• Published 23rd Sep 2020
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Equestria's Spectre - Timothy1509

Agent Spectre mysteriously finds himself in Equestria during his mission with his team.

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Spectre was looking at the town with an expression of confusion. He has never seen a town like this before, and it's filled with horses, not humans.

"What is this place?" Spectre asked with a perplexed expression. He then looked to his right and saw a sign.

"What does that sign says?" Spectre asked as he walked to the sign. Once he got to it, he noticed that there are some words labelled on them, so he started to read them.

Welcome to Ponyville the happiest town in Equestria!

"Ponyville? So this is what this place is called." Spectre asked with a bewildered expression "So, that orange horse I encountered in the forest was not a horse but a pony." He said with a surprised expression.

Before Spectre could look at the town again, he heard some hoofsteps noises coming towards him.

"Oh crap, someone is coming, I gotta hide." Spectre said to himself. He then looked for a hiding place, when he looked to his right, he saw a large bush "Perfect." Spectre said with a pleased smile. Then, he ran towards the bush.

Once he got to it, he jumped over it and hid behind it. Once the hoofsteps got closer and closer near him, he looked through the bush in front of him and saw two ponies, one grey coloured and the other blue coloured.

"That's strange, there was something there." The grey female coloured pony said in a perplexed tone as she looked around the area.

"What was this thing you said you saw?" The blue coloured female pony asked.

"I saw a black figure standing here Lake, it was quite tall as well." She replied.

"Blossom, why don't we just forget about what you just saw and go to Rarity's boutique?" Lake asked her friend "We have to prepare ourselves for the royal meeting with King Thorax and Queen Twilight's son remember?" She reminded her.

Then, Blossom looked at Lake with her eyes shot open.

"Oh right! Let's go then!"

Then, the two mares turned around and rushed back into town.

When Spectre noticed that the coast was all clear, he slowly walked out of his hiding place and returned to where he stood. Once he did, he looked at the pony filled town once more.

"I should find a place to hide in there." Spectre told himself "I might be able to hide and find out where I really am." He finished.

He then looked at the town once more and began to formulate a plan on how he can walk through without being spotted by the ponies.

When he looked down at his right, he saw that there were two houses next to each other, and between the two houses must be an alleyway.

"There must be an alleyway between those two houses." Spectre told himself, "Alright, commencing stealth." He said.

After Spectre has said those words, he rushed down the footpath in a careful way and into the town.

Once he has made it into the town, he made a dash towards the house he saw and stuck his back against it. He then slowly poked his head out and saw that the ponies have not seen him.

"Alright, objective one has been fufilled." Spectre told himself with a satisfied smile behind his goggle mask "Now moving onto step two, sneak into the alleyway." He said to himself in his mind.

Then, he slowly shimmied to his left. Once he got to the left end of the house, he slowly poked his head out again to see if there are any ponies there. And to his great surprise, there was no one there. And in front of him to his left was the alleyway he saw.

"Today is my lucky day." Spectre thought with a grin. After that, he pushed himself off the wall and walked to the alleyway entrance or exit.

Once he got to the alleyway, he observed it and saw a large green trash storage bin in the center of it, perfect for him to hide behind.


Then Spectre slowly began to make his approach towards the trash bin. When he got around seven centimetres close to it, he noticed some hoof running noises. That prompted him to jump and roll towards the trash bin.

Once he has successfully rolled to the trash bin, he knelt on one knee and cautiously poked his head out and saw that there were some ponies walking past the alleyway that he is in. And it is a very good sign that they are not entering it. Spectre then began to think of another plan.

"I need to hide somewhere, a large town like this would probably have a public library." Spectre assumed "But where could it be?" He asked himself.

"Your looking for a library mister? There's one in the center of town." Replied a female voice.

"Thank you ma'am-"

Spectre immediately stopped in his sentence when he heard the voice. He turned to his left and saw a beige coloured pony standing right in front of him.

Spectre wasted no time and he grabbed the pony. He covered the ponies muzzle with his left gloved hand and held her tightly near his chest.

The pony tried to struggle free from the creature's grasp, but before she could, a sharp touch was gently felt on her neck. The pony averted her eyes down on her neck and saw a sharp blade held on her neck area.

"Who are you?" Spectre demanded an answer. But the pony could only muffle.

"I will slowly remove my hand from your mouth." Spectre told her "But if you do something impulsive such as screaming for help, I will slit your throat." He warned her in a cold tone.

The pony began to sweat anxiously when she heard the creature's statement as well as its creepy voice, and chills went down on her spine. Spectre then slowly removed his left hand from her mouth and wrapped his arm around her torso preventing her from running away. Then, he began to interrogate her.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Bon bon sir, I am an earth pony." The pony replied in a frightened tone.

Spectre got very perplexed by that name.

"What kind of name is that?" Spectre thought with a bewildered expression behind his goggle mask. But, he pushed the confusion out of his head and asked her another question.

"How did you find me?"

"How did I found you?" Bon bon asked with a raise of her eyebrow "I should ask you what you a-"

Bon bon wasn't able to finish her sentence when the creature holding her pushed it's blade down on her throat again.

"I'm asking you a question here miss." Spectre told her "Now answer it, or else you will never talk again." He warned her in a hazardous tone.

Bon bon was truly agitated when she heard the creature's detrimental tone again, and she was feeling very apprehensive right now. She then decided not to ask the strange creature any questions and answer his.

"O-okay, I-I found you when I walked past here." She replied.

Spectre did not get that vague statement at all. He did not even see anyone when he snuck here. He was going to ask her again but suddenly, another female voice ceased him.

"Leave my friend alone you monster!"

Spectre looked in front of him and saw a light green coloured pony. But, this one is quite different compared to the one he is holding. The beige coloured pony is just a normal pony while the green coloured one has a horn on its forehead.

"What is that thing?" Spectre asked himself in his mind with a bewildered expression "Is that suppost to be a unicorn?" He asked himself in his mind again.

Spectre was going to scrutinize this pony but before he could do that, he noticed that it's horn is starting to glow very brightly. And that got him very perplexed.

"What is it doing?"

But before Spectre could examine the glow even further, the light green pony fired a blast out of its horn. And the blast was coming straight towards him at a high speed.

When Spectre noticed the incoming projectile, he let go of the beige coloured pony in his hands and lied on the ground. Then, the magic blast hit the trash bin with a 'TINK!' noise.

Then, the light green coloured pony ran up towards the beige coloured pony and helped her up.

"Thanks Lyra."

"Your welcome Bon bon." Lyra said with a smile "Come on, let's get out of here." She told her.

Bon bon nodded and ran out of the alleyway with her friends.

When Spectre noticed this, he immediately pushed himself back up.

"I can't let them leave!" Spectre told himself sternly.

He then started to run after the two ponies, who were nearing the exit or entrance of the alleyway.

When Lyra and Bon bon heard loud footsteps behind them, they must assume that the creature was chasing them. So they began to pick up the pace. But the creature was still near them.

"Almost there." Spectre said as he began to reach for the light green ponies mane with his right hand.

But suddenly, their chase has lead the ponies and Spectre in town.

When Lyra and Bon bon felt the creature's hand close to them. They stomped on the ground harder and zoomed away.

Spectre tried to grab the light green ponies mane but before he can even do that, the two ponies have zoomed away making him fail his attempt.

"Dammit!" Spectre said with an infuriated expression as he stopped in his tracks "They got off lucky this time." He said in a bitter tone.

When Spectre looked forward, he realized that he has just ran out of the alleyway. Then, he heard some loud gasps around him. He looked around him and saw that there were lots ponies starting at him with wide eyes and frightened expressions.

After a few moments of awkward silence, the crowd has erupted into screams and began to run in every direction.

"Ahh! A monster!" Screamed a female pony.

"What is that beast?!" A male pony yelled.

"So much for stealth." Spectre thought with a roll of his eyes behind his mask. "I should get out of here." Spectre told himself.

He then turned around and attempted to run back to where he came from. But, before he could even do that, six ponies in golden armour wielding wooden spears ran up at him.

"Halt!" One of the ponies yelled who Spectre assumed was the leader "Who are you?! And why are you in our town?" The pony demanded an answer.

Spectre decided to not disclose any informations to him. Because, he doesn't have the rights to ask him questions. And who does he thinks he is?

"I won't disclose anything to you pony." Spectre told him "Now you morons better get out of my sight, or I'll do it myself." He warned him in a cold tone.

The guards were shocked ro hear rhe creature speak Equestrian. But when the heard the creature's insult, they all began to grit their teeth in anger. They were feeling extremely antagonistic towards it.

"How dare you?" The guard growled. Then, he looked back at his men "Teach him a lesson that he will never forget!"

"Yes captain Shining Armor!"

Then, all six of the guards surrounded the creature in a circle with their wooden spears aimed at it. But the creature showed no signs of agitation.

"Just like usual." Spectre thought. Then, he got into a fighting stance and prepared for combat "This is gonna be one heck of a day." He said to himself in his mind.

Author's Note:

The third chapter of my story has been accomplished! I hope you all enjoyed it!