• Published 23rd Sep 2020
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Equestria's Spectre - Timothy1509

Agent Spectre mysteriously finds himself in Equestria during his mission with his team.

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On the other side of the Everfree forest, a four years old changeling and pony alicorn or changelicorn hybrid named Alistair was seen walking back home to the Changeling Kingdom after school. Alistair is the Prince of the Changeling Kingdom and friendship. He will be heir to the two thrones soon after his parents retire.

While walking, Alistair was holding up a paper with his magic which showed all of his results in his exams in Celestia's school for gifted unicorns. And he was looking at it with a large smile on his muzzle.

"Alright, another successful term at school!" Alistair said with an exuberant expression "My parents would be so proud of me!" He finished with an exhilarated smile.

After walking for a brief second, Alistair has finally arrived at his home in the Changeling Kingdom.

"Home sweet home." Alistair said with a smile. After that, he walked up to the front gates of the changeling Kingdom.

At the front gates of the changeling kingdom, two changeling guards in armor were guarding the Kingdom with spears equipped on them. Then, they heard some hoofsteps coming directly towards them. The two guards both averted their eyes in front of them and saw the Prince Alistair walking up towards them.

"Prince Alistair." The two guards said in unison with a bow of their heads.

"Greetings guards." Alistair said as he waved his right hoof at them "I have just returned from school after getting my exam results paper." He told them.

"That's great to hear your majesty." The green changeling guard said with a smile. Then, the two guards pushed opened the gate and stepped aside allowing passage for him "Have a great day your highness." He told him as he and his comrade bowed again.

"Thank you." Alistair said with a warm smile. After that, Alistair walked through the gates and towards the front doors of his home.

Once Alistair has reached the front doors of his home, two changeling guards one male and the other a female who were assigned to guard the doors pushed them open for him. They then stepped aside to allow him through.

When Alistair saw that the two doors have been pushed opened by his guards who are also his subjects, he let out an appreciative smile and walked past them, and the two guards bowed their heads. Then, Alistair stepped inside and began to climb upstairs to the fourth floor of the castle to where the throne room is in a hasty and enthusiastic way.

In the changeling hive throne room, King Thorax and Queen Twilight Sparkle were seen sitting on their thrones under their newly installed glass frame on the roof . And Twilight had her head rested on her husband's shoulder after all of their hard work in protecting the hive and Ponyville from enemies last week.

"Last week sure was quite dramatic don't you agree Thory?" Twilight asked looking up at her husband.

"Indeed it was Twily." Thorax nodded in agreement "We had to fight back against King Sombra's army with our friends." He said.

"Yeah and I gotta say, you were quite brave and strong when you came up with those ideas and risks." Twilight told him with a proud expression. And Thorax chuckled at her statement.

"Thank you Twily." Thorax said with a smile. After that, the changeling and the alicorn both leaned in close to each other and shared a tender kiss. After five seconds, they released and chuckled in a cute manner.

Then, Thorax and Twilight heard some running and tiny hooves stomping noises coming towards them. They both looked in front of them and saw their son Alistair running towards them.

"Daddy! Mommy!"

"Alistair!" They both said in unison with wide smiles.

Once Alistair has reached towards his parents thrones, he climbed up the steps and looked up at them with wide smiles.

"Welcome back honey." Twilight cooed as she gently patted her son on the forehead.

"It's good to see you back my son." Thorax said.

"Thank you daddy, thank you mommy." Alistair said with a smile, then he activated his horn and levitated a sheet of paper in front of his parents faces. "Check this out daddy and mommy, these are my results from My exams at school." Alistair told them enthusiastically.

Twilight then levitated the sheet of paper in front of her and her husband, and Twilight gasped when she saw what the sheet of paper had on it, and Thorax had wide eyes.

Alistair's exam results
Magic: A+
Mathematics: A+
Chemistry: A+
Health: A+
Sports: A+

Position in class: 1/30

Celestia's comment: Dear King Thorax and Queen Twilight Sparkle of the changeling kingdom. Your son has done a remarkable job with all of his subjects at school. His results are very astonishing and he may advance to the higher classes after the summer holidays.

Twilight and Thorax were both very flabbergasted when they saw what theu read from the sheet. Alistair has once again did a fantastic job at school and is once again advancing to a higher class.

"Wow Alistair, mommy is so proud of you!" Twilight exclaimed, she then activated her horn and levitated her son up in the air a few feet and pulled him close to her. Then, she embraced him in a hug.

"My son has done it again!" Thorax said as he gently patted his son on the head. Then, he embraced his wife and son in a hug.

"Hehehe, thank you mommy, thank you daddy." Alistair said as he embraced her mother in the torso as well as giving his father a warm smile.

After embracing each other for twenty seconds, the three royals released each other and laughed.

"Hey mommy, daddy." Alistair called them.

"Yes honey?"

"Today is the first day of summer, so do you think that you two can bring me to a theme park please?" Alistair asked kindly.

"Why of course honey, we can go now." Twilight told him with a smile.

"Really?" Alistair asked with a exuberant expression.

"Of course we can." Thorax replied with a nod "Now, let's have a great family day out!" He said with an exhilarated smile.

"Yay!" Alistair yelled enthusiastically.

But before they could even start the merriment trip, a letter has magically appeared in front of Twilight's face, and that has caught them off completely.

"Huh? What is this?" Twilight asked with a perplexed expression. Then, she picked up the letter with her hooves and unfolded it. After that, she began to read what is written on it.

Dear Thorax and Twilight
Hello Thorax and Twilight, how's everything been? I hope you two are feeling well. And sorry if this letter has bothered you but, we have a serious problem. And that is, Applejack is in the hospital with some serious contusions on her. We asked her what has happened but when we did, she was describing something about a tall bipedal creature that we have no idea what she is saying. So, we need you in Ponyville hospital now.
From Pinkie Pie

Twilight was very traumatized when she read the letter. And she was a bit disoriented from it as well when Pinkie wrote something about Applejack talking about a tall bipedal creature. She then looked at her husband.

"Thorax, we have to go to Ponyville hospital, our friends urgently requests us there." Twilight told him.

"Huh? Well okay then." Thorax said with a nonplus expression.

Twilight then looked down on her hooves where her son was sitting on with a sorrowful expression.

"Sorry honey, it seems like our theme park trip has been defer." Twilight said as she gently stroked her son's head "Mommy and daddy has an urgent request from your aunts, and it would seem like our time at the theme part will have to start after your meeting with your subjects in Canterlot tomorrow. I hope your not angry." She finished with a depressed expression.

Alistair was a bit disillusioned when he heard that, he has great and exhilarating plans for this trip before his royal meeting with his pony and changeling subjects. But, he pushed all of the depression out of his head and accepted it. After all, his parents do have a lot of work to do as royals just like how he is busy in helping his subjects with lots of work as well as keeping the hive and Ponyville in good shape with the help of his aunts.

"Its okay mommy, I can wait." Alistair said in a soft tone.

Twilight was thoroughly surprised when she heard her son's reply. But, her surprised expression has turned into a grateful and relief one.

"Thank you so much honey." Twilight said as she kissed her son on the forehead.

"Your welcome mommy."

"You are the greatest son ever." Thorax said with a smile. "Why don't you go and play in the playground in Ponyville for a while?" He counselled.

"Okay I guess." Alistair replied with a shrug.

"That's my son." Twilight said as she nuzzled him in a loving way that any mother's would express their love to their children.

After that, Twilight stood up from her throne with her son in her hooves. And Thorax stood up right after her. Then, they both walked off the steps that lead to their thrones.

Once they were off, Twilight lowered her son on the floor softly.

"Goodbye my son." Twilight cooed as she kissed him on the cheek "We promise that we will be back as soon as possible to play with you." She told him.

"That's is right." Throax nodded in agreement.


The family embraced each other in a hug for a brief moment again then released with warm smiles on their muzzles. After the tender moment, Thorax and Twilight both turned around and left the throne room and headed towards the exit of the changeling Kingdom.

Once Alistair's parents were out of sight, Alistair let out a sigh and looked on the floor with a depressed expression.

"I guess I'll just have to play in the playground in Ponyville." Alistair said with a shrug "But first, I need to put down my stuffs." He told himself.

Then, Alistair walked up to the doors of his and his parents throne room. Once he got to the doors, he slowly pushed them opened. After that, he began to walk down the hallway to his room.

Everfree forest 11:52am

In the Everfree forest, Spectre was seen walking on the forest making some loud stomps. And the reason behind that is because he has been looking for the licker DNA sample for over an hour now to his assumption. It is still nowhere to be found.

"Ugh! I have been walking through this damn forest for an hour now!" Spectre exclaimed with a vexed expression. "And the sample is still nowhere to be found! If it was taken by someone, they will regret it." Spectre said in a cold tone.

Spectre then pressed a button beside his goggle mask which was the look through feature. Once it has been activated, he began to look around the place in search of the sample.

When he looked at his left and right, he saw that the sample was still nowhere to be found. And that got him drastically frustrated. But, when he looked forward, his goggle has detected something. And that something is a large house.

"What is that?" Spectre asked with a perplexed expression. He then deactivated his goggles look through feature and started to walk to where he saw the houses.

After walking for twenty seconds, Spectre noticed that there is a small footpath in front of him. And he must assume that this is a path that leads to those houses he saw in his goggles. Then, he walked up on the footpath.

After walking for thirty seconds, Spectre has made it to the top of the footpath. And what he saw then was utterly unbelievable and astonishing.

In front of him was a large town with houses, flowers, rivers and many more pulchritudinous things. Spectre then looked more closely in the town and saw that there were more of those colourful horses walking around in there talking to each other. Those horses almost looks the same as the one he fought in the forest. And they certainly don't look like bioweapons to him.

"This is definetly not Raccoon City." Spectre said to himself.

Author's Note:

Another chapter finished! I hope you all enjoyed it!

Also the character Alistair I am using for the story belongs to Percy McMurphy on Deviantart.
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