• Published 23rd Sep 2020
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Equestria's Spectre - Timothy1509

Agent Spectre mysteriously finds himself in Equestria during his mission with his team.

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Spectre vs royal guards

In the middle of Ponyville, Spectre and the six royal guards were all staring at each other. None making any moves. The six guards were all aiming their spears at the creature awaiting orders form their captain. While Spectre was just standing there waiting for their attacks.

After a brief moment of silence, the blue haired pony known as Shining Armor shouted some words.

"You, attack him."

"Yes sir." The guard said with a salute.

Then, the guard armed with a wooden spear charged forward with its weapon ready to stab the creature in the chest.

When Spectre noticed the attack, he awaited for the pony to get close to him.

When the guard has closed its distance between himself and the creature, he swung his hooves back and prepared to stab it in the chest.

Spectre responded by side stepping avoiding the spear in the process. Then, he low sweeped the guard. And when his legs came in contact with the ponies front two hooves, the pony tripped and fell face first onto the ground dropping his spear in the process.

The guard tried to get up from the attack but Spectre didn't gave him the chance. Instead, he swung his right leg back and kicked the guard in the torso. When the kick made contact with the guard's torso, he was sent flying and crashing into a house. After that, he fell on the ground unable to get up because of his contusion that he has received.

The five guards were traumatized when they saw what the creature has done to their comrade.

"Huh, you guys are soft." Spectre said sarcastically.

Shining Armor including all of his men were very infuriated she they heard the creature's sarcastic insult.

"Grrr, charge at him together!" Shining yelled.

Then, all five guards charged towards Spectre with their spears aimed at him.

"Give it your best shot." Spectre said quietly.

When the first guard closed his distance with the creature, he pulled his spear back and attempted to stab it in the chest. But, it turned out to be a futile idea when the creature grabbed his spear and pulled it upwards bringing the guard with it.


Spectre then finished the guard by throwing him to the ground. And the force of the impact left a small hole on the ground. It also knocked him out.

The second guard tried to hit it in the head with the top of his spear. When Spectre noticed the attack he raised his right hand up and countered the attack with his wrist. And both of them began to struggle.

When one of the guard's noticed that his comrade was occupied, he noticed that it was his chance to attack him. So, he took the chance to attack him.

Spectre was desperately trying to push the ponies spear back and make him fall on the ground. But, some noises caught his attention.

He looked to his right, and saw a guard charging towards him with a spear aimed forward towards his right leg.

When Spectre noticed this, he looked at the charging pony for a moment then back down at the pony who is still trying to hit his head with his spear. Then, a cunning plan has formulated in his head.

He grabbed the ponies spear and yanked it away form him. Then, he threw it away.

When the guard noticed that he was unarmed, he got a bit terrified. He turned around and tried to run. But suddenly, the creature grabbed him by the head with its right hand, and the guard struggled to free himself.

"Let go you loathing monkey!"

"Okay." Spectre said with a nod "But after I do this!" Spectre yelled as he swung his right arm back and threw the pony directly at the other pony charging towards him.

The guard wasn't able to dart out of the way in time and he and his comrade tumbled forward and stopping at a wall unconscious.

"Alright thats five down." Spectre said to himself in his head with a pleased expression behind his goggle mask "Now where is the last one-"

Spectre wasn't able to look around him when he felt an excruciating pain in his left arm.


"Haha! Got you now creature." Shining Armor said with so much victory in his voice.

Spectre then slowly turned his head to his left and saw a spear stabbed in his left arm. He also saw the blue haired pony who was the leader looking at him with a victorious smile. Spectre must assume that the pony has stabbed him.

"I'll give you one chance to surrender creature, if you comply and come with me to Canterlot to greet the prin-"

Shining Armor wasn't able to finish his sentence when the creature turned itself towards him. The sudden movement has made Shining Armor loose his grip on his spear.

Spectre then grabbed the spear with his right hand and pulled it out letting out a loud grunt in the process. Then, he threw the blood stained spear on the floor next to him and pressed his wound with his right arm.

When Shining Armor noticed that the creature was still okay. He then got into a stance.

"I can fight you even without my weapon creature!"

Then, Shining Armor charged towards the creature letting out a battlecry in the process.

When Spectre noticed this, he awaited for the pony to come near him.

Once Shining Armor has closed himself with the creature, he tried to punch it in the chest. But, it turned out to be a futile idea when the creature did a spin and reverse kicked him in the face.

The force of the kick was so strong that Shining was sent flying up in the air a few feet and crashing on the ground with a grunt. The kick has also given him a red mark on his cheek.

After the battle, Spectre observed his surroundings once more to see if there are any more ponies trying to attack him. When he saw that there were no one around him, he must assume that he has won the combat.

"All of you lose." Spectre told them coldly.

Then, he turned around and started to walk to the exit of the town and back to the forest while staggering after each step.

Unknown to him, there was a young colt staring at him with his mouth gaping in a scandalized way.

"Oh my Celestia, what is that thing?" Alistair asked with a traumatized expression.

Prince Alistair has just witnessed what had happened when he was hiding in a bush.

He then looked back down at the guards and saw that most of them are very wounded, they all had contusions on them and they were bleeding. When he looked down to his right, he saw his uncle Shining Armor on the ground with a bruise on his left cheek, he is also bleeding from his mouth.

"Uncle Shining Armor!"

When Shining Armor heard the intimate voice, he looked up in front of him and saw his four years old nephew Alistair running up towards him.


"Uncle what happened?"

"Me and my men have fought a creature that we have never seen before." Shining replied "He seemed very strong." He added.

After Alistair has heard his uncle's reply, he pulled out a sheet of paper from his sketch book and levitated it in front of him with his magic. Then, he pulled our his pencil and began to write a letter. And the sight got Shining Armor very perplexed.

"What are you doing Alistair?"

"Writing a letter to the hospital so that you can be treated by the doctors there." Alistair replied simply "And I don't think my healing magic can do much." He added with a shrug.

"Oh, thank you."

"You welcome."

After writing for fifteen more seconds, Alistair has finished writing. He then levitated the paper up in the air a few feet. After that, his horn brightened and a purple aura began to surround the paper even more. After ten more seconds, the letter vanished.

"There, the letter has been sent to the hospital." Alistair told him.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome uncle." Alistair said with a smile "Be sure to tell your men to rest for a bit until their wounds heal up okay?" He told him.

"We will Alistair."


After that, Alistair turned to his right and started to walk to the exit of Ponyville, and Shining Armor got perplexed again.

"Where are you going?"

"Into the forest." Alistair replied simply. And Shining's eyes widened in horror when he heard that.

"Y-you shouldn't do that." Shining told him with an apprehensive expression.

"Its okay uncle, if anything happens I will use my magic to protect myself." Alistair told him in a self-assured tone. After that, he ran to the uphill of Ponyville and into the forest.

Shining Armor was left lying there with an expression of anxiety to his nephew who has just rushed out of Ponyville and into the forest.

"Oh my Celestia, this is not good." Shining said in an anxious tone "Twilight is going to be so worried, and even worse, if she finds out that I didn't stop him, she will kill me." He finished nervously.

In the Everfree forest, Spectre was seen walking in the Everfree forest staggering after each step because of his large wound in his arm. He has been maimed badly.

He tried to reach out for his first aid spray in his pocket, but if he tried, he might bleed out. So he kept clutching his wound with his right hand and started to find shelter.

"I must find shelter." Spectre told himself weakily because of his wound.

After walking ten more steps, Spectre's vision started to blur and he struggled to keep himself conscious, but he couldn't, his wound was too serious.

"Must keep moving forward........"

After that, Spectre collapsed on the ground unconscious.

Author's Note:

Another chapter completed! I hope you all enjoyed it! And I apologize if the grammar was a little distracting. I rushed a little in the fight scene.