel of the syringe. And finally, she pulled the syringe out.

"Perfect." Chrysalis said in a vile tone. After that, she looked at her drone in front of her "Come here my drone." She ordered him.

The changeling was a bit edgy and uncertain about his Queen's order, and juding by that expression, something wicked must've been formed in her mind. But, he pushed all of that out of his mind and obeyed his Queen.

"Yes my Queen."

Then, the changeling stuffed his anxiety down and walked up to his Queen. But, after he took one step forward, the Queen placed her right hoof at the back of his head and pulled him in near her hooves which caught him off guard. After that, Chrysalis levitated the syringe up in the air a few feet with her magic and aimed it at the drone's neck area.

The changeling got very petrified and he tried to struggle free but, the Queen's grasp was too strong.

Chrysalis wasted no time and stuck the needle area of the syringe into the changeling. After that, she pushed the plunger flange down and injected the red substance into the changeling, and the changeling began to scream in affliction and fear.

The changeling drones in the throne room got drastically petrified of the sight as well as the guards.

Then seconds later, Chrysalis pulled the syringe out of the changeling's neck and a small blood appeared on it.

Then, the changeling fell over and tumbled down the stairs. Once he got to the ground, he started to shake violently as if he is having a seizure.

One of the changeling drone's walked up to him and tried to touch him with his hoof.

But suddenly, sharp claws have formed on his right hoof as well as a long red coloured leg which broke his armour. And that made the changeling scurry away back into the crowd.

The changeling's eyes turned into a blood red colour which is almost as similar to King Sombra's glowing green eyes. Then, more sharp claws have formed on his left hoof as well as a long red leg.

After that, long red legs appeared out of the back hooves with claws included. His spines were seen appearing out of his back.

Then, the changeling slammed both his front legs on the ground and scratched it which left some claw marks on the dirt, and many drones saw that he was now a bit taller than all of them. After that, the changeling pushed himself up from the dirt and lots of sharp teeth were formed in his mouth.

And finally, a long tongue covered in saliva appeared out of his mouth, and that made some of the female drones sick.

When Queen Chrysalis saw her transformed changeling, she smirked dastardly again.

"Yes! It worked!" Chrysalis exclaimed with a vile smile. Then, she flew off her throne and scrutinized her transformed changeling.

Once she flew close to it, she landed on the ground near him, but he wasn't attacking. After observing the drone for fifteen seconds, Chrysalis let out a wicked smile.

"Just you wait King Thorax and Queen Twilight Sparkle, once I have turned all of my changeling drones into monsters, I will become very powerful and nopony will stop me!" Chrysalis exclaimed dastardly "Mwahahahaha!"

Everfree forest

"Ugh... what happened?" Spectre moaned as he slowly opened his eyes, but his visions were very blurry behind his goggle mask.

Once his sights have returned to normal, Spectre noticed that he is currently looking up at a rock.

"What the?"

Spectre then slowly turned his head to his right and saw many rocks and grass around him as well as a large hole in front of him. He must assume that he is in a cave.

"Am I in a cave?" Spectre asked as he looked around again. After five seconds, he realized that he is indeed in a cave while lying down on the soft grass.

Spectre remembered that his left arm was still wounded, he then turned his head to his left to check his wound. But, to his great surprise, a long white bandage was wrapped around his arm.

"Well this is strange." Spectre said to himself with a nonplus expression "Did someone bandage me?" He asked in perplexity.

He then looked down on his chest to see if he is wounded on there as well. But once he checked, he noticed that his guns were gone again. But, his knife, C-4'S and first aid spray was still with him.

"What the?! Where are my guns?!" Spectre exclaimed as he started to look everywhere.

When he looked down in front of him at his right, he noticed that his assault rifle, samurai edge pistol, and grenades were piled up on the ground near the cave entrance.

"Thank goodness." Spectre said with a relieved sigh.

After that, he attempted to push himself back up and walk to grab his weapons. But then, some footsteps noises ceased him from doing that.

"Someone's coming." Spectre thought, "I should lay back down and wait, then I will grab my attacker and interrogate him." He said to himself in his mind. After that, he lied back on the ground pretending to be unconscious.

Spectre could hear some tiny footsteps noises entering the cave and walking directly towards him, he awaited for whoever was walking towards him get to him first so that he can surprise attack him.

Once the footsteps got closer and closer, Spectre felt a small tap on his left arm. Then, he sat up straight in a hasty way and grabbed his attacker.


Spectre looked down at his arm and saw that he is currently holding a small purple coloured pony.

"Who are you?" Spectre demanded an answer.

"M-my n-name is Alistair Sparkle! I was the one who brought you here!" Alistair managed to talk while being choked.

When Spectre heard this, he immediately released his grasp from the young pony and he fell on the ground gasping for air. Spectre noticed that this pony is completely different compared to the others in the town, the ponies there were tall and colourful but this one on the other hand is shorter, he has purple buggy looking eyes, he is dark purple coloured, he has shelled wings and a unicorn horn on his forehead.

"You were the one who pulled me here?" Spectre asked with a disoriented expression.

Alistair placed his right hoof softly on his neck while breathing. After ten seconds, he looked up at the creature.

"Yes, I was." Alistair replied with a nod "I was walking back home from the playground, during that time I found you lying on the ground bleeding from your left arm. I then took you into a cave and healed you with some herbs I got as well as bandaging your wound to prevent excessive bleeding." He told him the full story.

Spectre was truly astonished by his statement.

"Why, thank you for helping me." Spectre said with a grateful expression behind his mask.

"You are very welcome." Alistair said with a smile "Oh and yes, your stuffs are over there, and they were quite hefty." He told him as he pointed at his equipments.

"Thank you."

Then, Spectre walked past the short pony and to his weapons.

Once he got to them, he first picked up his samurai edge pistol and holstered it into his belt. Then, he stuck the grenades in his belt. And finally, he picked up his assault rifle and placed it on his back.

"Alright, back in action."

Spectre then turned around and looked down and saw the pony looking up at him.

"Nice to meet you creature my name is Alistair." He introduced himself with a smile, he also raised his right hoof up so that he can shake one of his large hands.

When Spectre noticed the pony introducing himself to him, he bent down and introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you Alistair, my name is Spectre." Spectre introduced himself as he shook his hoof with two of his fingers.

"Spectre? That's an odd name." Alistair said with a perplexed expression "But whatever, I'm glad to see you all healed up!" He exclaimed with a wide smile.

"Thank you." Spectre said in a grateful tone "Well anyways, I have to go." He told him. Then, he stood up and turned around and attempted to leave the cave. But then, the calling of the young pony stopped him.

"Spectre wait!" Alistair called him.

Spectre turned around and asked "Yes?"

"Do you think that you can come with me to my home?" He asked in a polite tone.


"Because, you are an unknown creature, and as a duty of a Prince, it is my responsibility to confront any unknown beings and question them kindly." He told him.

When Spectre noticed the young pony saying that he is a Prince, his eyes widened in surprise.

"He's a Prince?" Spectre thought with a nonplus expression "If he is a Prince then that means his parents must be King and Queen." He said in his mind. Then, he pushed that aside and replied.

"Apologies your majesty but, I'm going to have to reject that, I have things to do." Spectre told him. He is going to turn and leave again but, the Prince called him again.

"Please." Alistair pleaded "Its just going to be a few inquiries." He told him.

When Spectre heard this, he began to ponder. Going with him to his home would waste a lot of time on him trying to get out of here and return home. But, he might need a place to stay to get some stress and anxiety out of his mind.

"Alright, I'll go with you." Spectre said indignantly.

"Yay!" Alistair exclaimed contentedly "Perfect! My home is not far from here." He told him.

"Okay, then lead the way your majesty."

"I will, and please just call me Alistair, I get a bit humiliated sometimes when my friends, aunts, uncle, grandparents and subjects call me majesty." He told him.

"Okay then, lead the way Alistair."

"Okay, follow me." Alistair said as he walked past Spectre and to the exit of the cave, and Spectre followed him from behind.

Once they were put of the cave, Alistair looked up at Spectre and said "This way Spectre."


Then, Alistair turned to his left and started to walk back to his home with Spectre following him from behind.

Author's Note:

The sixth chapter of my story has been accomplished! I hope you all enjoyed it! And I apologize if some parts sounded vague or rushed. Didn't have that much ideas for the impression part between Alistair and Spectre.

Either than that, I hope you all enjoyed this chapter!